Miley Cyrus Stuns in a Jaw-Dropping Gucci Ensemble as She Steals the Spotlight at Lollapalooza Opening Night, Joined by Musical Icons Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and Billy Idol

She has a talent for captivating an audience, and Miley Cyrus, who is 28 years old, did exactly that and more as she started off the first night of Lollapalooza in Chicago on Thursday with an electrifying show. Dressed in a vibrant red Gucci jumpsuit, the popular singer-songwriter amazed the crowd with her presence and further heightened the excitement by featuring surprise appearances from notable artists such as Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, and her mentor, Billy Idol, during her headline performance.

Bringing the noise: Miley Cyrus, 28, draws a crowd at Lollapalooza in Chicago as she performs with special guests Billy Idol, Juicy J and Wiz Khalifa

Making some noise: Miley Cyrus, who is 28 years old, captivates the audience at Lollapalooza in Chicago, wowing them with her electrifying performance that included surprise appearances by music icons Billy Idol, the dynamic rapper Juicy J, and the talented artist Wiz Khalifa.

Party time! She brought the two rappers out and they performed a rendition of Juicy J's 'Bandz A Make Her Dance'

It’s time to get the party started! She invited two talented rappers to join the event, and together, they put on an unforgettable show, performing a revamped version of Juicy J’s catchy track, ‘Bandz A Make Her Dance.’

Miley flaunted her slender legs in a shiny red Gucci jumpsuit and a stunning pair of silver platform boots adorned with sparkles. In an Instagram post, she shared the exciting detail that both the jumpsuit and boots were specially flown in from Italy and personally delivered to her. Now, that’s what you call custom-made! She couldn’t contain her excitement as she described the ensemble as “bananas.” To add a touch of mystery, Miley styled her hair into a voluminous pseudo-ponytail and opted for large black sunglasses to shield her eyes. With her signature edgy style, she rocked the stage alongside 65-year-old Idol, delivering a powerful duet of “Night Crawling.”

Double trouble! She and Idol lit up the stage with their song Night Crawling

Both individuals, She and Idol, brought an electrifying performance as they collaborated on stage, captivating the audience with their vibrant song, Night Crawling.

Inspiration: Speaking about Idol to Rolling Stone she said 'He showed me that I could have balance, that I could make music that I and other people love'

In a conversation with Rolling Stone, when asked about Idol, she shared that he had been a tremendous source of inspiration for her. She expressed how he had shown her the importance of finding a perfect equilibrium in her music, creating something that resonates not only with herself but also with others.

Red hot!  'The suit & boots were hand flown in from Italy and delivered personally to me. THAT'S CUSTOM!,' she wrote of her Gucci look which she called 'bananas'

Fiery! The elegant suit and boots she wore were specially flown in from Italy and personally delivered to her. Now that’s what you call personalized service! In her own words, she described her Gucci outfit as ‘outrageously fabulous.’

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine, she discussed the profound influence the legendary singer White Wedding had on her music. She praised his ability to strike a perfect balance between rebellion and catchy melodies, something that greatly inspired her own musical style. He taught her the importance of achieving a harmonious blend that both she and her audience could appreciate and enjoy.

Later on, she added a touch of hip-hop vibes to her performance by inviting Wiz and Juicy J on stage. Together, they performed a captivating rendition of the hit song Bandz a Make Her Dance, with the artist even going down on her knees after showcasing her impressive twerking skills.

Packed house: 'F**K & the audience last night had enough energy to fuel a rocket! I love you!,' she remarked of her performance

Full house: ‘Wow, the crowd last night was absolutely electric! They had enough energy to send a rocket into space. I’m genuinely grateful for the love and support!,’ she enthusiastically expressed about her show.

Twerk: Miley let loose as she twerked her way through the set to the crowd's delight

Twerking: Miley unleashed her moves, twerking her way across the stage to the sheer delight of the audience.

The surprise guests at the event caused a frenzy among the crowd as they enthusiastically sang along to the lyrics. Miley put on a show in her signature style and even brought out the Chicago Bulls mascot to amp up the excitement.
Afterwards, she took to social media to share a collection of photos from the night and expressed her gratitude. She praised her band, crew, creative partners, and team, calling them the best in the world. Miley couldn’t contain her excitement for the show and mentioned the incredible energy from the audience, comparing it to rocket fuel. She ended the post with a declaration of love for her fans.
Apart from performing songs from her recent album, Plastic Hearts, Miley also collaborated with The Kid LAROI for their song Without You. She also took a nostalgic turn and performed some of her older hits, including the popular Party In The USA.
Last year, Lollapalooza was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but Miley’s power-packed performance made up for the lost time.

Night one in the books: The headliner let loose in true Miley fashion and even brought out the Chicago Bulls mascot for the festival performance

First night down: The main act celebrated in classic Miley style and surprised everyone by inviting the Chicago Bulls mascot to join the festival performance.

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