Shakira’s Age-Defying Belly Dancing Performance Heats Up Super Bowl Half-Time Show

To mark her 43rd birthday in style, Shakira gave an epic performance alongside Jennifer Lopez for the highly-anticipated Super Bowl LIV half-time show on Sunday. As the opening act, the Colombian hitmaker – whose real name is Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll – wowed the audience with her instrumental skills and a string of her biggest hits, beginning with “She Wolf.” But it was her iconic belly dancing moves that really electrified the Miami, Florida crowd during the intermission of the San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs game.

Show stopping: Shakira dazzled as she took the stage during the Super Bowl LIV half-time show on Sunday evening

Shakira lit up the Super Bowl LIV’s half-time show with her mesmerizing performance on Sunday night.

Roped in: While showing off her curves, Shakira incorporated a rope into her routine

Roped in: While showing off her curves, Shakira incorporated a rope into her routine

Incorporating a rope into her performance, Shakira showcased her curves.

Details: Shakira's red half-time show ensemble was custom Dundascustom Dundascustom featured intricate beading and choreo-friendly fringe

Shakira rocked a custom-made Dundas outfit in her red hot halftime performance. The ensemble was adorned with intricate beads and featured fringe that was perfect for her choreography.

She Wolf: The singer treated fans to a dance-packed performance of her 2009 hit single She Wolf

Shakira amazed her fans with a lively dance routine to her popular 2009 song, She Wolf, during Sunday’s game at the Hard Rock Stadium. The renowned Latin music icon made a stunning entrance amid a grand fireworks display that left the audience in awe. Shakira mesmerized everyone as she danced on a circular stage with glowing lights while wearing a dazzling red sequined mini dress and matching wristbands. Dozens of backup dancers supported her performance, making it even more vibrant. After her high-energy show, Shakira displayed her musical talent by playing a shiny guitar for her soulful ballad, Empire.

Flashing Abs: Shakira has some of the most impressive abs in Hollywood and she wanted her audience to know it

Flashing Abs: Shakira has some of the most impressive abs in Hollywood and she wanted her audience to know it

Shakira’s Toned Abs: The talented artist boasts a set of well-defined abs that are the envy of many in Hollywood. She’s not one to keep her hard work hidden, proudly displaying them for her audience to see.

Whenever, Whenever: The crowd really went wild when the singer performed her 2001 hit Whenever, Wherever

The audience was ecstatic when the vocalist sang her popular track from 2001, Whenever, Wherever. They cheered and yelled with excitement.

Get low: Shakira showcased some major flexibility as she put in all her effort into the show's choreography

Shakira displayed impressive flexibility while performing the show’s choreography with great enthusiasm.

Matchy Matchy: Shakira's dancers donned red outfits that coordinated with the star's glittering ensemble

Shakira’s dancers sported red outfits that perfectly matched the singer’s sparkling ensemble.

Take it away: Shakira aimed her mic at the audience for them to sing the lyrics on their own

Shakira directed her microphone towards the crowd, prompting them to sing along to the lyrics independently.

Shredding: Following She Wolf, the songstress wielded a glittering guitar for the performance of her 2014 hit single Empire

Shredding: Following She Wolf, the songstress wielded a glittering guitar for the performance of her 2014 hit single Empire

During her performance, the singer known as She Wolf showed off her guitar skills while playing her 2014 hit single Empire. The energy level increased when she smoothly transitioned into her 2001 classic Whenever, Wherever. Holding the microphone, the birthday girl danced with her iconic hip movements, captivating the audience in every direction. Her blonde wavy hair flew wildly around her 5 foot, 2 inch frame as she dominated the world’s largest stage.

Shine: The performance took place on a large, light up round stage

The show went down on a massive circular platform that was illuminated.

Whenever, Wherever: Shakira electrified the Miami, Florida crowd as she brought back her iconic belly dancing moves

Big game: It was during the intermission of the San Francisco 49ers vs Kansas City Chiefs game

“Shake it, Groove it”: The vocalist swung her locks in sync with the rhythm.

Lean into it: In one part of the number, Shakira and her gang of female dancers performed some suggestive synchronized choreography

During part of her Super Bowl performance, Shakira and her crew of female dancers executed provocative choreography in sync. As expected with any Super Bowl show, there were a few musical surprises, including appearances from Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny and Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin by Shakira’s side. The two talented men surrounded Shakira as she sang her rendition of Cardi B’s 2018 hit song “I Like It,” which originally featured the Latin rappers themselves. Fans were thrilled to see Shakira take the stage with J Lo, and the Empire singer did not disappoint.

Flexible: At one point, Shakira took flight with a high kick

Shakira displayed her flexibility when she soared into the air with a high kick.

Roaring: The crowd erupted in cheers as the singer swayed about in her ruby red ensemble

Amidst thundering applause, the vocalist danced gracefully in her stunning crimson attire, filling the air with her melodious voice.

