Radiant Miley Cyrus Ditches the Bra, Rocks a Vest Top and Zebra-Print Pants for a Fun Frozen Yoghurt Date with Her Vibrant Mom, Tish

Despite her penchant for late nights, 22-year-old Miley Cyrus always manages to find time for her adoring mother, Tish. The wild and carefree popstar was seen sporting a bright smile as she ventured out to indulge in some frozen yoghurt in Studio City, Los Angeles. Accompanying her was her youthful-looking 48-year-old mother, Tish, who was equally full of life. Miley appeared to be in great spirits as she savored the icy treat and engaged in a lively conversation under the warm Californian sun. In true Miley fashion, she opted for a braless look, donning an eccentric outfit that perfectly matched her unique personality. Watch the video below for more of their delightful outing.

Beaming in the sunshine: Miley Cyrus looked in high-spirits as she stepped out to treat herself to a frozen yoghurt in Studio City, Los Angeles, on Friday

Enjoying the beautiful weather, Miley Cyrus appeared cheerful as she ventured out to indulge in some frozen yoghurt in Studio City, Los Angeles, on Friday. Putting her personal touch on the bohemian fashion trend, the Wrecking Ball singer looked effortlessly cool as she savored the chilled treat. By combining a black tank top with a striking zebra-print trousers, Miley ensured that her outfit stood out from the crowd, proving that she is anything but ordinary when it comes to style. The tank top she chose displayed the Buddhist phrase ‘Om Shanti, Shanti Om,’ expressing her commitment to peace and tranquility, and reinforcing her unique beliefs. To complete her unconventional look, Miley paired the peaceful top with funky black and white harem pants, adding an extra touch of eccentricity to her ensemble.

Mother daughter time: The wild-child singer - despite her controversial career trajectory - is still close to her mum, Tish Cyrus, who she was enjoying the frozen yoghurt with

Quality Time between a Mother and Daughter: Despite the unconventional path taken by the rebellious vocalist, her bond with her mother, Tish Cyrus, remains unbreakable as they delight in savoring frozen yogurt together.

Peace out: The 22-year-old sported a black tank top that bore the Buddhist phrase 'Om Shanti, Shanti Om' - which roughly means 'peace, peace' - highlighting her spiritual beliefs as well as her lack of underwear

Goodbye vibes: The 22-year-old rocked a sleek black tank top adorned with the soothing Buddhist mantra ‘Om Shanti, Shanti Om’. This powerful phrase, translating to ‘peace, peace’, not only showcased her spiritual inclinations but also hinted at her choice to go commando.

Clashing items: Miley opted to team her peaceful tank with a pair of funky, black and white harem pants that lent her outfit a further 'off the wall' vibe. whilst she dounded-off her outfit with some leopard-print  skate shoes

Miley chose to combine her peaceful tank top with a unique pair of black and white harem pants, giving her outfit an even more unconventional feel. She completed her ensemble with leopard-print slip-on skate shoes, adding to the eclectic vibe. To maintain a touch of exoticism, the former Hannah Montana star styled her brunette hair in tight corn rows and adorned her cheek with a stick-on silver flower. Despite her controversial career path, Miley remains close to her mother, and the two enjoyed frozen yogurt together. Tish appeared just as relaxed as her daughter, effortlessly showcasing her slim figure in a baseball tee and jeans.

Relaxed pair: Tish, 48, looked to be feeling as relaxed as her daughter and sported a baseball tee and jeans combo

Casual duo: Tish, aged 48, appeared to be just as at ease as her daughter, wearing a comfortable baseball-inspired t-shirt and a stylish pair of jeans.

Probing questions: Miley has faced a barrage of question after confirming that she is bisexual earlier this month, looked relaxed despite her ever-increasingly controversial music and lifestyle choices

Miley has been bombarded with questions ever since she openly shared that she identifies as bisexual earlier this month. Despite her increasingly controversial music and lifestyle choices, Miley appeared calm and at ease. The singer, originally from Tennessee, was recently spotted engaging in a passionate kiss with Victoria Secret model Stella Maxwell. However, Miley has neither confirmed nor denied the relationship. In an interview with V Magazine, Stella hinted at a secretive connection between the two, referring to a “significant other” whom she loves at times, potentially alluding to Miley.

Angel: Stella Maxwell hinted that the pair are actually an item in an interview earlier this month

Stella Maxwell recently hinted in an interview that she and Miley Cyrus are romantically involved. Despite Miley’s controversial image, she has received support for her talent from renowned actor, Bill Murray. At the San Diego Comic-Con, Murray expressed his official opinion on Cyrus, proclaiming her to be exceptionally good and an impressive vocalist. He admitted to previously holding reservations about her abilities but was pleasantly surprised by her singing prowess. Murray requested an end to any negative remarks about Cyrus and urged everyone to appreciate her talent.

As good as they say: Bill reportedly called Miley 'really f***in¿ good,' during a panel session at the California comic book and film expo

As fantastic as the rumors go, Bill supposedly praised Miley, describing her as “exceptionally talented,” during a lively discussion at the popular California convention for comic books and movies.

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