“Shakira’s Heartfelt Performance: 45-Year-Old Singer Dives into Work with New Music Video After Breakup with Gerard Pique, 35”

In May, Shakira confirmed her breakup with Gerard Pique, a footballer. Despite the emotional turmoil, the talented artist remained strong and focused on her work, as captured in her latest music video shot in Manresa, Spain over the weekend. Even though she appeared to be moving on, the 45-year-old Columbian singer still had love on her mind as she held a heart-shaped prop while filming with Puerto Rican musician and rapper Ozuna on Saturday.

At work: Shakira, 45, pointedly squeezes a toy heart while filming new music video in Manresa, Spain on Saturday as she threw herself into work following her split with Gerard Pique, 35

During a recent music video shoot in Manresa, Spain, the renowned singer Shakira appeared to be fully engaged in her work, despite her recent breakup with Gerard Pique. The 45-year-old artist was seen holding a toy heart, which she squeezed pointedly while in character. Her outfit for the day was vibrant, featuring a multicoloured trench coat and bright orange trousers. Shakira’s blonde hair was left down, cascading over her shoulders, and she wore a full palette of makeup to enhance her natural beauty. During one scene, the star was captured closing her eyes while clutching onto the prop heart. Later on, Shakira took a break between scenes and was spotted chatting with her co-star Ozuna and a cast member sporting pink hair, while Ozuna appeared to be engrossed in his phone.

Focused: Shakira looked captivated in the moment as she was seen closing her eyes while clutching the prop

Shakira appeared completely absorbed in the moment as she held onto the prop with her eyes closed.

Cut! She was later seen taking a break between scenes, chatting with her music video co-star Ozuna who appeared to be tending to his phone and a cast member with pink hair

Pause! She took a breather in the midst of filming and engaged in a conversation with Ozuna, her music video partner, while he seemed to be occupied with his phone. Present in the vicinity was also a cast member with vibrant pink dyed hair.

Action! Shakira was seen running during filming as she filmed a scene

Lights, camera, and action! The talented Shakira was spotted sprinting during filming while shooting a scene.

Celebrity sighting: A passerby was quick to grab a snap of the superstar as she took a break from filming

Celebrity Spotted: An onlooker managed to snap a picture of the famous personality while she was taking a breather from her shoot.

Scenes: The singer clutched on to the heart prop in between takes

As the cameras stopped rolling, the vocalist tightly grasped onto the heart-shaped prop during the brief break.

Object: Shakira held a prop which resembled a real life heart

During filming, Shakira was seen holding a prop that closely resembled a human heart. This shoot came on the heels of reports that the singer was “very angry” about her ex-boyfriend, a footballer, going public with his new love, Clara Chia Marti, a PR student. Recently, images emerged of Gerard passionately kissing the 23-year-old at a festival in Catalonia, where she is believed to work at his company Kosmos. According to a source, Clara has been working for Gerard for months and assists with organizing events.

Direction: She was seen chatting to a crew member as she got ready for her next moves

As she prepared for her upcoming actions, she was observed conversing with a member of the crew.

Home time: Shakira delighted waiting fans as she waves at them before heading home

As she left, Shakira put a smile on the faces of her eager fans who were patiently waiting. She acknowledged them with a friendly wave before heading back to her abode.

Autograph: The global superstar was surrounded by eager fans as she wrapped up filming

Signature: The famous celebrity found herself in the midst of enthusiastic admirers as she concluded shooting.

Racy: Clara's Instagram shows her posing on her white sofa in sexy lingerie

Clara’s Instagram feed features her in alluring lingerie, elegantly posing on her pristine white sofa.

Over: He announced his split with ex Shakira in June after 11 years together amid unconfirmed reports the footballer had cheated on the Colombian (pictured together in 2019)

According to sources, it has been reported that Shakira and Gerard made an agreement to not be seen in public with their partners for a year after their split. Although they have been keeping their relationship under wraps, those close to them know what’s going on. In fact, some believe that Gerard is serious about his new flame, Clara, as their social media accounts have been wiped clean of any photos. Shakira and Gerard called it quits in June after being together for 11 years and having two children. Recently, host Laura Roige shared her excitement about the new relationship, claiming that she has seen a lot of love between Gerard and Clara. However, sources report that Shakira is not thrilled about the public display of affection and is quite angry about it.

It is alleged that Shakira and Gerard had an agreement not to be seen in public with their respective partners for the first year after their separation. We have reached out to a representative of Shakira for more details. Reports from El Periodico suggest that the couple is attempting to maintain a friendship despite the difficulties in their relationship, all for the sake of their children. The announcement of their split came amidst rumors of infidelity on Gerard’s part, as reported by Spanish tabloids. Shakira released a statement asking for respect for their children’s privacy as they navigate this difficult time.

Break-up: Shakira and Gerard split four months ago (pictured with their children Milan, nine, and Sasha, seven)

The end has come! Shakira and Gerard went their separate ways three months ago. In the picture, they can be seen with their adorable children Milan, who is nine years old, and Sasha, who is seven.

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