Unintentional Reveal: Inside Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s Lavish $60 Million Mansion, Featuring a $100,000 Chandelier! An Exclusive Peek Prior to the Globes.

In 2023, Jennifer Lopez thrilled her fans once again by giving them a sneak peak into her new $60 million mansion, which she now shares with her husband, Ben Affleck. This time, it happened as she was getting ready for the prestigious Golden Globe Awards. In an Instagram post, the 54-year-old singer showed off more areas of her lavish home while showcasing her stunning pale pink strapless gown adorned with rose accents.

One of the most captivating shots captured the foyer with the dining room in the background. The dining room boasted a grand table adorned with maroon and gold chairs, complemented by an elegant off-white wingback chair. A strikingly magnificent crystal chandelier, estimated to be worth a staggering $100,000, adorned the room, delivering an air of opulence. On the wall, a gold-framed oil painting and some captivating pop art of a helmeted man added a touch of artistic interest.

The dining room table was delicately decorated with a vase filled with lovely pale pink roses, infusing a sense of romance and elegance into the atmosphere. Additionally, the tour of Jennifer’s home revealed her luxurious and spacious dressing room, complete with a cozy sofa and ottoman, where she undoubtedly spends hours perfecting her glamorous looks.

Jennifer Lopez accidentally showed off the dining room inside the new $60million mega mansion that she shares with husband Ben Affleck on Instagram on Sunday

In a lighthearted incident, Jennifer Lopez unknowingly offered a glimpse of her luxurious dining room within the recently acquired extravagant $60 million mansion she now calls home with her partner Ben Affleck. This amusing revelation occurred on Sunday when she shared a post on Instagram.

The best shot was taken in the foyer with the dining room in the background. A dining room table with chair and a massive crystal chandelier that looked worth $100,000 could be spied. There was also an oil painting and some pop art to the side with roses on the table

The most impressive picture was captured in the entrance hall, showcasing the dining room as a scenic backdrop. The sight revealed an elegant dining table adorned with chairs and an exquisite crystal chandelier, exuding a value that would easily surpass $100,000. Notably, an oil painting and a collection of pop art added a touch of artistic flair to the surroundings, while a vase of beautiful roses adorned the table.

Here is a look at Lopez's spread. A zero edge pool is located behind the main house and overlooks the canyon below. The pool is about three times larger than the average pool

Take a peek at Lopez’s luxurious arrangement. Situated at the rear of the primary residence, an exquisite zero edge pool offers breathtaking views of the magnificent canyon beneath. Notably, this pool stands out from the rest as it boasts a size that is three times bigger than your typical pool.

A different photograph provided a glimpse into her personal dressing room. Positioned on the left side was a petite table adorned with framed pictures capturing cherished moments of her and Ben, alongside a stylish Lucite lamp and a classic black landline phone. On the right side of the room, a moss green ottoman sat gracefully next to a clothing rack, offering a convenient spot for her to plan her outfits. Completing the scene, a beige sofa graced the background, accompanied by a tastefully framed mirror.

During the month of November, she proudly showcased her backyard. The renowned singer, while promoting her latest album titled “This Is Me… Now,” strolled gracefully across the Bel-Air, California estate’s lawn, blessed with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

The extraordinary swimming pool on the property had a price tag of approximately $150,000. What made it truly exceptional was its remarkable size, boasting dimensions three times larger than a typical pool. Additionally, the pool incorporated two lavish features: the infinity edge and the zero edge. With the infinity feature, the water cascaded into a lower pool and was subsequently pumped back up, creating an illusion of an endless pool stretching beyond the horizon. As for the zero edge, it meant that the water completely reached the brim of the pool upon entering, omitting the presence of any physical barrier. Moreover, nestled along the pool’s far edge was a built-in hot tub, providing a serene oasis for relaxation.

To accentuate the pool’s allure, a collection of elongated white lounge chairs was strategically arranged in the shallow end. This created an inviting atmosphere for sunbathing and unwinding amidst the soothing water.

During her poolside photoshoot, the captivating singer donned one of her album cover outfits which perfectly encapsulated her current musical journey. An effortlessly stylish ensemble comprised of a beige hat, a crisp white tank top, layers of glistening gold jewelry, and relaxed baggy jeans paired with sturdy construction boots. With a glass of her signature alcoholic beverage, Delola, in hand, she exuded an air of confidence and authenticity.

“This Is Me… Now,” her highly anticipated album, delves into her rediscovered love for Affleck, reigniting a flame that had flickered out nearly two decades ago when their engagement ended. Complementing the musical experience, a film adaptation will accompany the album’s release, immersing audiences in her remarkable story on February 16, 2024.

Another image gave a good look at her dressing room. On the left was a small table with framed photos of her and Ben as well as a Lucite lamp and black land line. On the right was a moss green ottoman and a rack of clothing. And in the background was a beige sofa with a framed mirror above it

It was interesting to see another snapshot of her dressing room, which provided a captivating glimpse into her personal space. Positioned on the left side was a dainty table adorned with cherished photographs of her and Ben, accompanied by a sleek Lucite lamp and a classic black landline phone. On the opposite side, a rustic moss green ottoman occupied the space alongside a meticulously organized rack of clothing. Drawing attention in the background was a cozy beige sofa, beautifully framed by a mirror that reflected the room’s charm.

