“Beyoncé’s Veggie Delight: A Look at Her Plant-Based Meal Amidst Criticism”

Earlier this week, there was buzz about a big announcement from Beyonce that ended up being just her sharing her vegan diet secrets, much to the dismay of her devoted followers. However, the 33-year-old singer doesn’t seem fazed by the reaction. On Wednesday, she was spotted leaving a vegan eatery in West Hollywood, Gracias Madre, with her husband Jay Z.

What backlash? Smiling Beyoncé sticks to her diet at vegan restaurant Gracias Madre in West Hollywood on Wednesday ...after fans criticized her for showing off the results

What’s the fuss about? Beyoncé happily adheres to her diet at a vegan restaurant, Gracias Madre, in West Hollywood despite facing criticism from some fans. The Mexican eatery offers plant-based options like cashew nacho cheese and black bean burgers, which align with Beyoncé’s eating preferences. While some were surprised to learn that she is only a part-time vegan and still consumes meat, Beyoncé emphasized the importance of balance in her diet. Speculations arose regarding a possible announcement of a new album or baby on the way when she encouraged fans to watch GMA on Monday.

Looks yummy: The 'seasonally conscious' Mexican eatery serves up vegan alternatives like cashew nacho cheese and black bean burgers that are perfect for Beyonce's eating regime

Sounds delicious: This Mexican restaurant that values seasonal ingredients offers vegan options such as cashew nacho cheese and black bean burgers, which are ideal for those following Beyonce’s dietary preferences.

Beyhive be damned! Beyonce appeared to be oblivious to the controversy that kicked off after her GMA announcement

The Beyhive may have been buzzing with controversy, but Beyonce seemed unfazed by it all during her appearance on GMA. Instead of addressing the backlash, she took the opportunity to flaunt her toned physique, leaving some fans feeling frustrated. One disappointed fan even took to Twitter to question why Beyonce would wake them up just to share news about her weight loss. Another fan pointed out the irony of Beyonce promoting a vegan diet plan when she was recently seen munching on burgers with Nicki Minaj in a music video. Despite the mixed reactions, Beyonce continued to promote her new vegan meal plan, 22 Days Nutrition, during the early morning segment on Good Morning America.

Look at me! Beyonce posted a series of flattering shots of herself on Monday, after revealing all about her new vegan diet that has kept her looking trim 

Check me out! Beyonce shared a set of fabulous photos of herself on Monday, following her recent revelations about sticking to a new vegan diet to maintain her sleek appearance.

Big announcement: Though fans were expecting a new single or a second pregnancy, Beyonce revealed her  big news on Good Morning America was about her vegan diet and new meal delivery service 

Exciting update: Fans were eagerly anticipating news of a new single or a possible second pregnancy from Beyonce, but she surprised everyone by announcing on Good Morning America that her big news centered around her adoption of a vegan diet and the launch of her new meal delivery service.

No seriously, check me out: Some Beyonce fans appeared to be disappointed with the news, as had hoped it would be about new music 

Seriously, take a look: Several Beyonce enthusiasts seemed let down by the announcement, expecting it to be about fresh music.

Swimsuit babe: There is no denying that Beyonce has an incredible body, and she really wants to show it off

Beach-ready beauty: It’s impossible to ignore Beyonce’s amazing physique, and she is definitely keen on flaunting it.

Just casual: The Single Ladies star posted a series of sexy shots on her Instagram page 

Just chill: The celebrity from Single Ladies shared a collection of sultry photos on her Instagram account.

Proud of myself! Bey has proved to be as selfie-obsessed as Kim Kardashian with her latest collection 

Feeling pretty good about myself! Beyonce has shown that she’s just as into taking selfies as Kim Kardashian with her new collection. And not long after that, Beyonce was proudly displaying how amazing her body looks in three new pictures on her website. In two photos, the Single Ladies singer showed off her toned legs while lounging on luxurious velvet furniture. In the third snap, she wowed everyone by flaunting her perky bottom in extremely short shorts while touching her backside. All three photos were captioned with ‘My life.’ It seems like Beyonce definitely knew what she was doing with the timing of these posts.

Angry: Some fans took to Twitter to vent their frustration at the news

Upset: A number of fans expressed their disappointment on Twitter after hearing the news.

Funny reactions: Fans were quick to mock the announcement of her diet, which they had hoped would be something more substantial like news of a new album

Hilarious responses: Fans wasted no time poking fun at the news of her diet plan, jokingly wishing it had been something more exciting, like an announcement of a new album.

But wait a minute... Other fans pointed out the fact that Bey has often been pictured guzzling fast food 

Hold on a second… There were fans who mentioned that Beyoncé has frequently been photographed enjoying fast food.

Not happy: The general consensus among fans was that revealing her vegan diet isn't what they would consider to be 'major news' 

Not exactly thrilled: Most fans seemed to agree that announcing her vegan diet wasn’t exactly groundbreaking information.

Point made: Another user highlighted that many of her fans would struggle to follow the diet because they have a limited budget 

Another person pointed out that a significant number of their fans might find it difficult to stick to the diet due to financial constraints.

Beyhive bites back: This comment hilariously suggested that Beyonce had appeared on GMA just to school everyone on losing weight 

The Beyhive reacted with humor to a comment suggesting that Beyonce graced the GMA stage to give a lesson on weight loss. Despite the jest, fans were impressed by the stunning appearance of the Crazy In Love singer. During her GMA appearance, Beyonce shared her journey of struggling to find an effective diet until she partnered with celebrity trainer Marco Borges to create 22 Days Nutrition, a vegan meal delivery service. Beginning with the trainer’s 22-Day Vegan Challenge in 2013, Beyonce has maintained a slimmer and more toned physique ever since. In a pre-recorded segment, she addressed her struggles with diets since a young age, emphasizing her curves and expressing pride in her figure. Finding a sustainable and effective method to maintain weight has been a challenge for the talented singer.

