Shakira Shows Support for Women in Music: Selects Three Female Finalists for Her Team on The Voice During Playoff Round

Big decisions: Shakira had to trim her team from five to three singers on Monday night's episode of The Voice

Making tough choices: Shakira had to reduce her group of singers from five down to just three during the latest episode of The Voice on Monday night.

Girl power: Shakira wrestled over which singers to take to the live rounds

Shakira, the famous singer, has demonstrated girl power in her recent decision to select singers for the live rounds. She faced a tough challenge when selecting from an array of talented female singers. However, she finally made her decision and proved that girls can do anything they set their minds to.

First pick: Tess Boyer was the first singer picked by Shakira to remain on her team

Shakira was quick to choose Tess Boyer as the first singer she wanted on her team, ensuring that the talented vocalist would continue to work with her.

Five singers: Shakira started the night with Kristen Merlin, Deja Hall, Tess, Patrick Thomson and Dani Moz

The evening kicked off with five talented vocalists taking to the stage. Shakira was joined by Kristen Merlin, Deja Hall, Tess, Patrick Thomson and Dani Moz for an unforgettable performance.

Former singer: Usher praised his former singer Tess for continuing to improve

Ex-popstar, Usher, commended his ex-singer, Tess, for consistently showcasing growth and progress in her craft.

Hot seat: Adam Levine was the centre of attention and the subject of jokes on The Voice

Adam Levine found himself in the hot seat as he became the focal point of attention and the target of playful banter on The Voice.

Worried about her: Adam admitted he was worried about Tess

Adam expressed his concerns for Tess, admitting that he was feeling anxious for her well-being.

Emotional rendition: Dani Moz was praised for her stripped-down version of Edge Of Glory by Lady Gaga

Dani Moz received accolades for her emotionally charged performance of Edge Of Glory originally by Lady Gaga, which she performed in a raw and unadorned style.

His song: Adam gave singer Jake Barker tips for handling his Marron 5 song She Will Be Loved

Adam shared some valuable advice with singer Jake Barker on how to perform Marron 5’s hit song “She Will Be Loved”.

Later guys: Adam gave Jake Barker and Morgan Wallen a hug after they were eliminated from the show

Adam bid farewell to Jake Barker and Morgan Wallen by wrapping them in a warm embrace after their elimination from the program.

Powerful voice: Christina Grimmie impressed the judges with her version of I Won't Give Up that she dedicated to her mum who has fought breast cancer three times and survived

Christina Grimmie’s performance of I Won’t Give Up, which she dedicated to her mother who bravely battled and beat breast cancer three times, left the judges thoroughly impressed with her powerful voice.

In my opinion: Blake told Adam that Christina Grimmie was the best singer on Team Adam

As far as I’m concerned, Blake informed Adam that no one sang better than Christina Grimmie among the members of Team Adam.

Moving on: Delvin Choice sang Let's Stay Together and stayed on Adam Levine's team

Moving forward: Delvin Choice took to the stage with his rendition of Let’s Stay Together and secured a spot on Adam Levine’s team.

On the team: Kat Perkins stayed on Adam's team after her soaring take on Open Arms by Journey

Kat Perkins remained a valuable member of Adam’s team following her impressive rendition of Journey’s Open Arms.

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