“Shakira’s Health Takes a Toll: Singer Spotted Looking Unwell After Postponing European Tour Due to Vocal Cord Hemorrhage”

Shakira has decided to take a much-needed break from her current tour, which led to the cancellation of the European leg. Unfortunately, she recently revealed that a haemorrhage on her vocal cords caused her to cancel 17 shows. The talented singer was spotted in Barcelona looking less than her usual self. She opted for a no-makeup look and dressed casually for her outing. Shakira is currently residing in the Catalan city with her partner Gerard Pique and their two children.

Stepping out: Shakira looked under the weather as she stepped out in Barcelona, just days after revealing a hemorrhage to her vocal chords prompted the decision to cancel 17 shows on the Europena leg of her current tour 

Shakira appeared to be unwell as she ventured out in Barcelona, shortly after announcing the cancellation of 17 concerts on her current tour’s European leg, due to a hemorrhage in her vocal cords. The singer expressed regret on Twitter, stating that she has never faced such a situation before and that she must take a break from singing to recover. Shakira hopes to return to the stage soon and hear her fans sing along with her. She was scheduled to begin her tour in Germany last week but had to withdraw from the first performance to avoid worsening her condition.

Break: The singer is postponing her European tour until next year after suffering a vocal cord hemorrhage

Rest: Due to a vocal cord hemorrhage, the famous singer has made the difficult decision to postpone her European tour until next year. Despite her hopes of recovering in time for her upcoming concert in Paris on November 10, she recently released a statement detailing the severity of the damage to her right vocal cord. She expressed her apologies to fans, children, and team members, acknowledging her disappointment in being unable to perform. As advised by doctors, the Hips Don’t Lie hitmaker will reschedule the tour for 2018.

Bad news: Shakira was due start her tour in Germany earlier this month, but was forced to pull out of the opening show to avoid further damaging her voice

Unfortunately, the 40-year-old songstress had to cancel the opening show of her tour in Germany last Wednesday to prevent further harm to her voice. She shared a heartfelt message with her supporters on Instagram, expressing her dedication towards preparing for the El Dorado World Tour for the past five months. She also mentioned that the last few days leading up to her first performance have been the most challenging of her career. In July, she underwent a routine checkup before planning her tour and her doctor confirmed that her vocal cords were in excellent shape.

With her man: The siren with Gerard Pique in 2015

In 2015, while rehearsing for my upcoming shows, I experienced a strange hoarseness that made it difficult for me to sing. Upon consulting with doctors, I learned that I had suffered a hemorrhage on my right vocal cord. To recover in time for my first show in Cologne, I followed the specialists’ recommendation of going on vocal rest. However, the hemorrhage didn’t reabsorb, and I’m still struggling to fully recover. It’s painful not to be able to sing this month, especially since many of my fans have gone to great lengths to secure tickets and follow me throughout Europe.

A first for her: 'All the years I've been signing, I've never been faced with a situation like this,' she wrote in statements in both English and Spanish. She says she can't wait to be back onstage and 'hear your voices singing along with mine'; seen in 2016

This is a new experience for her: In her statements, written in both English and Spanish, she expressed that she has never encountered a situation like this throughout all the years she has been signing. She eagerly anticipates returning to the stage and listening to the audience singing along with her, as stated in 2016.

I would like to express my gratitude to my team of over 60 dedicated individuals who worked tirelessly day and night to help me bring my best artistic performance to the stage. They, along with myself, are eager to kick off this tour. Additionally, I must mention my kids who couldn’t wait to see their mom perform live, and most importantly, my fans who have been my support system through thick and thin and deserve nothing but the best from me. Being in the industry for years, I have never encountered such a situation before. Unfortunately, it is with a heavy heart that I must inform you that due to unforeseen circumstances, I am compelled to reschedule my European tour until 2018, granting my body ample time to recover completely.

Better days: The star with her beau and sons Milan Pique (L) and Sasha Pique in 2016

A Brighter Future: In 2016, the famous star was spotted with her partner and children Milan Pique and Sasha Pique. She expresses her gratitude to her fans worldwide for their unwavering support, understanding, and love during her difficult time. Shakira hopes to overcome this challenge and get back on stage soon where she can hear her fans singing along with her once more. She cherishes the friendships and affection offered by those who stood by her side and promises to remember them always.

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