The results are in: Beyonce showed off her pert backside in a photo shared to her website on Monday

The verdict is out: Beyonce flaunted her firm derriere in a picture posted on her website earlier this week.

Lovely legs: The 33-year-old singer flaunted her gams while lounging on a red velvet sofa

Beautiful limbs: The 33-year-old vocalist proudly showed off her slender legs as she relaxed on a luxurious red velvet couch.

Peek-a-boo: The wife of Jay Z seemed coy when she sat on a blue velvet chair and covered her face; her caption read, 'My life'

Playing peek-a-boo, Jay Z’s wife appeared bashful as she perched on a luxurious blue velvet chair and hid her face, captioning the photo with ‘This is my world’.

How she 'woke up like this': Beyonce admitted that before taking the 22-Day Vegan Challenge she had 'struggled since a young age with diets,' however it has helped her get weight 'off fast' and keep it off 

Beyonce revealed that she struggled with diets from a young age, but found success with the 22-Day Vegan Challenge. The challenge helped her shed weight quickly and maintain it. She also noticed improved skin firmness and tightness since starting the program. Created by Marco, The 22-Day Revolution focuses on plant-based foods to help individuals transition to a vegan diet in just three weeks. Marco emphasized that psychologists believe it takes 21 days to form a new habit, making the 22nd day crucial for habit sustainability. Beyonce is a big supporter of the diet and even wrote a forward for Marco’s book. She also collaborated with him for a vegan meal delivery service that offers plant-based, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, and organic meals. Prices for meals in the program vary from $9.76 to $16.50 each.

22 Days Nutrition: Beyonce was also promoting her new vegan meal delivery system with Marco, which brings meals once a week that are 100% plant-based and made up of non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free and organic ingredients

22 Days Nutrition: Beyonce recently teamed up with Marco to introduce a new vegan meal delivery service. The service provides customers with plant-based meals once a week. These meals are composed of organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free ingredients.

Make it a habit: Trainer Marco Borges shared that it is a 22-day program because psychologists have found that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit 

Trainer Marco Borges suggests forming a habit by committing to a 22-day program, based on the idea that psychologists have determined it takes 21 days to establish a new routine.

Motivation: The star insisted that if a foodie like her could follow the program, anyone could 

Motivation: Beyonce emphasized that if she, a self-professed food lover, could stick to the program, then anyone could do it too. In her introduction to the book, she mentioned, “If someone like me who hails from Houston and loves food can follow this program, then so can you.”

Marco also chimed in, acknowledging the significance of consuming plant-based foods for overall well-being, despite the challenge of breaking away from unhealthy eating habits. He expressed that the Vegan Meal Delivery program offers a convenient solution to help individuals reset their eating patterns with nutritious plant-based meals.

The night before the highly anticipated announcement, a tantalizing teaser was released by Good Morning America, sparking excitement among fans eager to uncover Beyonce’s latest news. With a suspenseful voiceover hinting at something groundbreaking, fans were left buzzing with anticipation and speculation on social media platforms like Twitter. Some speculated about a potential album release, a Destiny’s Child reunion, or even a comical suggestion of Beyonce entering the 2016 presidential race.

Tell us! Everything from a new album to a Destiny's Child reunion was speculated by fans, with some Beyhive followers even poking fun at a potential presidential bid in the 2016 election

Fans were buzzing with excitement, speculating everything from a new album to a possible Destiny’s Child reunion. Some Beyhive followers even joked about the idea of Beyoncé running for president in the 2016 election.

New music? In the recent months, Beyonce and husband Jay Z have been reportedly working on a collaborative album exclusively for their Tidal music subscribers

Recently, rumors have been swirling about Beyonce and Jay Z teaming up for a special album just for their Tidal subscribers. According to hip-hop producer Detail, there are exciting projects in the works. Beyonce, a 20-time Grammy winner, was also recently seen in Nicki Minaj’s music video for Feeling Myself. Fans were delighted when Beyonce surprised them with a secret album release in 2013, which has gone on to be a huge hit worldwide.

Teasing fans: Beyonce's news had everyone wondering if she was going to announce her second pregnancy 

Joking with her fans, Beyonce’s latest announcement left everyone speculating whether she was about to reveal her second bundle of joy on the way.

Cute: Bey also posted this snap of her daughter Blue Ivy 

Adorable: Bey also shared a photo of her daughter Blue Ivy on social media. However, while food enthusiasts were excited about the singer’s new project, many fans were left feeling a bit let down by the news. Some took to Twitter to express their disappointment with the underwhelming announcement, especially after all the hype on Good Morning America. One Twitter user joked about the dramatic music used in the Beyonce/GMA interview commercial, only to find out that the announcement was about Beyonce’s grass-eating habits. Another user shared a similar sentiment, saying how the Beyoncé announcement caught them off guard, almost making them late for school because they thought it would be a major revelation.

Anticlimactic: Fans were left a bit underwhelmed by the news, with one writing on Twitter: 'They had the dramatic music in the Beyonce/GMA interview commercial and she's announcing that she only eats grass'

A bit of a letdown: Fans didn’t quite get the excitement they were expecting from the news. One fan even took to Twitter to say, “They used all that dramatic music in the Beyonce/GMA interview promo, only for her to announce that she’s on a grass-only diet.”

Pamper session: Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles was spotted out in Beverly Hills on Thursday

Pamper session: Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles was spotted out in Beverly Hills on Thursday

Spa day: Tina Knowles, mother of Beyonce, was seen enjoying some well-deserved relaxation in Beverly Hills last Thursday.

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