This view allowed for an Alo plug; the shopping bag on the far right was stamped Alo

This perspective provided an opportunity to showcase an Alo plug, while the shopping bag positioned at the extreme right proudly displayed the Alo brand insignia.

Lopez has a beige and ivory washed wood room divider behind her

On the right was a striped ottoman

Lopez’s living space features a tastefully decorated room divider made of beige and ivory washed wood placed against the wall. Adjacent to it, on the right side, a stylish striped ottoman adds a touch of pattern and visual interest to the room.

A fun white hat could be seen on the left. Maybe she was thinking about wearing it?

On the left, a playful white hat caught the eye. Perhaps she was contemplating donning it? For months, she has been proudly exhibiting her luxurious new abode on various social media platforms. She often strikes poses amidst the breathtaking estate. A recent captivating display involved her Thanksgiving feast, which was not confined to the dining room but instead set in the backyard of her residence. The table itself was adorned with a long, rustic wooden surface embellished with an abundance of green eucalyptus leaves, lemons, oranges, and hurricane lamps containing elegant white candles. To accompany this lavish setup, she opted for opulent Hermes gold-and-white plates. These exclusive pieces, starting at $200 for a salad plate and reaching $500 for a dinner plate, were carefully arranged with two allocated per person. Furthermore, the talented actress, known for her role in the film Maid In Manhattan, seized the opportunity to promote her own alcohol brand, Delola. In her post, she highlighted the convenience of the product, as its ingredients are already impeccably mixed, eliminating the need for any form of blending. Clutching the L’Orange Spritz variant herself, a delightful concoction comprising Premium Amaro, Orange, and Passionfruit, she expressed how it paid homage to the classic Italian spritz. The aromatic blend boasted a striking balance between the vibrant flavors of delicious fruit and the pleasing bitterness of amaro. In her online pitch for Delola, she emphasized that it freed one from the laborious tasks of cutting, squeezing, and mixing. Instead, one could simply pour Delola over ice and savor a meticulously crafted cocktail. Completing her ensemble for the occasion, the glamorous Lopez sported a belted khaki dress adorned with dashing black buttons. Her cascading hair was styled into soft waves, and she added a touch of elegance with hoop earrings.

In November the singer was promoting her new album This Is Me... Now as she walked on the lawn at the Bel-Air, California property that has views of Los Angeles

The singer strolled across the lush lawn of her Bel-Air, California residence in November, charmingly promoting her latest album titled This Is Me… Now. From this picturesque vantage point, she gazed upon the panoramic views of the vibrant city of Los Angeles.

The bedroom also had French windows that looked out to the back yard

The bedroom was also adorned with exquisite French windows which provided a lovely view of the backyard.

The finished look of the album cover shows Lopez on that gray sofa with the hat tipped just so

The album cover has finally been completed, featuring Jennifer Lopez lounging on a grey sofa with a stylishly tipped hat. Just recently, the renowned singer gave us a sneak peek into her lavish home while she was getting ready for a glamorous Gucci event at the LACMA in Los Angeles. This magnificent house, which she and her partner Ben purchased in May, is adorned with predominantly white surfaces, but they have tastefully incorporated touches of silver and gold for a contemporary touch. This is not the first time we have caught a glimpse of JLo’s enormous abode, as she has previously shared videos from her kitchen and posed in her living room and patio, offering breathtaking views of her infinity pool. The dynamic duo moved into this stunning property during the summer, and Jennifer Lopez has taken charge of all the decoration decisions. Living with them are JLo’s teenage twins, Max and Emme, whom she shares with her ex-husband Marc Anthony. Ben also has shared custody of his three children, Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel, from his previous marriage to Jennifer Garner, who frequent the new home as well.

Jenny at home: Last week Lopez took her Instagram followers inside the new mansion's backyard table

Jenny enjoying her time at home: Lopez recently treated her Instagram followers to a virtual tour of the exquisite outdoor dining area in her brand new mansion.

Al fresco: On Thursday the Maid In Manhattan movie star presented her Thanksgiving table which was impressive; in the background is a potted lemon tree

Under the open sky: Last Thursday, the delightful actress from Maid In Manhattan revealed her remarkable Thanksgiving dining arrangement, adorned by the presence of a lemon tree strategically placed in the backdrop.

With a view of hills: It was not located in her dining room, but rather in the backyard of her home, which had a view of her infinity pool and lawn

Perched amidst rolling hills: It wasn’t situated within the confines of her dining area, but instead in the spacious backyard of her residence, boasting breathtaking views of her infinity pool and well-manicured lawn.

See the artichoke in the bowl? She also had Hermes gold and white plates which cost hundreds of dollars a pop

Do you see the artichoke in the dish? Additionally, the couple owns Hermès gold and white plates that are worth hundreds of dollars each.

During the summer, the married pair purchased a massive mansion covering 46,000 square feet for a staggering $60.85 million, according to TMZ. Surprisingly, they managed to negotiate a deal in just one week and paid almost $15 million less than the original asking price of $75 million.

