“Stylish Street Chic: Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Sultry Side in Twitter Snapshot”

Striking a pose: Miley Cyrus posted a provocative snap of herself wearing a skimpy top and shorts on her Twitter account Friday, writing, 'Love my street purchase'

Showing off her style: Singer Miley Cyrus shared a daring photo on her Twitter page, showcasing her in a revealing top and shorts, captioned with ‘Feeling fab in my latest street find’.

Edgy style: The 20-year-old showed off more of her eclectic fashion taste on Thursday as she left a studio in New York

Chic look: The 20-year-old flaunted her unique fashion sense on Thursday while departing a New York studio.

On the go: Miley was wearing her skimpy get-up as she headed to rehearsal ahead of the VMAs at the Barclays Center on Friday

On the move: Miley donned a revealing outfit as she made her way to practice for the VMAs at the Barclays Center on Friday.

Lithe: The star was looking amazingly slender while showing off her dazzling array of tattoos

Graceful: The celebrity appeared strikingly slim as she proudly displayed her stunning collection of tattoos.

'Ain't Nothing But A G Thang': Miley was wearing a tight shirt with a message and shredded shorts

Miley sported a snug top with a statement and ripped denim shorts in her signature style of ‘Ain’t Nothing But A G Thang.’

Rain, rain, go away: Not one to let a little pesky downpour stop her, the singer emerged from the session in her tiny white denim hot pants, tight white singlet top and black combat boots

Rain rain, please disappear: Unbothered by the drizzle, the artist strutted out of the studio wearing her small white jean shorts, snug white tank top, and edgy black combat boots.

Finishing touches: The star's fourth studio album, Bangerz, is set for release on October 8

The final details are being added to the latest album from the well-known artist, which is titled Bangerz and is expected to be released on October 8th.

Helping hand: The singer arrived at the studio earlier that day wearing a black and gold silk bomber jacket and carrying a small red handbag

Assistive gesture: The musician showed up at the recording studio that morning in a stylish black and gold silk bomber jacket, toting a petite red handbag.

Friendly girl: Miley happily chatted with and posed with fans who greeted her at the studio door

Welcoming girl: Miley joyfully engaged in conversations and took photos with fans who approached her at the entrance of the studio.

Gas guzzler: Liam Hemsworth didn't accompany his fiancée to New York, staying behind in LA where has been promoting his latest movie, Paranoia

Fuel-gulper: Instead of joining his partner in New York, Liam Hemsworth remained in Los Angeles to promote his recent film, Paranoia.

Still going strong: Despite rumours the couple have drifted apart and their engagement is over, Liam - pictured in LA on Thursday - took Miley as his date to the Paranoia premiere in LA on August 8

Staying together: Despite speculation circulating that the couple are no longer together and their engagement is off, Liam was seen with Miley at the Paranoia premiere in LA on August 8th. Liam was also spotted in LA on Thursday.

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