‘My Memorable Moments on Tour: Miley Cyrus Opens Up About Backstage Fun and Pre-Show Celebrations in Sydney’

The phrase “what happens on tour stays on tour” is often thrown around, implying that the things that occur during a tour should remain secret. However, during her performance at the Sydney Allphones Arena on Friday night, Miley Cyrus decided to break this unspoken rule and let the packed venue in on some of her escapades. In addition to her usual provocative stage antics, such as gyrating on giant sausages and twerking, the 21-year-old pop star shockingly admitted that she has shared a kiss with almost every person who is accompanying her on the Bangerz tour. Take a look at the video below.

Shock tactics: Miley Cyrus performing at Sydney's Allphones Arena on Friday night 

Surprising Strategies: Miley Cyrus’s Electrifying Show at Sydney’s Allphones Arena on Friday evening

Making a boob of herself: The 21-year-old laughed as she wore some pretend breasts during the show

Embarrassing moment: With a playful attitude, the 21-year-old found entertainment in donning a pair of fake breasts during the performance.

During her performance, the renowned diva exclaimed, “I believe I’ve had intimate encounters with every individual involved in this tour, with the exception of my drummer due to his marital status.” In addition to her uninhibited antics on a colossal bed with her dancers, Miley candidly admitted to indulging in some revelry backstage. Following a moment of showering the eager audience with water, she unveiled, “I may have engaged in some festivities prior to the show.”

Money: The rich superstar threw pretend American dollar bills around the stage

Funds: The wealthy celebrity playfully scattered imitation US currency throughout the performance area.

Seeing dollar signs: Miley added a gangster element to her performance in a pair of gold dollar sign glasses

Spotted: Miley’s flashy touch as she rocked her show with a unique twist – donning gold sunglasses featuring dollar signs. Reflecting on her time in Sydney, she casually remarked, “I’ve been having an absolute blast over here…it’s been an amazing experience.” In a playful moment, she playfully placed a headband shaped like a certain male appendage on her head, quipping, “Seems like trouble just can’t resist me these days.” Evidently enjoying her stay, she added, “As the days pass by, I find myself embracing the wild side more, embracing the inebriation and even getting inked up.” With a mischievous grin, she playfully challenged her audience, “I hope you guys can keep up with my escapades!”

Going up in smoke: She pulled a number of her trademark facial expressions throughout the gig 

Up in flames: Throughout the performance, she showcased several of her iconic facial expressions.

Shocker: The controversial star, who has two Australia tour dates left in Adelaide and Perth, also rode a giant hot dog mid-air

Surprising Twist: The divisive celebrity, who is set to complete her Australian tour with upcoming shows in Adelaide and Perth, took her eccentricity to new heights by soaring through the air on a mammoth hot dog. On Tuesday, Miley was spotted getting unique tattoos on her fingers in the company of her friend, Cheyne Thomas. Reflecting on the remaining Bangerz shows, she expressed her fondness for the unconventional experience of riding the colossal sausage. “What I’ll miss the most about these shows is cruising on this massive hot dog,” she exclaimed. In a message of empowerment to her adoring fans, Miley encouraged them to embrace their individuality and brush off any negative opinions. She concluded the night with an energetic performance of her popular hits, including We Can’t Stop and Wrecking Ball, accompanied by a dazzling display of mini fireworks during her rendition of Party in the USA.

Party animal: During her wild stage show Miley also told the crowd how she had been partying before coming on stage

Life of the party: While captivating the audience with her electrifying performance, Miley also openly shared with the crowd her pre-show celebration.

Crude: The singer put on quite a display for the audience

Natural: The performer gave a mesmerizing performance that captivated the entire crowd.

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