Redefining Boundaries and Unleashing Showmanship: Miley Cyrus Shakes Up MTV VMA Performances, Surprising Everyone with Daring Moves

Miley Cyrus put on a surprisingly mild show, unlike her usual outrageous performances. Instead of twerking provocatively with men twice her age, she shocked everyone by groping a woman who could easily pass as her grandmother. This lucky lady turned out to be none other than Shirley Claire, a remarkable 90-year-old singer and dancer. Prior to her appearance at the MTV VMAs, Miley made a sincere promise to her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, that she would maintain a semblance of decorum on stage this time, especially after her infamous raunchy dancer routine at the 2013 event.

Keeping it tame (for her): Miley Cyrus sizzled in a revealing outfit while performing at the MTV VMAs on Sunday night

Taking it easy (for her): Miley Cyrus set the stage on fire with her captivating attire at the MTV VMAs on Sunday evening. The talented artist showcased her latest single and the title track from her highly-anticipated album, Younger Now, during this star-studded event. While Miley opted for a more modest approach in terms of her outfit and dance routine, she couldn’t resist infusing her performance with a touch of the peculiar. In a surprising twist, she engaged in a playful act by lightly touching the breasts of Shirley, a 90-year-old individual, who gracefully reciprocated the gesture.

Oops: And while the 24-year-old managed to steer clear of twerking against any men twice her age she did grope a woman who could very well be her grandmother, singer and dancer Shirley Claire, who is 90 years old

Whoops: Despite being cautious not to twerk around men much older than her, the 24-year-old accidentally touched a woman who could easily pass for her grandmother. This lucky lady happens to be Shirley Claire, a 90-year-old singer and dancer.

Hitmaker: The singer performed her new single, and the title song of her upcoming album, Younger Now during the awards show

Star-maker: The vocalist delivered a dazzling rendition of her latest track, as well as the titular anthem of her highly anticipated forthcoming album, Fresh at Heart, during the star-studded ceremony.

I'll do yours if you'll do mine: During the live show Miley groped the breasts of 90-year-old Shirley, who in exchange also performed the same act on Miley

I'll do yours if you'll do mine: During the live show Miley groped the breasts of 90-year-old Shirley, who in exchange also performed the same act on Miley

If you agree, I’ll return the favor: In the midst of the live performance, Miley lightheartedly touched the chest of Shirley, a spirited 90-year-old, who reciprocated by playfully doing the same to Miley.

Okay, a little twerking: The singer got grooving with some geriatric dancers who formed an odd chain

Alright, let’s add a little twist: The vocalist took the dance floor alongside a group of elderly dancers, creating an unconventional and amusing human connection.

Love you all! The fans in attendance were moved to cheers with Miley's showcase onstage

We appreciate all of you! The audience present at the event couldn’t help but cheer enthusiastically during Miley’s impressive performance on stage. Later that night, the former Disney star was seen posing with friends backstage, donning an Elvis-inspired blue suit and slicked-back hair.

Compared to previous years, the VMAs, hosted by Katy Perry and featuring performances by Miley and Ed Sheeran, were relatively calmer and did not rely on shocking moments and outrageous behavior. Instead, the focus was on heartfelt performances and impactful speeches that stole the show.

During the event, Logic delivered a thought-provoking rendition of his uplifting track “1-800-273-8255,” titled after the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline’s phone number. He was joined on stage by survivors of suicide attempts, as well as award-winning singers Alessia Cara (recipient of the Best Dance Video award) and Khalid (winner of the Best New Artist award). Some of the lyrics from Logic’s song include powerful lines such as “I don’t want to be alive, I just want to die today” and “I want you to be alive, you don’t have to die today.”

Elvis is in the building: Miley swapped out her pink outfit for a blue suit inspired by the king himself Elvis Presley

Elvis is in the building: Miley swapped out her pink outfit for a blue suit inspired by the king himself Elvis Presley

Miley made a lively change in her attire by ditching her previous pink outfit and donning a stunning blue suit, drawing inspiration from the legendary Elvis Presley.

Country girl! The singer also wore a bright skirt while prancing onstage to the packed house

Rural girl! The vocalist also donned a vibrant skirt as she gracefully danced onstage to the enthusiastic crowd.

Good show! Miley seemed very pleased with her performance after wowing the audience in attendance

Great job! Miley appeared extremely satisfied with her outstanding performance, leaving the audience in awe.

Fronting: Excited fans got into a snap with the star on the side of the stage during the show, she did her best snarl

Front row audience members were in a frenzy as they snapped pictures with the superstar on the sidelines of the stage during the show. With a fierce expression, she gave it her all.

Kesha, the show’s host, not only introduced the performance but also shared words of encouragement: ‘Keep believing in yourself, and even in the darkest times, light will find its way.’

