“Shakira’s Beach Fun with Sons in Wetsuits Amid Tax Fraud Controversy”

On Wednesday, Shakira was spotted enjoying a day out with her two sons at the beach in Cantabria, Spain. The 45-year-old Colombian singer looked sporty in a navy wetsuit while catching some waves during their fun-filled beach day. Shakira happily posed with her arms around her two sons, Milan and Sasha, who she shares with ex-partner Gerard Pique. This relaxed outing comes shortly after the musician publicly criticized Spanish authorities regarding her £12million tax fraud case.

Day out: Shakira cut a sporty figure as she took her two sons for a fun-filled day out at the beach in Cantabria, Spain, on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Shakira enjoyed a lively day out at the beach in Cantabria, Spain with her two sons. She sported a sporty look that matched the fun atmosphere of the day, and complemented it with a pair of brown winter boots. Shakira looked naturally beautiful with straight caramel hair and appeared to be makeup-free as she hit the waves. Accompanied by an entourage of friends, Shakira and her sons all wore blue tie-dye beach towels that added to their beach look. The group seemed to have a great time surfing, as they were all smiles while posing for a group picture.

All smiles: The Colombian singer, 45, showed off her incredible figure in the navy wetsuit with blue patterned cuffs as she enjoyed a day out surfing

With a big grin on her face, the talented vocalist from Colombia flaunted her stunning physique in a navy wetsuit with stylish blue patterned cuffs while she indulged in some surfing fun. The 45-year-old celebrity looked absolutely radiant as she enjoyed her day out.

After Shakira confirmed her separation from Spanish footballer Gerard Pique in June, the two were spotted on an outing together. Earlier this month, they signed a custody agreement for their children, with Shakira planning to move to Miami with them. The couple’s failure to reach a settlement previously was due to Shakira’s desire to move to Miami, where some of her family resides. In a joint statement, they expressed their commitment to ensuring their children’s well-being and confirmed that the agreement will be formalized in court.

Stylish: Shakira completed her beachwear look with a pair of brown winter boots

Beach ready: She styled her caramel locks in a straight fashion

Fashionable: Shakira effortlessly pulled off a beach-ready ensemble by pairing her swimwear with brown winter boots. Her luscious caramel locks were straightened to complete the chic look.

Getting ready: Shakira and her son Milan were seen getting ready to hit the waves during their surfing trip

Shakira and her son Milan were spotted preparing to go surfing during their trip. Their safety and privacy is a top priority, and it is hoped that they can continue living their lives in a secure and peaceful environment. Recently, Shakira criticized the tax authorities in Spain ahead of her upcoming fraud trial, where she faces a possible eight-year prison sentence if found guilty of a £12 million tax fraud. The exact date for the trial in Barcelona has not been confirmed yet.

Beach day: Both of her sons wore blue tie-dye beach towelling robes before joining their mother in the surf during the fun-filled day out

The family enjoyed a relaxing day at the beach, with the two boys sporting matching blue tie-dye beach robes as they joined their mother in the water. It was a fun and memorable outing for everyone involved.

Surfing: She flaunted her natural good looks as she appeared to go make-up free for her sporty day out catching some waves

Surfing: While catching some waves, she confidently showed off her natural beauty without any makeup.

In a statement released on Friday, Shakira expressed that she felt as though she was being unfairly targeted and persecuted by the Spanish Treasury. She accused them of using unacceptable methods to damage her reputation and coerce her into reaching a settlement agreement. Her representative also clarified that Shakira believed the tax authorities were accusing her of lying about living outside of Spain without any evidence. Despite previously being a tax resident of the Bahamas, Shakira only registered as a full-time tax resident in Spain in 2015, even though she had been dating Gerard Pique for five years before that. It’s important to note that individuals who spend more than 183 days in Spain during a given calendar year are considered Spanish residents for tax purposes.

Doting mother: Shakira was seen helping her sons get ready to head into the surf during the trip

Shakira, the loving mother, was spotted assisting her sons in preparing themselves for a surfing adventure during their vacation.

