Shakira Sparkles on Stage at Cedars International Festival After Visiting Grandmother’s Village in Lebanon.

Shakira has been delivering energetic performances during her El Dorado World Tour, captivating audiences with her incredible showmanship. Recently, she impressed the crowd yet again at the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon after visiting her paternal grandmother’s former village. The 41-year-old pop star looked stunning in a pair of shimmering semi-transparent tights that perfectly showcased her slender legs.

Stage queen: Shakira, 41, flaunted her curves on-stage in sparkling sheer tights for the Cedars International Festival after visiting her grandmother's village in Lebanon on Friday

At the Cedars International Festival, Shakira, aged 41, wowed the audience with her stunning curves, donning sheer tights that shimmered under the stage lights. Prior to the show, she visited her grandmother’s hometown in Lebanon. The stage queen rocked a bedazzled shirt emblazoned with a fierce tiger, paired with black leather boots and complemented by edgy metallic knuckledusters and arm bands. Shakira’s signature curly hair was left wild, adding to the energy of her performance, and her natural beauty was accentuated by a neutral make-up palette.

Emotional:  Earlier in the day, Shakira cut a casual figure as she attended a tree-planting ceremony in her grandmother's village in Lebanon on Friday

Feeling sentimental, Shakira kept it casual as she showed up at a tree-planting event in her grandmother’s village in Lebanon on Friday.

High octane: Shakira paraded her sensational figure around the stage in a bedazzled shirt embellished with a growling tiger

Shakira flaunted her stunning physique while performing on stage, sporting a dazzling shirt adorned with a fierce tiger.

Powerful: The songstress paired her striking look with black leather boots, and accessorised with edgy metallic knuckledusters and matching arm bands

Dazzling: Shakira appeared in great spirits as she wowed the crowd with her energetic dance moves

The talented singer, Shakira, completed her impressive ensemble with stylish black leather boots and added a touch of edginess with metallic knuckledusters and arm bands. Prior to her performance, the artist made a stop at Tannourine, Lebanon, where her grandmother once resided. Taking part in a tree-planting ceremony, Shakira opted for a more relaxed outfit consisting of a soft blush pink jumper and dark jeans. The event included a commemorative plaque engraved with her name, highlighting her contribution. Shakira’s natural beauty shone through as she wore her curly hair down and applied rosy cosmetics, portraying a different look from her usual on-stage persona. Her partner Gerard Pique was absent from the occasion.

Stunning: Shakira's signature curly mane was left untamed as she put on her energetic performance, while a neutral make-up palette highlighted her natural beauty

Shakira’s performance was absolutely mesmerizing as she let her signature curly locks flow freely. Her natural beauty was accentuated by a neutral make-up palette, making her look even more gorgeous.

All that glitters: Shakira certainly ensured all eyes were on her as she took to the stage in top-to-toe sparkling garments

Shakira definitely caught everyone’s attention with her dazzling stage outfit covered in sparkling adornments.

Family: The singer has two children with her longtime partner, soccer player Gerard Pique, 31: sons Milan, five, and Sasha, three (pictured with Gerard in 2014)

The famous singer, Shakira, has been with her partner, the soccer player Gerard Pique for a long time and they have two children together, Milan and Sasha, who are five and three years old respectively. A picture taken in 2014 shows Gerard with the adorable kids. Shakira was seen flashing a big smile as she posed with locals from a village, wearing mirrored aviator shades to shield her eyes from the sun. She accessorized her outfit with chunky metallic silver bracelets and held onto a pink rose as she watched a cedar tree being planted in a nature reserve.

So sweet: The Hips Don't Lie hit maker flashed a huge smile as she posed with the village locals, and shielded her eyes from the sun in mirrored aviator shades

How lovely! The singer behind the popular song “Hips Don’t Lie” showed off her pearly whites while taking photos with the residents of a local village. She kept the bright sun out of her eyes by wearing aviator shades with reflective lenses.

