Miley Cyrus rocks quirky cartoon-printed catsuit and mystery parcel in latest street style look

She is a woman who embraces her own distinctive style and isn’t afraid to show it off. That’s why it’s no shock that Miley Cyrus was spotted in Los Angeles wearing one of her usual, eye-catching and yet still fabulous outfits on her day off on Monday. True to her rebellious spirit, the 22-year-old music sensation flaunted her slim figure in a vibrant, form-fitting catsuit.

Cartoon-style: Miley Cyrus stepped out in Los Angeles on Monday in a vibrant and fun printed catsuit

Miley Cyrus turned heads in Los Angeles when she rocked a playful and bold printed catsuit on Monday. The vibrant colors of yellow, green, blue, and red brought life to the outfit, adorned with images of iconic characters Betty Boop and motorcycles.

The form-fitting high-necked catsuit accentuated Miley’s toned physique, stylishly paired with an oversized denim jacket and worn-in Converse sneakers. Adding a touch of whimsy, she carried a clear handbag decorated with cheerful yellow smiley faces on the front, but a closer look revealed a small package peeking through the transparent material.

Showing what she's made of: The fun-loving 22-year-old revealed her lean and slender frame, as well as her sense of humour in the striking all-in-one

Displaying her confidence: The 22-year-old exuded a carefree vibe as she flaunted her slender physique and light-hearted humor in the eye-catching jumpsuit.

What's in the bag? Miley's perspex bag revealed a suspicious package inside

What was inside the bag that Miley was carrying? There was a suspicious package in her perspex bag that some speculate could have been cannabis, a substance she is known to openly enjoy using. Miley has never been shy about her interest in drugs, as she famously lit up a joint on stage at the MTV VMAs in 2013. She often posts pictures on her Instagram with large roll-up cigarettes, and has admitted to using “happy drugs” like cannabis and ecstasy in the past. In a 2013 interview, she described them as social drugs that make you enjoy spending time with friends. Earlier this year, Miley went even further by sharing a photo of herself smoking a joint during a shoot for Paper magazine.

Keeping it casual: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker slung on an oversized retro denim jacket, while teaming the colourful Betty Boop-emblazoned catsuit with tatty Converse trainers

Staying laid-back: The singer known for hits like “Wrecking Ball” wore a baggy vintage denim jacket over a vibrant catsuit featuring Betty Boop, pairing it with worn-out Converse sneakers.

Smiley face: Miley teamed her striking look with a perspex bag, covered in yellow emojis

Miley sported a bold outfit, adding a fun touch with a clear bag adorned with bright yellow emojis. On Monday, she rocked a short topknot with her peroxide blonde hair, leaving the darker roots visible at the back. Despite the slightly disheveled hairdo, it was all part of Miley’s signature style as she went about her day in her hometown. Known for her attention-grabbing presence, the star has been sharing her wild adventures on social media, keeping her fans entertained.

The hard work's paying off: An avid Pilates fan, Miley's slim figure looked amazing in the bizarre skintight catsuit

Miley’s dedication to Pilates is really showing results – her slim physique looks fantastic in the unique and form-fitting catsuit she wore.

No hiding it: Miley often shares photos of herself online while seemingly smoking cannabis, and she has previously openly discussed her love of the drug

Miley doesn’t shy away from it- she’s no stranger to posting pictures of herself online enjoying cannabis, and she’s never been afraid to talk about her affection for the plant.

In her recent photos, she is seen enjoying a cozy spa session at home, as she appeared to be changing her signature bottle blonde hair to a brown hue. Along with this hair transformation, she revealed her skincare routine with a white mask on her face.
The unique and quirky singer, rumored to be in a relationship with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell, was dressed in pajama bottoms with an adorable dog print, and a t-shirt promoting love equality with the words ‘It’s the same love’.
An additional post on the same day hinted at her upcoming hairstyle plans, as she flaunted ombré extensions with the caption ‘Hair GoalZzzz’.

Let me take a selfie: Miley took a bizarre bathroom selfie on Monday as she seemed to show off a new darker hair do

Miley captured a quirky bathroom self-portrait on Monday, flaunting what appeared to be a fresh, darker hairstyle.

Time for a change? The chart-topper also posted a pic of some ombré extensions with the caption, 'Hair GoalZzzz'

Thinking about switching things up? A popular singer recently shared a photo of ombré extensions on social media with the caption ‘Hair GoalZzzz’. The singer also posted a selfie with makeup artist Sharon Gault, showcasing some fun face paint. Another photo showed the singer cuddled up with best friend Katy Weaver in matching printed pajamas. Currently gearing up to host the 2015 MTV VMAs, Miley is taking some well-deserved time off before her big event. It’s been two years since her controversial twerking performance with Robin Thicke during their rendition of Blurred Lines, which became a defining moment in popular culture.

Hanging out: The star shared a selfie with her makeup artist pal Sharon Gault, with the two sporting some bright make-up

Spending time together: The celebrity posted a photo of herself with her friend and makeup artist, Sharon Gault, both rocking bold and colorful makeup looks.

Matching: Miley and her best friend Katy Weaver kicked back in their colourful print pyjamas

Miley and her closest pal Katy Weaver lounged around in their vibrant patterned pajamas.

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