Chatting: Shakira was seen putting her phone away for safe keeping

Shakira and her two kids had a bunch of buddies accompany them on their surfing adventure.

It has been reported that Spanish tax inspectors had conducted a thorough investigation on Shakira for over a year. They went as far as visiting her favourite hairdressers in Barcelona and reviewing her social media activities to demonstrate that most of the three years in question were spent in Spain. Their findings indicated that she had spent 242 days in Spain in 2012, 212 days in 2013, and 243 days in 2014, leading to her indictment for six counts of tax fraud. On Friday, Shakira’s lawyer presented her legal statement of offence to the investigating court in Barcelona. Her publicists confirmed the statement released, which stated that Shakira has always displayed exemplary tax behaviour and had never encountered tax issues in any other jurisdiction.

Memories: Shakira was seen taking photographs as she documented their surfing day out

Snaps: Shakira handed her phone over to a friend to take a photograph for her

Shakira captured memories of their surfing adventure by taking pictures.

Out to sea: Shakira's dampened tresses were seen falling loosely down her back after she enjoyed a dip in the sea

Shakira’s hair was wet and flowing down her back as she had just taken a swim in the ocean.

The famous singer, Shakira, sought guidance from renowned advisors like PriceWaterhouseCoopers and ensured that she never exceeded the 183-day limit of presence in Spain to avoid becoming a tax resident. Despite no concrete evidence supporting the allegations against her, she has been relentlessly persecuted in both the criminal justice system and media. This has resulted in an unfair attempt to tarnish her reputation and coerce her into reaching a settlement agreement. Shakira has already paid over 90 million euros for international income earned outside of Spain and her assets abroad, despite not having a business center or significant earnings in the country. She strongly believes that the Spanish tax authorities are violating her fundamental rights by trying to harm her hard-earned reputation.

Kick around: Shakira joined in with a game of football with her son Milan on the beach

Shakira played football on the beach with her son Milan.

Surfer girl: Shakira held up a bright pink surfboard as she got ready to pose for a photograph

Braving the surf: Shakira got ready to catch some waves

As she prepared to strike a pose for a photo, Shakira, the surfer girl, lifted up a vibrant pink surfboard.

Helping hand: Shakira was seen being given a helping hand after she stepped out of the choppy surf

Assisting Shakira: Witnessed was Shakira receiving assistance as she emerged from the turbulent waves.

In a personal message included in her official statement, she expressed her disapproval of the tax authorities’ accusation. She stated that the authorities were not respecting the legal certainty that taxpayers are entitled to and were disregarding her fundamental rights. Moreover, she mentioned that they were attempting to harm her hard-earned reputation through their allegations. The singer also criticized the Treasury for using unorthodox and unacceptable methods, such as requesting private data from hospitals where she had made an appointment. She felt that her right to privacy and presumption of innocence, which are basic rights of any citizen, had been violated. According to her representatives, the accusations against her were based on mere conjecture as there were only sporadic presences.

Grinning: Shakira gave her son a big hug as they spent quality time together

Getting ready: The doting mother was seen helping her son get married

With a big smile on her face, Shakira embraced her son tightly while they enjoyed some precious moments together.

Sons: Shakira was joined by her two sons for the day out, and they appeared to be having a great time

Shakira spent a fun day out with her two sons. However, she’s currently facing accusations regarding the calculation of her tax payments in Spain. According to the accusation, all payments made by her team and friends in Spain were counted to add up the days of her presence, without considering that payments were also made simultaneously in other parts of the world where she wasn’t physically present. Despite these accusations, Shakira remains adamant about proving her innocence in court instead of accepting a settlement. She reiterated her commitment to fulfilling her tax obligations in Spain and all countries she has resided in during her professional career. The singer expressed her trust in the impartiality of the Spanish justice system and believes that her innocence will be proven after the trial.

Arranged: It comes after Shakira and her ex Gerard Pique (both pictured) confirmed they have signed a child custody agreement

Following the confirmation of Shakira and her ex-partner Gerard Pique settling on a child custody arrangement, Arranged is set to take place.

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