“Miley Cyrus Rocks Rainbow Hair Braids During Stroll in the Big Apple”

Mike Larkin wrote an article that was published on August 3, 2014, and updated on August 4, 2014.

She's A Rainbow: Perhaps Miley Cyrus was tipping her hat to the Rolling Stones as she stepped out in New York on Sunday

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Rainbow Enthusiast: Miley Cyrus may have been channeling the iconic rock band Rolling Stones when she strolled around New York last Sunday. But her fashion statement was more conservative compared to her stage attire during a concert in Philadelphia the previous night. Despite the daring outfit that left little to the imagination, the singer appeared to enjoy entertaining her audience in the City of Brotherly Love. It seemed like Miley was having a blast showing off her colorful personality and eclectic style.

A braid new world: Her colourful hair was actually quite reserved considering her usual outfits

The world of braids: Although her typical attire was known for being vivid and bold, her hair color was comparatively modest.

Shorts and sweet: She flaunted her terrifically toned pins in a pair of hotpants

Brief and delightful: She confidently showed off her wonderfully fit legs in a set of short shorts.

Loving it: The multimillionaire seemed to be relishing the chance to mix with the proles in the Big Apple

The millionaire appeared to enjoy mingling with regular people in New York City. Miley Cyrus, known for her love of animals, was devastated when her dog Floyd passed away earlier this year. She sought out the help of Hollywood animal psychic Melissa Bacelar, who revealed that Floyd wanted Miley to know that his life with her was wonderful and that there was nothing she could have done to prevent his death. Even though coyotes were his least favorite thing, he knew it was out of his control.

Raising eyes blouse: The fact her lacy shirt was see-through was enough to turn more than a few heads

A blouse with a raised neckline made heads turn when it turned out to be see-through because of the delicate lace fabric.

Hannah Montanna would approve: The character that made her famous would be impressed with the look

Hannah Montana would definitely give her seal of approval: The appearance that brought her to stardom would surely impress her.

What a difference a day makes: Just hours earlier she had been flaunting her wares in an altogether racier ensemble during a performance in Philadelphia

It’s amazing how quickly things can change. Only a few hours ago, she was dressed in a much more provocative outfit while performing in Philadelphia.

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