“Miley Cyrus and Lil Nas X Embrace Holiday Joy, Showcasing their Stunning Physiques in Amazon Music’s Festive Teaser, ‘Holiday Grooves'”

Miley Cyrus fully embraces the holiday season with the release of the trailer for her highly anticipated Amazon Music Holiday Plays. The 28-year-old pop star radiates confidence as she flaunts her fit figure in a stylish black crop top and mini skirt. In a series of exciting photos, Miley joins forces with rapper Lil Nas X, 21, to mark the premiere episode of this special Christmas event. The Amazon Music Holiday Plays promises fans an extraordinary and memorable musical journey by bringing together their beloved artists for dazzling festive performances that capture the true essence of a lively Christmas concert.

Having a jolly good time: Miley Cyrus well and truly gets into the festive spirit as the trailer for her Amazon Music Holiday Plays is released on Monday

Having a grand old time: Miley Cyrus is fully embracing the festive spirit as the trailer for her upcoming Amazon Music Holiday Plays is unveiled on Monday. This unique and exhilarating production takes place at a historic theater in the US and showcases custom designs carefully curated by the artists themselves. The debut episode, set to stream on Wednesday, promises an unforgettable experience as the singer delivers captivating performances of various tracks from her latest album, Plastic Heart. Among the featured songs are Prisoner, Midnight Sky, and the album’s title track. But that’s not all – Miley also brings her album to life on stage, with her performance area adorned with a collection of personal photos and memorabilia from the last decade. This replica of her childhood bedroom provides the perfect backdrop for her set. And as an extra treat for her fans, the talented artist will present a reimagined rendition of the beloved holiday classic Last Christmas by Wham!

Happy holidays: The Wrecking Ball hitmaker, 28, showcased her toned physique as she posed alongside Lil Nas X, 21, in new snaps to celebrate the first episode of the Christmas special

Having a joyous holiday season, the popular singer named Wrecking Ball, who goes by the name Miley, displayed her fit physique while taking pictures with Lil Nas X to commemorate the first episode of the Christmas special. Reflecting on the experience, Miley expressed that this Amazon Music special is truly one-of-a-kind. She aimed to create a stage that would reflect specific moments from her life. Throughout her life, she has experienced a myriad of noteworthy events, from gracing the covers of magazines as a child to experiencing both challenging and glamorous moments. Miley’s performance in this special is a representation of her growth and her acceptance of all the different versions of herself.

Exciting: 'In creating my set, I wanted to mimic a world that showcased specific reference points of my life. We all have a history and I¿ve had an incredibly unique life'

Thrilling: ‘When designing my set, my aim was to recreate a world that reflects specific moments from my personal journey. Our individual experiences shape us, and I have had an exceptionally remarkable life.’ The We Can’t Stop vocalist collaborates with Lil Nas X, who fully embraces the festive atmosphere by sporting an eye-catching silver and white outfit, complemented by white hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrows. Similar to Miley, Lil Nas X will deliver a mind-blowing performance with an extravagant set, featuring hydraulic elements, glacier pods, and robotic reindeer with snow-capped exteriors inspired by his Holiday music video. Not only will the Old Town Road star showcase his musical talent, but he will also take on the role of a distinct Holiday alter-ego every night as the host of the entire series.

Dressed up: The We Can't Stop singer joins forces with Lil Nas X, who fully embraced the festivities by donning a striking silver and white get-up, complete with white hair, beard, moustache and eyebrows

All dressed up: The pop sensation, Miley Cyrus, teams up with Lil Nas X for an unforgettable festive collaboration. Lil Nas X truly embraces the holiday spirit with his stunning silver and white ensemble, complete with white hair, beard, mustache, and eyebrows. Adding to the excitement, Lil Nas X will also be hosting a Q&A session with the talented performers in a special backstage rave grotto at the theater. Mark your calendars for December 9th when the amazing Kiana Ledé, the breakout artist from Amazon Music, will take the stage for the next installment of the Holiday Plays series. And to end the series with a bang, the legendary rock band Foo Fighters will deliver a show-stopping finale on December 16th. Don’t miss out! Tune in to the Amazon Music UK app or the Amazon Music UK Twitch Channel every Wednesday at 6pm to catch the live stream of Holiday Plays. And remember, the series will be available on-demand for a limited time, so be sure to catch it while you can.

Wow: Like Miley, he'll also be putting on a jaw-dropping performance, with an extravagant set complete with hydraulics, glacier pods and snow-capped robotic reindeer

Oh, how impressive! Much like Miley, he is ready to amaze us all with a showstopping performance. Prepare to be blown away by the spectacle he has in store, featuring a stunning stage setup equipped with hydraulics, mesmerizing glacier pods, and even robotic reindeer adorned with snow-capped glory.

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