Miley Cyrus flaunts her toned physique in form-fitting leggings and a see-through blouse following a workout in the Big Apple

As a performer, she has worn some incredible outfits. However, while taking a leisurely walk in New York City on a sunny Tuesday, Miley Cyrus opted for a more laid-back and casual look. The 25-year-old singer showcased her toned legs in black leggings, paired with a tight-fitting sleeveless black tank top.

Stepping out: When she was glimpsed enjoying a sunlit stroll in New York City of a Tuesday, Miley Cyrus stuck to a sedate, relaxed ensemble

Venturing out: On a sunny Tuesday in New York City, Miley Cyrus was spotted taking a leisurely walk, clad in a relaxed and casual outfit. To complement her workout attire, she opted for a pair of sneakers and accessorized with a vibrant canary yellow bag. Completing her look, Miley wore a baseball cap and left her long blonde hair flowing freely. It’s worth mentioning that Miley is currently in a relationship with the handsome Australian actor Liam Hemsworth, who happens to be the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth, both hailing from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Interestingly, Miley and Liam’s love story began when they worked together on the film adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ novel, The Last Song, back in 2009. However, it is noteworthy that they had experienced a previous broken engagement before reuniting once again.

On the go: The 25-year-old pop act emphasized her trim gams in a pair of black leggings, which she matched to a skintight sleeveless black tank top

On the move: The 25-year-old pop sensation showcased her slender legs in a pair of black leggings, which she paired with a tight-fitting sleeveless black tank top.
Their initial split occurred in 2013, but they rekindled their relationship by 2016 and were engaged once again within the same year.
Aside from Miley, Tish and Billy Ray have four other children together – daughters Brandi, 31, and Noah, 18, as well as sons Trace, 29, and Braison, 24.
Their marriage has experienced some challenges, including a divorce filing in 2010 and another in 2013, but as of now, they are still together.

Contrast: Rounding off her workout gear with a pair of sneakers, she added a splash of color with a largely canary yellow bag and popped on a baseball cap

Comparison: Completing her workout ensemble with a pair of sneakers, she infused a burst of brightness by carrying a predominantly canary yellow bag and topped it off with a baseball cap.

According to The Blast’s report on Tuesday, her Happy Hippie Foundation collected over $29,000 in just one day for the charity organization KIND (Kids In Need Of Defense). This worthy cause aims to provide legal representation for migrant children who have been separated from their families. By offering them legal counsel, KIND seeks to ensure their safety and protect their rights.

On KIND’s donation page, they emphasize the crucial role that assistance can play in the lives of these vulnerable children. By providing support, we can potentially prevent these children from being sent back to their home country where their well-being may be at risk. Instead, they have a chance to reside in the United States where they can live freely and devoid of danger.

Recently, Miley made headlines not only for her acting role in Woody Allen’s Crisis In Six Scenes on Amazon Prime but also for engaging in a social media feud with Stefano Gabbana, one of the renowned fashion designers behind Dolce And Gabbana.

Step lively: The daughter of Tish Cyrus and the delectable Billy Ray Cyrus - he of Achy Breaky Heart one-hit wonder fame - wore her long blonde hair down

Step lively: The daughter of Tish Cyrus and the charming Billy Ray Cyrus – popular for his hit single Achy Breaky Heart – let her flowing blonde hair hang loose.

When the fashion account The Catwalk Italia shared an Instagram collage of Selena Gomez, Stefano made a derogatory comment, calling her “ugly”.

Shortly after, an Instagram fan account shared a throwback photo of Miley and Selena, both of whom started their careers as child stars on Disney Channel.

In response to Stefano’s remark, Miley defended Selena, vehemently stating that his statement, if true, was completely false and nonsensical. She further described Selena as “incredibly attractive”.

Last year, Miley and Stefano engaged in a social media feud when she expressed her disagreement with his political beliefs. Stefano and Domenico Dolce, both gay, had spoken out against gay adoption and in vitro fertilization in a magazine interview in May 2015. However, they later apologized in Vogue that August due to public outrage.

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