Kissing Elegance: Shakira Stuns in a Playful Neon Skater Dress at the Zootopia Movie Premiere

Shakira has brought her iconic curves, hair, and fashion choices to life through animation. Her role as the elegant Gazelle in Walt Disney’s movie Zootopia was a perfect fit for her, as she showcased her graceful presence at the premiere in Los Angeles. The 39-year-old Colombian singer looked stunning in a pink skater dress by Mac Duggal, capturing everyone’s attention as she playfully interacted with the cameras on the red carpet, blowing kisses and flashing her beautiful smile.

Pretty in pink: Shakira looked cute in a pink Mac Duggal skater dress on Wednesday night as she turned out for the Zootopia LA premiere

Shakira appeared absolutely adorable at the Zootopia LA premiere, rocking a stunning pink skater dress by Mac Duggal. This dress, adorned with vibrant neon rose buds, had a touch of elegance with a Peter Pan collar and a feminine flared skirt. Though maintaining her signature allure, Shakira showed off her envy-inducing legs in sky-high heels and accessorized with a charming clutch bag. Furthermore, fans can anticipate hearing Shakira’s melodious voice as she takes on the role of Gazelle, a pop star, in the new animated film. She lends her vocals to the catchy track “Try Everything,” written by the talented duo Sia and Stargate.

Ladylike: She was elegant in the patterned mini-dress, which she paired with towering nude heels

Feminine Charm: With a touch of grace, she exuded elegance in her beautifully patterned mini-dress, complemented flawlessly by her towering nude heels.

Flirty display: The musician enjoyed her red carpet moment and blew kisses to the cameras

Playful showcase: The artist relished her moment in the spotlight at the glamorous event, charmingly blowing kisses towards the eager cameras.

All smiles: She left her beautiful features exposed by tying her hair up

Cute accessory: The star carried a cute, sensible clutch

Looking tall and graceful: Her adorable outfit was enhanced by just the perfect amount of her slender legs being visible. During her appearance at the world premiere in Barcelona earlier this month, the singer opened up about her significant involvement in designing her animal character with blonde hair. She disclosed that she actually insisted the animators give her alter-ego a more curvaceous physique because she felt that the initial depiction was “too slim.” “I can relate to her on many levels,” she shared. “When the directors introduced me to her, I immediately thought, ‘That’s me.’ However, I felt she needed more curves and a bit of extra weight. So, I requested that they add more depth to her hips, and now she looks just the way I envisioned.”

Balancing act: She walked gracefully on her tall and towering nude heels

Finding equilibrium: With seemingly effortless grace, she strolled confidently in her lofty and bare stilettos.

Teaming up: On the red carpet, the musician was accompanied by comedian Tommy Chong

Joining forces: Striding down the glamorous red carpet, the musician found himself accompanied by the one and only comedian, Tommy Chong.

Big screen role: In the new animated film, Shakira plays a pop star called Gazelle and lends her vocals to the song Try Everything, which was penned by Sia and Stargate

Prominent film appearance: Shakira takes on the big screen with her latest venture in an animated film, where she effortlessly embodies the character of Gazelle, a sensational pop star. Not only does Shakira lend her captivating vocals, but she also adds her unique touch to the song “Try Everything,” written by the talented duo Sia and Stargate.

Curvy girl: She recently revealed that her animated alter-ego was 'too slim' when she first saw it and she encouraged the designers to give her more curves

Curvaceous Woman: Recently, she disclosed that her animated counterpart appeared too slender upon first glance, prompting her to urge the designers to enhance her curves. Additionally, she disclosed that she expected the animation process to precede her recording of the character’s voice, but instead, they used her voice as a basis to bring the character’s emotions and expressions to life. She found this reverse order intriguing. The songstress described her character as having a strong opinion while also emphasizing her character’s care and concern for her people. She believes her character has a societal duty. In the midst of promoting the film, the mother of two made an appearance at the Los Angeles photocall donning a suitably stylish daytime ensemble.

Keeping busy: The star was seen at the photocall in LA earlier that day

Keeping occupied: The celebrity made an appearance at the photo opportunity in Los Angeles earlier in the day.

Captured on screen: Her famous curves, hair and clothes have been immortalised in animated form for the new film

Caught on camera: In the latest movie, her renowned figure, hairstyle, and trendy outfits have been forever etched into animated visuals.

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