Natural beauty: Shakira accentuated her stunning features with rosy cosmetics

Shakira was seen flashing a smile while she spent time without her husband Gerard Pique. She looked completely different from her on-stage personality, as she wore her curly hair down and let it fall freely past her shoulders.

Friendly: Accompanied by local officials, Shakira visited the nature reserve that grows cedar trees -- Lebanon's national emblem -- and planted two saplings

In the company of local authorities, Shakira made a trip to a nature reserve in Lebanon that is home to cedar trees – the country’s emblem. During her visit, she planted two young cedar saplings. As a tribute to the well-known musician, a small area of the reserve was named “Shakira Mubarak,” after one of her family names, according to Bahaa Harb, the mayor of Tannourine. Shakira has been to Lebanon three times, with her initial visit in 2003 and her return in 2011 for a concert.

Honoured: To mark the occasion, a small patch of the reserve was named

It was a great privilege for the residents of Tannourine to have Shakira visit their nature reserve. In recognition of her visit, a portion of the reserve has been named “Shakira Mubarak,” paying tribute to one of her family names. This announcement was made by the mayor of Tannourine, Bahaa Harb.

Fan frenzy: Later on in the evening, the pop princess will kick off the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon, a concert set to attract 13,000 people

Excitement among fans is at its peak as the popular singer is all set to perform at the Cedars International Festival in Lebanon tonight. The concert is expected to draw a massive crowd of around 13,000 people.

Tearful: Shakira looked emotional as she received her plaque were her paternal grandmother lived

With tears in her eyes, Shakira was clearly emotional as she accepted her plaque in honor of her paternal grandmother’s memory. The talented artist has just embarked on her sixth career tour, which kicked off in Hamburg on June 3rd and will take her across the globe, including stops in Asia, North and South America, and Europe. The tour will come to an end on November 3rd, with a final performance in the artist’s home country of Colombia, where it all began. Unfortunately, due to health concerns, Shakira was forced to delay her tour until 2018, as she announced on her Instagram page last November.

Sweet moment: This is Shakira's third visit to the country, with her first visit in 2003, and she returned in 2011 for a concert

Lovely experience: Shakira has graced the country with her presence for the third time now, after her maiden visit in 2003 and a subsequent concert in 2011.

Down and dirty: Shakira didn't mind getting in amongst the plants as she helped planted the cedar tree

Shakira wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty as she got down to plant the cedar tree amidst the greenery.

Non stop: Meanwhile, Shakira's sixth career tour began in Hamburg on June 3 and will take her across Europe as well as Asia and North and South America

Continuously: Meanwhile, Shakira commenced her sixth career tour on June 3 in Hamburg. She will be traveling across various continents including Europe, Asia, North and South America.

Keeping busy: In November, Shakira took to Instagram to announce that her tour was delayed until 2018 due to her health

Last November, Shakira made an announcement on Instagram that her tour would be postponed until the following year due to health reasons. The talented musician revealed that she experienced an unusual hoarseness during tour rehearsals and further examination showed that she had a haemorrhage on her right vocal chord. In a heartfelt message, Shakira expressed her gratitude towards her fans for their unwavering support as she took time to focus on her recovery. Shakira shares two kids with her long-time partner, Gerard Pique, who is a professional soccer player aged 31. They are proud parents of two sons named Milan and Sasha and the family currently resides in Barcelona, Spain.

Back to it: The superstar said that she 'felt a strange hoarseness' during tour rehearsals and later found out she had suffered a haemorrhage on her right vocal chord

Returning to the topic, the famous celebrity reported experiencing unusual hoarseness while rehearsing for her tour. She later discovered that she had encountered a haemorrhage on her right vocal chord.

And pose: Shakira shot a huge smile as she posed with locals at the ceremony

Shakira flashed a big grin while taking photos with the community members during the event.

Getting close: The songstress cosied up to a pal during the event

Getting cozy: The female singer snuggled up to a friend at the occasion.

Grateful: Shakira's plaque - which included a picture of the performer - was planted in amongst the cedar trees 

Shakira was left feeling thankful when her commemorative plaque, featuring a beautiful picture of the singer, was placed among the cedar trees.

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