Miley Cyrus Embraces a Carefree New Look in NYC, Flaunting an Impeccable Sense of Style sans Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus happily put on the exquisite diamond ring, designed by Neil Lane, that was once given to her by her former fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. This heartwarming gesture took place in January, when the pair rekindled their love in Australia. In late February, while embarking on her new project in New York City with renowned filmmaker Woody Allen, the pop star proudly displayed her stunning rock. However, to the surprise of many, on Monday, as the 23-year-old singer departed from her residence in Manhattan, her left hand appeared bare of any adornment.

Bye bye? Miley Cyrus was not wearing her diamond engagement ring when she left her NYC residence early on Monday morning

Farewell, farewell! Miley Cyrus bid adieu to her diamond engagement ring as she departed her New York City abode in the early hours of Monday morning.

Bling free: The singer's left hand was naked

Blingless: The singer’s bare hand caught the eye

The pop star, known for her hit song Wrecking Ball, seemed to be in a less-than-ideal mood as she exited the building. However, it could be attributed to the early hour she had to wake up.

On her Instagram account, Miley shared a picture of herself wearing the same outfit, captioning it “Made for early mornings.”

According to a report from UsWeekly, Miley and Liam rekindled their relationship in the summer of 2015 and had been maintaining contact for several months. As winter approached, their connection turned romantic, with Miley traveling to Liam’s home country of Australia to spend the holidays with him and his family.

For more updates on Miley Cyrus, see how she opted not to wear her engagement ring while in New York City.

In movie mode? Miley may have just left her ring at home as she headed to the set as actors normally don't wear personal jewelry while filming. She was seen walking to a waiting SUV, another sign she was off to work

Is Miley in movie mode? It’s possible that she deliberately left her ring behind before heading to the set, as it’s common for actors to refrain from wearing personal jewelry while filming. As she was spotted strolling towards a awaiting SUV, it’s a clear indication that she was ready to embark on her workday.

Boo: The Wrecking Ball hit maker didn't appear to be in the best of moods either. Cyrus failed to crack a smile as she left the building, but that may have been because she was up very early 

Boo: The Wrecking Ball hit maker didn't appear to be in the best of moods either. Cyrus failed to crack a smile as she left the building, but that may have been because she was up very early

Boo: Not only did the Wrecking Ball singer seem to be in a less than cheerful mood, but it’s possible that her early start to the day was to blame. Cyrus exited the building without a smile, leaving fans wondering about her mood.
Following this, she began flaunting her engagement ring once more on social media and during public appearances. Rumors circulated that she and Liam were engaged again and living together in a Malibu home.
Miley never publicly addressed the status of her relationship with Liam, whom she initially got engaged to in 2012 after meeting on the movie set of The Last Song.

They can't quit each other: Miley and Liam reconnected in the summer of 2015 and began talking back and forth for months, according to a report from UsWeekly. In the winter they began to get romantic with the Hannah Montana star flying to his native Australian; here they are seen in 2012

The bond between Miley and Liam seems unbreakable. In the summer of 2015, the couple found their way back to each other and engaged in constant communication for several months, as reported by UsWeekly. Eventually, their connection blossomed into a romance during the winter season, when Miley traveled all the way to Liam’s homeland in Australia. A glimpse of their togetherness can be observed in a photo from 2012.

There is the rock: Cyrus flashed the ring again earlier this year in Instagram snaps

Look at that rock! Cyrus proudly displayed her ring once more this year, sharing it in snapshots on Instagram.

And again: She also let fans get a look at her bauble when she landed in NYC on January 17

Once more, she delighted her fans by flaunting her dazzling accessory as she arrived in the bustling streets of NYC on the 17th of January.

The couple has been apart since their vacation in Australia, and there is no indication that he has. traveled to New York to see her while she has been busy filming her latest movie.
It is possible that Miley simply decided not to wear her ring on Monday, as it is common for actors to refrain from wearing personal jewelry while on set.
As she strolled towards a waiting SUV, it was clear that she was heading off to work.

At work: Miley wore a blonde wig and hippie poncho to shoot her new Woody Allen movie last week

During her time on set, Miley decided to sport a fresh look for her latest project with renowned filmmaker Woody Allen. In order to embrace her character, she adorned herself with a blonde wig and a bohemian-style poncho, exuding a carefree and laid-back vibe.

Without any makeup on her face, Miley opted for a more natural and authentic appearance. Adding a touch of playfulness, she topped off her ensemble with a pom-pom hat. It is highly likely that she was en route to the hair and makeup department, where the team would work their magic to achieve the desired look for the untitled film. Joining Miley in the movie are John Magara and the talented director himself, Woody Allen.

The songstress behind “Party In The USA” chose to dress comfortably for her day on set. She sported a track suit adorned with playful images of women in bikinis, with one of them even revealing her breasts. Over her outfit, Miley rocked a denim jacket, accentuating her casual yet stylish persona.

To carry her essentials, Miley had a large backpack strapped to her back. Adding an eccentric touch to her footwear, she wore high-top sneakers adorned with eyeballs, showcasing her unique sense of style.

Notably, Miley was seen clutching a bottle of green juice, possibly indicating her commitment to a cleanse or a health-conscious lifestyle. Embracing a holistic approach, she seemed focused on nourishing her body while being immersed in the creative process on set.

Hot and cold? Here the couple were seen in LA in August 2013 before their split

Warm and chilly? This adorable pair was spotted in the sunny city of Los Angeles during the summer of 2013, shortly before their separation.

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