Surprise Guest Beyonce Wows Crowd at Coachella with Playful Performance of “Losing You” Alongside Solange

Sister love: Beyonce surprised Solange onstage at Coachella on Saturday night in Indio, California

The bond between sisters was on full display when Beyonce made a surprise appearance during Solange’s performance at Coachella on Saturday night in Indio, California.

Belting it out: The pair of siblings sang up a storm

Singing their hearts out: The brother and sister duo gave it their all with their incredible vocals.

Thigh's the limit: The 32-year-old displayed her famous figure

The sky’s the limit when it comes to showcasing her famous curves, as the 32-year-old proudly flaunted her figure.

Bonding: The duo embraced as they giggled like schoolgirls

Bonding: The pair hugged each other tightly while laughing like they were back in school.

Taking sides: The sisters flanked the drummer as the crowd cheered them on

Choosing teams: The drummer was surrounded by her sisters as the audience cheered them on.

Hands in the air: Lorde took to the stage to wow the audience

Arms raised high: Lorde graced the stage to amaze the crowd

Quite the fan: Katy Perry watched the young singer perform

A big supporter: Katy Perry caught the performance of the emerging singer

Little rocker: Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age hung out with son Orrin before taking the stage

Little rocker: Josh Homme of Queens Of The Stone Age hung out with son Orrin before taking the stage

Tiny rocker: Josh Homme from Queens Of The Stone Age spent some quality time with his son Orrin before rocking out on stage.

Fever Boy: British singer Femme performing at Coachella Heineken dome in Palm Springs

Fever Boy: English singer Femme putting on a show at the Coachella Heineken dome in sunny Palm Springs.

Talent: British DJ The Last Skeptik DJing at the Soho House Event at Coachella Palm Springs

Skill: UK disc jockey The Last Skeptik performing a set at the exclusive Soho House party during the Coachella festival in Palm Springs.

Talk about a crowd pleaser: Matt Schultz of Cage The Elephant certainly gave the audience a performance

The crowd was absolutely thrilled by the captivating performance delivered by Matt Schultz of Cage The Elephant.

On their feet: No doubt there were plenty of stars grooving along to Kid Cudi

Standing up: It’s safe to say many celebrities were dancing along to the beats of Kid Cudi.

Something for everyone: The second day of bands including the likes of Foster The People. Mark Foster is seen here

There is something to suit all tastes on the second day of the festival, with a lineup that includes popular bands such as Foster The People. Mark Foster can be spotted in this photo.

Rising star: Jillian Banks, known simply as Banks, was one of the many acts taking part

Up-and-coming talent Jillian Banks, professionally known as Banks, was just one of the many performers gracing the stage.

Sahara sound: Norman Cook, AKA Fatboy Slim, played a set to a packed crowd at the Sahara tent

The desert vibes were grooving as Norman Cook, also known as Fatboy Slim, spun some beats for a huge crowd at the lively Sahara tent.

Capital! Spencer Ludwig of Capital Cities gave it his all as he performed on a trumpet during the second day

Awesome! Spencer Ludwig from the band Capital Cities put on an incredible show, playing a trumpet with all his heart during the second day of the event.

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