“Sunshine Style: Miley Cyrus Ditches the Bra in Sunny Yellow Ensemble for Lunch Outing”

During her childhood, she earned the nickname Smiley due to her big, toothy grin. Recently, Miley Cyrus, originally named Destiny Hope, embraced her cheerful persona by sporting a smiley-face printed outfit while out in Los Angeles. The 22-year-old singer looked joyful in her all-yellow ensemble as she walked alongside her new pal, Wayne Coyne from Flaming Lips.

Happy-go-lucky: Miley Cyrus was rocking a smiley face-embellished crop top and trousers as she headed out for lunch in Los Angeles on Monday alongside Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne 

In a carefree mood, Miley Cyrus sported a cheerful smiley face-themed crop top and pants while stepping out for a meal in Los Angeles with Flaming Lips singer, Wayne Coyne, on Monday. The singer flaunted her toned stomach in the matching outfit adorned with playful doodles of happy faces, hearts, and rainbows. Defying convention, Miley decided to go without a bra for her lunch date with the rocker, complementing her look with quirky accessories such as white sunglasses, a silver necklace, and a banana-shaped handbag.

On the same wavelength: The duo have bonded over their positive attitude to life and are in the process of making a seven-track EP together

In sync: The pair have connected through their shared optimistic outlook on life and are currently collaborating on creating a seven-song EP.

Svelte: Miley showed off her flat stomach in her yellow leggings and matching T-shirt

Miley flaunted her toned abs in a pair of yellow leggings and a matching T-shirt.

Miley and Wayne have developed a strong bond ever since they joined forces to work on a seven-track album that is still unnamed, with the recent debut of the song Tiger Dreams. The rock musician with long locks has happily embraced Miley, a fan of his for a long time, into his group of psychedelic artists, noting that there is a special connection between them. “Miley Cyrus has this amazing ability to embrace and celebrate our uniqueness without any judgment,” Wayne expressed in an interview with The Independent.

Peace and love: Miley was in great spirits as she bounded through the parking lot 

Miley exuded peace and love as she energetically made her way through the parking lot, spreading positivity wherever she went.

She's bananas: The 22-year-old singer was toting a fruity shoulder bag, while Wayne jazzed up his suit with a few colourful flower pins

She’s a bit crazy: The 22-year-old singer was carrying a fun fruit-themed shoulder bag, while Wayne added some colorful flower pins to his suit for a pop of style. Wayne also shared that he connects with the former Disney star who has transitioned into a wild child on a musical level. He mentioned that Miley often sings about some of the toughest topics, such as dealing with issues like coming out as gay at a young age and feeling afraid of losing friends. He believes that Miley’s music can serve as a voice for those who are looking for representation and understanding.

Cartoon-crazy: The doodles on Miley's outfit matched the inkings running down her arms

Musical connection: Wayne says he related to the tough subjects Miley tackles in her music

Obsessed with cartoons: The whimsical designs on Miley’s clothes perfectly complemented the playful tattoos adorning her arms.

They've got a 'spark': Wayne has opened up about his newfound friendship with the exuberant pop princess

There’s a special connection between them: Wayne recently shared about his blossoming friendship with the lively pop star.

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