“Legs for Days: Miley Cyrus Rocks Daisy Dukes with Ease at iHeartSummer Event”

Miley Cyrus has a figure that most people in the entertainment industry would be envious of. At the iHeartSummer ’17 event in Miami, she didn’t hesitate to enjoy a summer snack with her fans. The 23-year-old singer didn’t seem to be concerned about her weight as she excitedly chomped on a bratwurst while showing off her slim legs in Daisy Duke shorts.

The longs and short of it: Miley Cyrus stepped out in cut of shorts in Miami Sunday, showing off her enviably slim legs as she chowed down on some summer snacks with fans

Miley Cyrus was spotted in Miami on Sunday, flaunting her slim legs in a pair of cut-off shorts. The singer looked effortlessly beautiful as she enjoyed some summer snacks with fans, donning distressed denim shorts and a simple white tee for a classic look. To add some height to her petite 5’5″ frame, Miley paired her Daisy Dukes with dusty blue platform heels, which added a solid five inches to her overall stature.

Not counting calories: The Tennessee born beauty has one of Hollywood's best figures and she didn't bat an eyelash before indulging

Disregarding calorie counting: The stunning actress from Tennessee has one of the most enviable physiques in Hollywood, and she didn’t hesitate to treat herself to some indulgences.

Timeless: The We Can't Stop singer donned Daisy Dukes with a white tee for a classic look

Eternal: Miley Cyrus, the popular singer of “We Can’t Stop,” chose to wear a combination of Daisy Dukes and a white t-shirt for a timeless appearance.

Miley Cyrus showed off her new hairdo that perfectly blended her original hair color with the platinum dye. She also accessorized her look with some stunning golden chains. Despite her busy schedule, the talented singer took a break to grab some food and recharge herself.

Half-and-half hair: The 23-year-old talent was growing out her platinum dye job, but didn't let that stop her from looking stylish in her pseudo-ombre hair

The 23-year-old celebrity was sporting half-and-half hair as she grew out her previous platinum dye job. Despite this, she still managed to look fashionable with her pseudo-ombre locks.

Hungry like a wolf!  The busy starlet made time to fuel up while spending time with fans

Feeling famished like a wolf, the famous actress managed to take some time off her busy schedule to grab a bite and mingle with her fans. Unlike other delicate celebrities, Miley didn’t shy away from eating in front of the camera, relishing every bite of juicy bratwurst with great enthusiasm. Once she finished munching, the ex-Disney starlet held onto her security’s hand to navigate through the sea of devoted admirers and prepare for her performance. True to her exuberant personality, the Adore singer let her emotions show, pulling animated expressions while moving through the crowd.

Heels looking at you kid! Dusty blue platforms added an extra five inches to the Adore singer's petite form

Hey there, check out those heels! The Adore singer’s dusty blue platforms gave her an additional five inches and elevated her petite frame.

Guarded! Miley didn't mask her expressions while weaving through the crowd with the help of security

Guarded! Miley didn't mask her expressions while weaving through the crowd with the help of security

Miley Cyrus was not hiding her emotions as she made her way through the crowd accompanied by her security team.

Chain of love: The Malibu singer adorned her look with several gold necklaces

Love is in the air, as Malibu’s very own singer rocks the stage with a stunning ensemble of gold necklaces. Miley Cyrus is just one of the many talented stars who graced this weekend’s iHeartSummer festival at Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami. Fans were delighted to witness the performances of DJ Khaled, Halsey, Fifth Harmony, Noah Cyrus, and the iconic Backstreet Boys, who brought back memories of boy band legends. For those who missed out on the chance to bask under the Miami sun, the concert can still be enjoyed through the live streaming available online, starting at 9 pm tonight.

Surrounded by stars: At this weekend's iHeartSummer 17, Miley was joined by sister Noah as well as DJ Khalid, Fifth Harmony and the Backstreet Boys

Amidst a sea of celebrities, Miley Cyrus enjoyed the company of her younger sister Noah, and fellow musicians DJ Khalid, Fifth Harmony, and the Backstreet Boys at the iHeartSummer 17 event over the weekend. The night sky was dotted with stars, and so was the stage as these talented performers took it by storm.

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