Miley Cyrus Flaunts Unique Style: Posing with Gym Equipment and Giant Mushrooms in Provocative Attire

Miley Cyrus heated up Instagram once again with her latest sizzling snapshots over the weekend. In the first set of photos, the 28-year-old singer flaunted her curves in a bold graphic print unitard paired with sky-high heels, striking seductive poses in a gym. Adding a touch of humor, Cyrus playfully referred to herself as ‘shroomin’ in another picture where she posed alongside decorative mushrooms right before her headline performance at Music Midtown in Atlanta on Sunday.

Pumping iron: Miley Cyrus was putting on a typically steamy display in her latest racy Instagram snaps shared over the weekend

WOW! She looked sensational in the skin-tight one-piece which featured shorts

Miley Cyrus heated things up with her usual sizzling presence in her latest provocative Instagram photos posted over the weekend.

During the photo shoot in the mushroom field, Miley opted for a fashionable ensemble consisting of a jean jacket, shorts, and a bag that was specially designed by the talented artist Shane Kastl. The entire spread was captured beautifully by the skilled photographer Vijat Mohindra. To complement Miley’s look, hairstylist Cervando Maldonado styled her mullet into a neat updo, perfectly suited for the natural surroundings. Meanwhile, makeup artist Janice Daoud highlighted Miley’s inherent beauty, enhancing her features flawlessly. Earlier on the same day, Cyrus decided to make a bold fashion statement by donning a one-piece outfit featuring a psychedelic black and white print. This eye-catching ensemble was expertly paired with black stilettos, chosen by her stylist Bradley Kenneth. Known for her gender-fluid style, Miley confidently posed in front of a Maybach parked outside The Wxllxm Culture Center. With a staggering 268.5 million social media followers, the millennial sensation effortlessly exuded her unique charm and personality in the photoshoot.

Glam: Next, she joked she was 'shroomin' at the show' while posing with decorative mushrooms before her headlining set at Music Midtown in Atlanta on Sunday

Glam: Afterwards, she playfully mentioned that she was having a magical experience at the concert by posing next to some whimsical mushrooms. This happened just before she took the stage as the main act at Music Midtown in Atlanta on Sunday.

'MILEY & A MAYBACH': This time, Miley let her bleached mullet fly free and accessorized her scantily-clad look with neon shades

‘MILEY & THE LUXURY CAR’: On this occasion, Miley embraced the natural beauty of her bleached mullet hairstyle and paired it with vibrant neon sunglasses to complement her daring outfit.

'MC & MW REUNITE': Speaking of which, the Am I Dreaming hitmaker enjoyed a reunion with her Bangerz producer Mike WiLL Made-It in his native Georgia

MC and MW Come Together Again: Oh, and by the way, the singer behind the popular song “Am I Dreaming” recently had a delightful get-together with her talented music producer, Mike WiLL Made-It, in his home state of Georgia.

Over it: Cyrus - who's the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus - went on to explain her alienation from the hip-hop scene in a 2017 interview with Billboard

Cyrus, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, discussed her disconnection from the hip-hop scene in a 2017 interview with Billboard. In her latest appearance, she proudly showcased her bleached mullet hairstyle and paired it with vibrant sunglasses while wearing revealing clothing. Additionally, Cyrus was captured in a kitchen where she signed items from her Bangerz era, released in 2013. Notably, the Am I Dreaming singer recently had a reunion with her Bangerz producer, Mike WiLL Made-It, in his hometown of Georgia. The Grammy-winning artist, who played a role in Miley’s hip-hop transformation often labeled as ‘culture vulture’, even collaborated with her on the rap track, 23.

Sharpee in hand! Cyrus was also pictured in a kitchen autographing material from her 2013 Bangerz era

With a Sharpee firmly grasped, Cyrus was caught on camera in a cozy kitchen, effortlessly signing items related to her iconic Bangerz era from 2013.