Originally listed in 2018 for $135 million, the property had its price heavily discounted earlier this year, dropping by nearly half. Known as the ‘Wallingford estate,’ the house occupies a 5-acre promontory and boasts an impressive 12 bedrooms and 24 bathrooms.

The listing description highlights that the mansion has been recently rebuilt and expanded. It presents a spacious 12-car garage and parking space for up to 80 vehicles. Additionally, the property features a unique indoor sports complex, a 5,000 square-foot guest penthouse, a caretaker house, and a two-bedroom guard house within its grounds.

Jennifer is fortunate to have access to a comprehensive gym, thanks to the indoor sports facility. The facility offers basketball and pickleball courts, as well as a boxing ring.

The queen outside her palace: Here the former Fly Girl is seen outside the front of her home before heading to an event last month

Outside the grand palace, the queen stood gracefully, adorned in a delightful summer dress that boasted a harmonious blend of soft pink and pristine white hues.

Interior: Here the former Fly Girl is seen inside her home before heading to an event last month

Indoor Setting: This delightful image captures the former Fly Girl in the comfort of her home right before attending a happening event the previous month.

At home: Here Jenny is seen by one of the windows in her master living room in late October

In the comfort of her own home, we find Jenny gazing out one of the windows in her luxurious living room during the enchanting month of late October.

In bed: Her bedroom is also white as she has white sheets and a gold-and-white headboard in October

In her bedroom, the atmosphere is serene with white sheets and an elegant gold-and-white headboard. Additionally, the house offers a sports lounge and a bar for entertainment. According to TMZ, the property boasts luxurious amenities such as a full hair and nail salon, a home theater, a wine cellar, a whiskey lounge, as well as sauna and massage rooms. The main house features a stunning zero edge pool that provides a breathtaking view of the surrounding area. For added security, the property has two private, gated entrances. The couple enlisted the help of Brett Lawyer, a renowned representative who has previously worked with famous celebrities like Katy Perry and Madonna, during the sale. The seller was represented by Ginger Glass of Compass, ensuring a smooth transaction. In October, a flurry of activity was witnessed as numerous vehicles arrived at the entrance, unloading rugs, flowers, and furnishings onto tarps. Adjacent to the property’s hedges, a massive white moving truck was parked, indicating the scale of their move.

What's cooking good looking? Here the star is seen in her all-white kitchen as she talks up her brand Delola in October

Hey there, what’s cookin’, beautiful? In this delightful snapshot, we catch a glimpse of the star in her pristine all-white kitchen, passionately promoting her very own brand, Delola, back in October.

Charming kitchen: Earlier she was seen pouring the drink as baskets were overhead, also in October

Enchanting Culinary Space: Beforehand, she was observed serving the beverage while suspended baskets adorned the ceiling, coincidentally during the month of October.

Brett Lawyer ¿ who has worked with Katy Perry and Madonna ¿ represented the couple in the sale; the couple seen in 2021

Brett Lawyer, a well-known celebrity lawyer who has worked with Katy Perry and Madonna, acted as the representative for Ben and Jennifer during the sale. The couple, who have been actively searching for a new home, recently backed out of escrow on three different properties. One of these properties was a luxurious $64 million mansion in Pacific Palisades, which they seemed initially set on, but ultimately changed their minds about in March. The mansion boasts eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a gym, a professional media room, a game room, an elevator, and a spacious backyard featuring a pool and firepit area. Another property that caught their attention was a $34.5 million home located in the prestigious Rustic Canyon, also in the Pacific Palisades area. This alternative option offered seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms.

Outdoors: The back patio has a wood table, a wicker side table and a TV over her fireplace

Outside: In the backyard, there is a beautiful wooden dining table accompanied by a charming wicker side table. Additionally, a television is mounted above the fireplace on the patio.

Nice view: In this clip the swimming pool and lawn can be seen

Cheers to this: Also spied was a lemon tree

Lovely panorama: This video showcases the captivating sight of the swimming pool and the lush green lawn. Additionally, a delightful discovery was made, as a lemon tree was caught in the frame.

According to the property listing, the luxurious house includes a six-car garage, a detached guest house, a pool, a dining room with a fireplace, and a trendy bar. The patio features a jacuzzi and an outdoor kitchen.

Not only does the property have a wine cellar, a home gym, and a health spa, but the primary suite also boasts a private balcony, two bathrooms, and two closets.

After deciding to sell J-Lo’s Bel Air property for a staggering $42 million, which was originally purchased for $28 million in 2016, Ben and Jennifer have been searching for a new home for several months. The good news is, the Bel Air property is currently in escrow with a potential buyer offering $39 million.

Recently, the famous actor, known for his role in Argo, sold his mansion for approximately $30 million.

For about a year now, the couple has been tirelessly looking for a suitable home for their blended family. Numerous photos have surfaced of them visiting expensive properties in Los Angeles.

During their house hunt, the famous duo, affectionately referred to as ‘Bennifer,’ have been renting a lavish $60 million mansion owned by Australian billionaire James Packer in Beverly Hills.

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