Shakira adds a sassy touch to her casual ensemble with stylish knee-high boots for a gaming event in Barcelona

Shakira was an absolute style icon as she made her way to a gaming launch in Barcelona, Spain, last Thursday. The talented 38-year-old singer and mother of two showcased a stunning appearance as she graced the Hotel Palauet for the Love Rocks event. Rocking a chic yet understated ensemble, she paired a plain grey V-neck T-shirt with form-fitting jeans. To add a touch of allure to her outfit, she opted for a pair of enticing black suede knee-high boots.

Setting the bar high: Shakira looked like a style sensation when she headed to the Love Rocks games launch in Barcelona, Spain, on Thursday

Raising the standards: Shakira made a stunning fashion statement as she attended the Love Rocks games launch in Barcelona, Spain. With a chic wide cuff adorning her wrist and sporting a subtle makeup look, Shakira let her beautiful natural curls cascade past her shoulders. There was an undeniable smile of joy on her face as she gracefully made her way to the luxurious venue, just moments after sharing an endearing picture of her beloved family on Instagram. In the photo, she proudly showcased her two-year-old son Milan and 10-month-old son Sasha, exuding the pure bliss of motherhood.

Wow thing: The 38-year-old singer and mother-of-two looked incredible as she arrived at the Hotel Palauet for the Love Rocks event

Lovely: Wearing a simple grey V-neck T-shirt with slim-fitting jeans, she added some sexiness to her look with a pair of black suede knee-high boots

Impressive sight: The singer, who is 38 years old and a mother of two, made a stunning entrance at the Hotel Palauet for the Love Rocks occasion, displaying her incredible appearance.

Hair she goes: Accessorizing with a wide cuff on her wrist and wearing minimal make-up, Shakira let her natural curls fall down past her shoulders

Here she comes: Shakira effortlessly enhances her look by adorning her wrist with a stylish wide cuff, and opting for a subtle touch of makeup. Her naturally beautiful curls gracefully cascade beyond her shoulders.

Happy: She could barely keep the smile from her face as she made her way to the upmarket venue, after sharing a picture of her adorable family

Joyful: A wide grin adorned her face as she strolled towards the sophisticated establishment, filled with elation after showcasing a photograph of her enchanting family.

Game-changer: Later that evening, Shakira showed off the new video game she has created with developer, Rovio, which lets players join her on a globe-trotting adventure

Game-changer: As the sun began to set, Shakira proudly showcased her innovative creation alongside Rovio, a leading developer in the gaming industry. Together, they crafted an immersive video game experience that takes players on an exciting journey across the world with the beloved artist.

New venture: The pop star teamed up with the Angry Birds makers to launch Love Rocks, which begins in Shakira's current home of Barcelona and players progress onward to the Taj Mahal, El Dorado and more

Exciting project: The renowned singer has partnered with the creators of Angry Birds to introduce Love Rocks, a new game set in various iconic locations. Starting in Shakira’s current city of residence, Barcelona, players can journey to destinations like the Taj Mahal and El Dorado.

In a recent picture the talented musician and philanthropist shared on Thursday, she looked absolutely stunning while holding her beloved sons, whom she shares with her partner, professional footballer Gerard Piqué. Shakira’s outfit had a Grecian touch, with a beautiful gold headband adorning her flowing curls. Her radiant smile as she looked down at her youngest child added to the ethereal feel of the moment. The Grammy-winning artist appeared to be wearing a white shirt dress, adding to the angelic ambiance of her overall look.

Shakira accompanied the picture with a caption that said: “With my two little experts #LoveRocks Shak”.

Happy families: Shakira posted a sweet snap on her Instagram page on Thursday as she cuddled up to her adorable sons Milan, two, and Sacha, 10 months

Delighted families: Shakira shared a delightful moment on her Instagram account on Thursday, capturing a heartwarming snapshot of herself embracing her charming sons Milan, aged two, and Sacha, who is 10 months old.

Stealing a smooch: The 38-year-old singer and philanthropist looked sensational in the shot, where she is seen cradling her children, who she shares with footballer partner Gerard Piqué (pictured with son Milan)

Sharing a tender moment: The stunning 38-year-old singer and philanthropist captivated hearts in the photograph, where she is gently holding her children, whom she shares with her footballer partner Gerard Piqué (pictured with their son Milan).

Milan looked absolutely adorable in a charming blue and white striped pullover matched with navy tracksuit bottoms, his gaze fixated upwards towards the camera.

Sasha, following in the footsteps of his older brother, sported a similar outfit consisting of a short-sleeved polo shirt paired with indigo-colored jeans.

The whole family gathered on a cozy mat on the floor, exuding pure joy as they posed effortlessly for the captivating Instagram snapshot.

Shakira and Gerard embarked on their journey of parenthood in early 2013, as they welcomed their first child. The couple had initially crossed paths in the spring of 2010 and spent over two years together before starting their beautiful family.

App-solutely fabulos: Shakira has followed in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian in launching an app, which centres around an animated game

Shakira has hopped on the app trend just like Kim Kardashian by launching her own app. This app is all about a fun animated game that features Shakira as the main character. The app, called Love Rocks, has even inspired Shakira to use the game’s name as a hashtag in her social media posts. She recently shared a picture of herself with her boys, proudly showing off her involvement with the game. This isn’t Shakira’s first venture into the tech world – she also made a special appearance in the popular app Angry Birds as the Shakira Bird.

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