Tongue out! She was looking sexy as ever in her mushroom shoot

Sticking out her tongue! She looked absolutely stunning in her photo shoot with a mushroom. Cyrus, the daughter of Billy Ray Cyrus, opened up about her disconnection from the hip-hop scene in an interview with Billboard back in 2017. According to her, the excessive focus on materialism and explicit lyrics wasn’t her cup of tea. The former Disney Channel star stated, “All that talk about ‘Lamborghini, Rolex, and explicit things’ just doesn’t resonate with me. It’s incredibly baffling that there was even a controversy regarding my choice to have black dancers. People accused me of exploiting black culture, but honestly, what was the big deal? Those were the dancers I genuinely liked!”

Cartoon: The 28-year-old pop star was wearing a colorful jean jacket, shorts, and bag designed by artist Shane Kastl

The spread was captured by her personal photographer Vijat Mohindra

Animated Illustration: In the vibrant spread, the young music sensation, who is in her late twenties, sported a lively denim jacket, paired with shorts and a trendy bag, all of which were thoughtfully crafted by the talented artist Shane Kastl. This captivating collection of images was skillfully captured by none other than her personal photographer, Vijat Mohindra.

Cheeky: The 'gender-fluid' millennial - who boasts 268.5M social media followers - bent over while posing in front of a Maybach parked outside The Wxllxm Culture Center

Playful: The millennial with a carefree attitude towards gender norms, known for their massive following of 268.5M on social media, playfully bent over as they struck a pose near a luxurious Maybach, conveniently stationed outside The Wxllxm Culture Center.

Throwback! The 32-year-old Grammy winner (L) was partially responsible for Miley's 'culture vulture' hip-hop makeover and even featured her on his rap track, 23

Flashback! The Grammy-winning artist, who is currently 32 years old, played a significant role in Miley’s transformation into a hip-hop “culture vulture.” As evidence, he even collaborated with her on his rap song titled “23”.

The former Disney Channel star said at the time: 'It was too much

The former star from the Disney Channel expressed, during that time, that he did not align with a lavish and materialistic lifestyle, as exemplified by phrases like “Lamborghini, got my Rolex, got a girl on my c***”. Last week, Miley confessed to feeling “terrified” while performing as the main act at Milwaukee’s Summerfest, after going through a period of 18 months without in-person performances for audiences. In a video shared on Twitter by Piet Levy from Journal Centinel, Cyrus remarked, “Just like everyone else, I’ve been confined and isolated for the past year and a half, so it feels truly astonishing to be back in a place that used to feel so familiar.” She further explained, “Being on stage used to feel like being at home, but now it doesn’t because of all the time I’ve spent at home, locked away. This shift is quite drastic.”

'[It] was startling and terrifying': Last Friday, Miley admitted she was 'terrified' while headlining Milwaukee's Summerfest after spending 18 months not performing in person for audiences

“It was nothing short of shocking and petrifying,” Miley confessed, recalling her recent experience as the main act at Milwaukee’s Summerfest. After a prolonged absence of 18 months from live performances, the songstress admitted to feeling a genuine sense of terror.

Sold out! Cyrus (pictured Friday) will next put her three-octave mezzo-soprano pipes to use at the Austin City Limits Festival on October 1 and 8 in Zilker Park

SOLD-OUT! Cyrus, as seen in the picture on Friday, is set to showcase her exceptional three-octave mezzo-soprano vocals at the upcoming Austin City Limits Festival in Zilker Park on October 1st and 8th. In a recent interview, she expressed that her current state of mind, stemming from recent events, is a mixture of shock and fear. However, she believes that by openly acknowledging her emotions, she can overcome her trepidation. As Miley prepares to perform in her home state of Texas, it is highly likely that she will use her platform to voice her pro-choice stance and condemn the state’s controversial six-week abortion ban, which she deems unconstitutional.

Planned Parenthood supporter: Texan fans can probably expect pro-choice Miley to speak out about the state's unconstitutional ban on abortion at six weeks

Advocate for Planned Parenthood: Fans of Miley Cyrus in Texas might anticipate her expressing her pro-choice stance, as she is likely to address the state’s recent restriction on abortion after just six weeks, which is deemed unconstitutional.

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