‘My Tour Tales: Miley Cyrus spills the beans on backstage shenanigans and pre-show partying in Sydney’

The famous phrase “what happens on tour stays on tour” was thrown out the window by Miley Cyrus during her recent performance at Sydney Allphones Arena. The energetic 21-year-old shared with her packed audience some of the wild and crazy things she has been up to while on her Bangerz tour. In addition to her usual saucy antics, which included gyrating on giant sausages and twerking, Miley mentioned that she has kissed most of the individuals traveling with her on the tour. Check out the video below for a glimpse of her performance.

Shock tactics: Miley Cyrus performing at Sydney's Allphones Arena on Friday night 

The utilization of shock tactics was evident during Miley Cyrus’ recent performance at Sydney’s Allphones Arena on Friday evening.

Making a boob of herself: The 21-year-old laughed as she wore some pretend breasts during the show

Having a laugh: Amidst the show, the young lady, aged 21, sported fake boobs and had a good chuckle.

The popular singer made a shocking revelation during her performance, stating that she had kissed almost everyone on the tour except for her drummer who is married. The show was quite wild, as Miley got cozy with some of her dancers on a large bed. Additionally, she confessed to partying backstage and even spat water on the excited audience.

Money: The rich superstar threw pretend American dollar bills around the stage

Cash: The affluent celebrity scattered fake US currency on the performance platform.

Seeing dollar signs: Miley added a gangster element to her performance in a pair of gold dollar sign glasses

Miley Cyrus spiced up her performance by incorporating a gangster vibe with her gold dollar sign glasses. Having enjoyed her stay in Sydney, she exclaimed her appreciation for the good time she had been having. To top it off, she playfully wore a headband in the shape of a penis, admitting to getting herself into trouble more frequently. Her stay in Sydney seemed to be doing wonders for her, as she confessed to drinking more and accumulating more tattoos. She didn’t want anyone to fall behind and hoped they could keep up with her.

Going up in smoke: She pulled a number of her trademark facial expressions throughout the gig 

During the performance, she displayed her signature facial expressions several times, but it all faded away eventually.

Shocker: The controversial star, who has two Australia tour dates left in Adelaide and Perth, also rode a giant hot dog mid-air

Surprise: The popular celebrity, who has two shows remaining in Adelaide and Perth, shocked fans when she rode a massive hot dog in mid-air. On Tuesday, Miley was spotted getting unusual tattoos on her fingers with her friend Cheyne Thomas. During the show, the star expressed her love for the giant hot dog, stating that it was what she would miss most after the Bangerz tour. Miley also encouraged her fans to embrace their true selves and not let anyone else dictate who they should be. She later returned to the stage to perform some of her biggest hits and ended the show with dazzling fireworks during her live performance of Party In The USA.

Party animal: During her wild stage show Miley also told the crowd how she had been partying before coming on stage

Miley, a true party animal, revealed to the audience during her exhilarating performance that she had been out partying before hitting the stage.

Crude: The singer put on quite a display for the audience

Rewritten: The performer gave the crowd an impressive show with their singing skills.

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