When Pink received the prestigious Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award and delivered an electrifying medley of her popular songs, she couldn’t help but get emotional. Addressing the crowd, she shared a touching anecdote about her daughter, who was present with her father, Carey Hart. Pink revealed that her daughter had recently confided in her, saying, ‘I think I’m the least pretty girl I know … I look like a boy with long hair.’

To uplift her daughter’s spirits, Pink decided to show her 6-year-old photos of legendary performers like Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Janis Joplin, George Michael, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury.

Duet: Nicki Minaj took the stage in a plunging referee costume to sing, along with Katy Perry, Swish Swish

Duet: Nicki Minaj took the stage in a plunging referee costume to sing, along with Katy Perry, Swish Swish

Collaboration: Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj joined forces for a lively performance of “Swish Swish,” with Minaj flaunting a sizzling referee outfit on stage.

Making Swishes come true: Katy flew on a high wire over to a large basketball hoop during the performance

Making Swishes come true: Katy flew on a high wire over to a large basketball hoop during the performance

Turning Daydreams into Reality: With grace and daring, Katy soared through the air on a lofty tightrope, effortlessly gliding towards a colossal hoop, bringing enchantment to the mesmerized crowd.

The man: Rod Stewart performed with DNCE's Joe Jonas to the delight of fans

Rod Stewart and Joe Jonas from DNCE teamed up to give fans an unforgettable performance that they thoroughly enjoyed.

Making waves: Pink was emotional when she accepted the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award after performing a medley of her songs

Causing a stir: Pink became overwhelmed with emotions as she graciously received the coveted Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award following her breathtaking performance that included a captivating medley of her own hit songs.

Hitmaker: Ed Sheeran took to the stage with his guitar for a mashup performance at the VMAs

Popular musician Ed Sheeran showcased his exceptional talent and mesmerized the audience at the VMAs by taking center stage armed with just his trusty guitar. Sheeran treated spectators to a captivating mashup performance that left everyone in awe.

Crowd-pleaser: Demi Lovato pulled off some raunchy dance moves in front of spectators during her pre-taped routine

Demi Lovato thrilled the audience with her sizzling dance moves in a pre-recorded performance.

In the morning, Miley took to Instagram to share a playful photo. It showed her twerking on Robin Thicke at the 2013 VMAs, with a teasing message directed towards her father Billy Ray Cyrus. She apologized to him and assured him that she would behave that night. Miley even added a clever touch by overlaying a slightly see-through image of her dad’s face onto the picture, giving the impression that his spirit was observing the event. This particular performance from the 2013 awards show stands out in everyone’s memory, with Miley donning nude lingerie while Robin sported a black and white striped suit.

Winner winner: Kendrick Lamar, who took home six awards, proved he was the best performer of the night

The champion of the evening turned out to be none other than Kendrick Lamar, bagging a whopping six awards, solidifying his position as the ultimate showman.

Man on fire: The performance also had some pyrotechnic elements, which surely wowed the audience

Fiery individual: The show also incorporated dazzling pyrotechnics, leaving the crowd in awe.

Oh Lorde: The New Zealand sensation wore a quirky outfit for her turn onstage, seen her being lifted by backup dancers

Oh Lorde: The Kiwi sensation donned a unique ensemble for her performance, capturing the audience’s attention as she was elevated by her backup dancers.

Now Fourth Harmony: Fifth Harmony gave a sizzling performance, sans Camila Cabello

Presenting Fourth Harmony: Fifth Harmony wowed the audience with an electrifying performance, undeniably spectacular even without the presence of Camila Cabello.

Touching: Logic performed his inspirational song 1-800-273-8255, named after the phone number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Heartwarming: Logic captivated the audience with his uplifting track “1-800-273-8255,” a poignant tribute to the helpline for individuals struggling with thoughts of suicide.

Her turn: Logic was joined onstage with suicide attempt survivors as well as singers Alessia Cara (best dance video winner)

In a wonderful twist, the stage welcomed Logic along with individuals who have survived suicide attempts and the talented singer Alessia Cara, who won the award for the best dance video.

Belting it out: Shawn Mendes gave a rousing rendition of There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

Shawn Mendes delivered an energetic and spirited rendition of his hit song “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back” while performing on stage. The audience was treated to a visually entertaining show, with performers dressed up as giant, colorful bears and joining the two pop acts in a playful manner.

In a recent Instagram post, Miley Cyrus shared a photo of herself wearing a stunning powder blue jacket adorned with studs, reminiscent of Elvis Presley’s iconic style. She also sported a bouffant hairstyle, paying homage to the King of Rock and Roll.

Excitement buzzed as text scrolled across the bottom of the screen during the live performance, announcing that Miley Cyrus would be taking the stage that night. Miley captioned the photo with “@vmas #YoungerNow,” revealing her anticipation for the upcoming performance.