Crowd Surf: The singer dove into the roaring crowd

Shakira demonstrated her fearless nature by jumping into the energetic crowd and showing off her impressive salsa skills during her performance. She even ended her segment with her hit song, “Hips Don’t Lie”. The Colombian superstar not only played the drums but also displayed her trust in her fans by diving off stage. After her spectacular show, she expressed her gratitude to her fans on Instagram, calling it the best birthday present ever. Other celebrities also took to social media to share their thoughts about the unforgettable halftime show.

Big smiles: The energy was electric as the singer beamed upon her roaring crowd

The singer’s face lit up with a huge grin as she looked out at the enthusiastic audience who were cheering loudly, creating an electric atmosphere.

Love to fans: She made sure to provide her fans with a hefty amount of interaction, leaning in to grab hands

Showing affection to her fans was a top priority for her, and she went to great lengths to engage with them by leaning in and clasping their hands.

Skills: The singer was joined by her long-time guitar players during the hypnotic Half Time Show

The captivating Half Time Show featured the singer being accompanied by her seasoned guitarists.

Queen: Her dazzling red top featured a criss cross neckline that flattered her enviable decolletage

The Queen of the Super Bowl Halftime Show, Shakira, was showered with compliments on Twitter for her stunning red top that had a criss cross neckline, perfectly highlighting her beautiful decolletage. Kim Kardashian expressed her awe and admiration for Shakira, calling her ‘beautiful’ and praising her and J Lo for their amazing performance. Kim’s sister Khloe also joined in, spreading the love on social media. The overall consensus: Shakira and J Lo absolutely rocked the show!

Whoops: As she danced, the red vixen nearly flashed the audience as her fringe moved up, down, and around

Oopsie: While grooving to the music, the fiery fox almost gave the crowd a sneak peek as her tassels swayed up, down, and all around.

Bright lights: The crowd donned sparkling bracelets which added to the show's atmosphere

The glittering audience enhanced the ambiance of the event with their shimmering bracelets that illuminated the surroundings.

Fishnets: Adding to the sex appeal of her ensemble, the singer was seen sporting micro-fishnets

The singer stepped up her sex appeal by flaunting micro-fishnets. After watching the performances of Shakira and J Lo, a Twitter user commented on their ageless beauty and energetic performances during the halftime show. Kylie Jenner also took to Instagram to share several photos of the two superstars in action. Their lively energy was contagious and left her feeling energized as well.

Hands high: The audience couldn't help but reach out towards their favorite star

Arms raised: The fans simply couldn’t resist extending their hands towards their beloved celebrity.

Wrist cuffs: The singer donned matching red wrist cuffs which added to her fantastical dancing

The vocalist wore red wrist cuffs that perfectly complemented her captivating dance moves.

Pop and lock: The dancers and Shakira went in on their dance moves

The dancers and Shakira showed off their impressive moves during the halftime show, which received rave reviews from past performer Lady Gaga. She took to Twitter to commend @JLo and @shakira, along with the special guests, for their amazing performance and for being such powerful and sexy women. Cardi B, who was present at Super Bowl LIV, was in awe of Shakira and J Lo’s talents on stage and couldn’t record fast enough. The Latinas received high praise not only from fellow celebrities, but also from fans, for making a memorable mark on Super Bowl history.

I Like It: Shakira was joined by Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny

I’m a Fan: Shakira had the company of Bad Bunny, a rapper from Puerto Rico.

Carrying her: Fans made sure to carry the singer along safely

Transporting her: Devotees took it upon themselves to ensure the security of the vocalist while moving her.

Wow factor: The Colombian hitmaker - real name Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll - kicked off the 12-minute show

Impressive element: Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll, the renowned Colombian artist known as Shakira, started her performance with a 12-minute show.

Show stopping: The singer impressed with her ability to deliver vocals and theatrics

Impressive performance: The vocalist wowed the audience with her skillful blend of singing and theatrical performance.

In formation: The choreography during the Waka Waka singer's performance showcased stellar coordination

The dance moves executed by the performer of Waka Waka were a display of exceptional teamwork and synchronization among the dancers.

Get in line: The dancer gyrated behind Shakira as she belted her tunes

As Shakira belted out her tunes, a dancer was seen gyrating behind her during the highly-anticipated performance with Jennifer Lopez. The star-studded crowd included famous names like rapper Jay-Z, his daughter Blue Ivy, Cardi B, and model Emily Ratajkowski. The 12-minute show also featured special guests including Lopez’s 11-year-old daughter Emme, Puerto Rican rapper Bad Bunny, and Colombian performer J Balvin. Earlier in the day, Demi Lovato kicked things off by delivering a flawless rendition of the national anthem. Leading up to the event, Shakira shared her excitement about the big gig, revealing that she had worked hard for months to prepare for it.

Epic: Shakira raised her mic to the sky as she took in the moment

The scene was epic as Shakira lifted her microphone up towards the sky, basking in the moment.

