“Miley Cyrus sizzles in a fierce leopard-print ensemble on Broadway date with boyfriend Maxx Morando and mom Tish Cyrus”

Over the weekend, Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend Maxx Morando attended a showing of Chicago on Broadway in Manhattan. The singer brought her mother Tish Cyrus along for the outing. Miley was decked out in a leopard-print dress paired with a sheer gold top that drew attention her way.

Family outing: Miley Cyrus, 29, looked stunning in a gold lace bodice and leopard-print skirt while seeing Chicago on Broadway in Manhattan on Sunday with her beau Maxx Morando and mother Tish Cyrus

Miley Cyrus, the famous singer and actress, had a lovely family outing on Sunday with her boyfriend, Maxx Morando, and mother, Tish Cyrus. They went to see Chicago on Broadway in Manhattan. Miley looked dazzling in her unique dress, which had a gold lace bodice and a leopard-print skirt. Interestingly, her dress seemed to change as it went from the top half to the skirt, with the lace material on top and the leopard print on the skirt. Her sky-high slit revealed a hint of sheer material, showcasing her toned legs. She paired her outfit with open-toe heels, platinum blonde hair with brunette accents, small gold hoop earrings, and orange-tinted sunglasses.

Glamorous: She paired her revealing look with gold open-toe heels and orange-tinted sunglasses. Maxx wore a red Adidas shirt with white jeans and gray suede sneakers

Chic: The artist added a touch of elegance to her daring outfit, teaming it up with gold open-toe heels and orange-tinted shades. Meanwhile, Maxx opted for a more casual but stylish attire, sporting a red Adidas shirt with a diamond design paired with white jeans and gray suede sneakers. The singer also completed his look with a mini black quilted Chanel bag hanging off one shoulder, and his signature shaggy mullet and black shades. Both looked effortlessly fashionable in their own unique way.

Thriving while single: Tish highlighted her age-defying figure black crop top that was barely buttoned up and revealed her flat midriff, plus matching black sequined pants

Flourishing as a single person: Tish showcased her stunning physique with a sleek black crop top that accentuated her ageless beauty, leaving just enough buttons undone to reveal her toned midriff. She effortlessly paired this top with dazzling black sequined pants and elegant black open-toe heels, which were perfectly complemented by a chic black quilted Chanel handbag that matched Miley’s own stylish coin purse. Adding to her allure, the celebrity mother parted her luscious blonde locks down the middle and styled them in voluminous waves that beautifully framed her oversized aviator sunglasses.

Friends: Miley was stepping out to see the musical just a day after her friend Selena Gomez gently ribbed her with a spot-on impression while making her hosting debut on Saturday Night Live

Miley Cyrus went out to watch a musical in New York City, a day after her close friend Selena Gomez made her debut as a host on Saturday Night Live and playfully imitated her. Selena shared during her opening monologue that she had sought advice from Miley, who had advised her to remain true to herself and enjoy the moment. Selena then mimicked Miley’s signature husky voice while questioning if it was okay for her to impersonate her on the show. In response, Miley had given her friend the green light, saying, “Hell yeah, I’m Miley Cyrus.”

Ouch: Although the songstress' relationship seems to be going better than ever, her bliss comes after her mother Tish Cyrus filed for divorce from Miley's father Billy Ray Cyrus. Seen in 2009 with Miley

Ouch! Despite her relationship seeming to be going great, the songstress’s happiness is slightly tainted due to her mother, Tish Cyrus, filing for divorce from Miley’s father, Billy Ray Cyrus. Back in February, Miley and Maxx were spotted vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where they were seen relaxing by the sea and showing plenty of public displays of affection. The couple first appeared together on camera at the Gucci Love Parade fashion show in Los Angeles on November 2, holding hands as they walked the red carpet. However, it wasn’t until December that their relationship became clearer when DailyMail.com published photos of the two kissing on Miley’s balcony in Miami Beach on New Year’s Eve.

It's over: She was seen in Los Angeles last week without her wedding ring, though she had what appeared to be a ring-shaped tattoo on her finger in its place.  Seen in 2008

The news is out: Recent sightings of Miley Cyrus in Los Angeles show that she’s no longer wearing her wedding ring, although a ring-shaped tattoo now adorns her finger. In other news, Cyrus recently hosted the Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party special on NBC and Peacock, where she was joined by Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson. While Cyrus and her rumored beau Maxx haven’t publicly addressed their relationship status, it’s clear that he’s talented in more ways than one – not only is he a drummer, but he can also play guitar and has been known to create colorful cartoon designs, which he shares on Instagram. Cyrus first alluded to their connection in a Vogue interview about her festival fashion back in September 2021.

Start: Miley and Maxx were first spotted getting cozy In Nashville, Tennessee as far back as July, and attended the Gucci fashion show together in November; pictured November 2, 2021 at the Gucci Love Parade in Los Angeles

In July, Miley and Maxx were seen enjoying each other’s company in Nashville, Tennessee, and they later showed up together at the Gucci fashion event in November. On November 2, 2021, the pair was spotted at the Gucci Love Parade in Los Angeles.

She referred to her boyfriend as one of her “beloved upcoming artists” and commended how designer Shane Kastl had integrated some of Maxx’s drawings into his creations. It is uncertain whether their romantic relationship had already started when she lauded his artwork. Even before their public appearance in November, rumors had circulated that Miley and Maxx were an item since July 2021 when they were seen cuddling in Nashville, close to her hometown in Manchester, Tennessee. After her split with Australian singer Cody Simpson, the Hannah Montana actress has maintained a relatively discreet personal life.

Former flame: The Hannah Montana star has kept her dating life relatively low-key since ending her relationship with Australian singer Cody Simpson in August 2020

Miley Cyrus, the popular singer and actress known for her previous persona as Hannah Montana, has been quite discreet when it comes to her romantic relationships ever since she parted ways with Australian musician Cody Simpson in August of 2020.

Starting their romantic relationship in October 2019, the former couple had been friends for a long time. However, by August 2020, their romance had lost its spark. Prior to dating Cody, Miley’s most intense romantic involvement was with Liam Hemsworth, whom she married later on. They started dating in 2009 after starring together in The Last Song movie. Following a period of separation, they announced their engagement in May 2012, but subsequently ended things in September of the next year. After getting back together, they exchanged vows and tied the knot in their home near Nashville just before Christmas 2018. Unfortunately, their relationship did not last, and they separated again by August 2019, with Liam filing for divorce soon after. After her marriage fell apart, Miley had a well-publicized fling with Kaitlynn Carter during August and September of the same year.

Her ex-husband: Prior to turning her friendship with Cody into a relationship, Miley's most intense partnership was with her on¿off boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, who later became her husband;  the former couple are seen in 2012

Before starting a romantic relationship with Cody, Miley’s most significant and complex partnership was with Liam Hemsworth, her former on-and-off boyfriend who eventually became her husband. The two can be seen together in 2012.

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