Miley has been actively promoting her new album, “Younger Now,” which is set to be released next month. In another Instagram post, she shared a picture of herself, with her back facing the camera. The photo showcased a studded jacket with the words “Younger Now” displayed across the back. “Younger Now” is not only the title of her album but also the name of its second single, which was released on August 18.

Family affair: There to see Miley slay was her family, including Tish, Noah, Billy Ray and Brandi Cyrus

A delightful gathering: Present to witness Miley’s astonishing performance were her beloved family members, comprising Tish, Noah, Billy Ray, and Brandi Cyrus.

Sister love: Brandi and Noah cheered for their more famous sibling during the awards show

Sisterly affection: Brandi and Noah enthusiastically supported their well-known sibling while attending the glamorous awards ceremony.

Proud parents: Billy Ray and Tish looked thrilled by their daughter's rather tame performance

Proud parents, Billy Ray and Tish, were visibly delighted by their daughter’s relatively low-key performance. Leading up to the awards, numerous celebrities took to Instagram to express their anticipation. Katy Perry captivated her followers with a snapshot of her adorned in gold attire against a golden backdrop, skillfully captured by Shearer Photo. The caption accompanying the photo humorously stated, “Your hostess with the mostest.” Katy Perry is expected to oversee the event while promoting her latest music, dismissing the rumor that her rival, Taylor Swift, might make an appearance, as confirmed by a VMA producer. Ariana Grande, on the other hand, shared a delightful image of herself with an adorable canine companion. Although the talented artist expressed excitement for the Los Angeles-based show, she revealed that her presence would unfortunately not be possible.

Dapper chap: Rod Stewart dazzled in a silver blazer and cream chinos as he took to the stage

Dapper chap: Rod Stewart dazzled in a silver blazer and cream chinos as he took to the stage

Stylish gentleman: Rod Stewart captivated the audience when he graced the stage, exuding charm in a sleek silver blazer paired impeccably with cream chinos.

Centre stage: The British star was in his element as he entertained the crowd in style

Main spotlight: The English celeb was absolutely in their element as they dazzled the audience with their captivating performance

Joining forces: Cake By The Ocean hitmakers DNCE joined Rod at the bash 

Uniting strengths: The successful creators of “Cake By The Ocean,” DNCE, teamed up with Rod at the lively party.

Eccentric: Joe Jonas was clad in a bizarre patterned blazer and clashing print blazer 

Unusual: Joe Jonas donned a quirky blazer with an unconventional pattern and paired it with a contrasting printed blazer.

Eccentric: JinJoo Lee, Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless and Cole Whittle posed up a storm together 

Quirky: JinJoo Lee, Joe Jonas, Jack Lawless, and Cole Whittle struck a pose together, radiating a delightful energy.

'I'll be good tonight I promise ...': Ahead of playing the MTV Video Music Awards this Sunday, Miley posted a tweet ribbing her father Billy Ray Cyrus over her 2013 VMAs gig

“I assure you, I’ll be on my best behavior tonight, I swear!” Prior to her performance at the MTV Video Music Awards on Sunday, Miley shared a lighthearted tweet teasing her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, about her memorable appearance at the 2013 VMAs.

Album promotion: She's posted another Instagram photo of herself with her back to the camera, revealing the words 'Younger Now' across the back of another studded jacket

Promoting her latest album, she has once again taken to Instagram to share a photo of herself. In the picture, she can be seen standing with her back to the camera, showcasing a remarkable studded jacket with the words ‘Younger Now’ imprinted across it.

‘Hooray for #VMAs Day everyone! We really wish we could be there with all of you and we are immensely grateful for the nominations from @mtv. ���� @brilovelife @iamskot and I are sending all of our love!!!’ she expressed.
Cyrus, along with Ed Sheeran and Lorde, will take the stage to perform.
Additional artists scheduled to perform include Fifth Harmony, Thirty Seconds To Mars, Kendrick Lamar, Shawn Mendes, Logic, Khalid, Gucci Mane, Post Malone, Julia Michaels, Alessia Cara, and KYLE.
Demi Lovato, DNCE, and Rod Stewart will provide remote performances from the Palms in Las Vegas during the show.

The golden girl: Katy Perry shared an image to Instagram before hosting VMAs on Sunday

The radiant lady: Katy Perry took to her Instagram to post a picture prior to her hosting gig at the VMAs this Sunday.

Pumped: Ariana Grande shared a photo of herself with a dog. The hit maker said she was excited for the show which will take place in LA, but added she would not be there

Excitement is in the air as Ariana Grande recently snapped a picture with an adorable canine companion. The music sensation eagerly expressed her enthusiasm for an upcoming show happening in the lively city of Los Angeles. However, despite her anticipation, Grande playfully mentioned that she won’t be able to attend the event herself.

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