All in: The Latin songstress proved she was a triple threat as she danced, sang, and played her way through her once in a lifetime performance

Going all out: The female artist from Latin America demonstrated her versatility as she grooved to the beat, belted out tunes, and skillfully played her instrument during her unforgettable show.

Hard Rock Stadium: The stadium occupied nearly 66,000 people on Sunday

On Sunday, almost 66,000 individuals flocked to the Hard Rock Stadium.

Bang it out: Shakira showed off her endless stream of talent as she made her way to a drum set

Shakira flaunted her impressive range of skills as she confidently approached a set of drums.

Represent: She later joined Jennifer Lopez for the grand finale

Shakira later teamed up with Jennifer Lopez for the grand finale of the show. She expressed that the show’s magnitude was enormous, including not only the stage size but also the audience size. The singer had been preparing for months and trained physically and vocally harder than she had ever before. Shakira revealed that she did not take this opportunity for granted. She wanted not only to entertain people but also to inspire young Latin girls worldwide that they too could achieve great things. In partnership with Jennifer, they discussed the symbolism behind their performance, which meant a lot to them. Just before their stage appearance, Lopez shared a picture of the two hugging during their final rehearsals, captioned with the message, “Let’s show the world what two little Latin girls can do.”

Cheeky: The ladies teased the crowd with a tasteful peek at their perk backsides

Playful: The women playfully enticed the audience by showing a modest glimpse of their attractive behinds.

Glittering Gals: Shakira changed in a gold ensemble featuring a cropped jacket and fringed mini shorts, while Lopez donned the same outfit in silver

Sparkling Ladies: Shakira switched things up by wearing a stunning gold outfit that included a short jacket and fringed shorts, while Lopez opted for the same ensemble in a shimmering silver.

Pride: Lopez, with hair strewn about, couldn't help but smile as the women stood side by side of the world's biggest stage on Sunday night

Lopez wore a big smile on her face as she and her fellow female performers stood together on the world’s largest stage on Sunday night. She had been preparing for this moment for months and seeing it finally come to fruition was a dream come true for her. During a press conference just 24 hours before the show, she revealed that she had been dreaming about this opportunity for years. Lopez believes that everything happens when it’s supposed to happen, and she feels that this was the right time for her to perform at the Super Bowl. She knew that this was her destiny and that she was chosen by God to do it. Lopez and her team were more than ready for this moment, and they couldn’t wait to share their performance with the world.

Marveling: Lopez and Shakira marveled at the audience filling the nearly 66,000 seat stadium in Miami

Amazed: The sight of the crowd filling the stadium in Miami left Lopez and Shakira completely amazed. It was almost unbelievable to see nearly 66,000 seats occupied by their audience.

Giving all they got: Lopez, 50, and Shakira, 43, rivaled women much younger as they displayed their enviably muscular physiques throughout the 12-minute Half Time Show

Lopez and Shakira, both in their 40s, amazed the audience with their toned bodies during the 12-minute Half Time Show. Lopez expressed her desire to inspire and unite people through their performance with Shakira. She believes that sports and music are two things that bring people together. The duo’s aim is to create a moment of celebration, joy, love, unity, and happiness. Lopez emphasized that their performance is all about celebrating and recognizing the potential in every individual for all the beautiful things they possess.

Empowering: There is so much that we can achieve, just me and Shakira being on that stage is something where people go,

Inspiring: Shakira and I can accomplish so much, and just being on stage together gives people hope that they can achieve their own dreams. Hearing the cheers of the crowd, it’s clear that anything is possible and anyone can make it to the top. These were the words spoken by Shakira before joining forces with Jennifer Lopez on stage.

We did it: The Latin singers shared a passionate embrace as they relished in their monumental accomplishment

The Latin singers hugged each other tightly, overwhelmed with joy and pride for their historic achievement. Lopez, hailing from the Bronx, expressed her happiness over two Latin artists headlining a global stage and being able to represent her identity as a woman, a Latin, and an American. She hopes that their performance will inspire and motivate individuals, proving that anything is achievable. Furthermore, Lopez wishes for their presentation to be grand yet inviting, radiating positivity and warmth.

Before the show: J.Lo shared this snap with her fans on Sunday just hours before the show. 'Let's show the world what two little Latin girls can do,' she wrote

J.Lo took to social media on Sunday, just a few hours before the show, to share a photo with her fans. In the post, she expressed her excitement and optimism by writing, “Let’s demonstrate to the world what two empowered Latin girls are capable of.”

Thankful: Shortly after her performance, Shakira took to Instagram to thank her fans for 'the best birthday gift'

Expressing gratitude, Shakira took to Instagram following her performance at the Super Bowl and thanked her fans for the best birthday gift. She described the Super Bowl as the ultimate live performance and explained that finding a balance between big moments and intimate emotional moments was important. The setlist for the show, co-produced by Jay-Z and his Roc Nation company, proved to be challenging to narrow down, with fans asking for all her greatest hits. Nevertheless, Shakira put together an enjoyable, fun, high-energy performance that she and her team are excited about.

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