“JLo’s Stunning Charity Gala Performance Shines in Glittery Leotard and High Boots”

Jennifer Lopez has succeeded in the entertainment industry as a singer, actress, and dancer. She recently attended The Robin Hood Foundation’s 2018 benefit at the Jacob Javitz Center in NYC and made heads turn. Jennifer arrived at the event in a classy black gown, but later changed into a dazzling costume for her performance on stage. With its shimmering effect and abundant fringe, the outfit was eye-catching and stunning. It’s no surprise that Jennifer is a judge on the popular show World Of Dance.

Razzle dazzle!  Lopez took the stage in a glittering costume with plenty of sparkle and equal amounts of fringe during a charity gala for The Robin Hood Foundation

With a touch of glamour and glitz, Jennifer Lopez made a grand entrance in a dazzling costume complete with sparkles and fringe at the Robin Hood Foundation charity gala. The outfit showcased J.Lo’s slender, sun-kissed legs as she donned a black turtleneck paired with scanty black underwear. Her thigh-high boots were also adorned with rhinestones that matched her attire flawlessly. During her performance, the Shades Of Blue actress flaunted her backside covered in sequined fishnets, giving the audience a playful glimpse.

What a catch! Turning around, the native New Yorker gave up a cheeky look at her backside, which was covered in sequined fishnets for the performance

Wow, that’s quite a sight! The New York local couldn’t resist sneaking a peek at her behind, adorned with sparkly fishnet stockings for the show.

Double or nothing! After arriving in an elegant black gown earlier, J.Lo switched into her second look to sing

Let’s raise the stakes! J.Lo made a fashion statement by showing up in a stunning black gown, but she took it up a notch by changing into her second outfit to perform.

Every last detail: Of course the ensemble came with thigh-high boots bedazzled with rhinestones to match the Shades Of Blue star's outfit perfectly

Every aspect was accounted for: Naturally, the attire was accompanied by high boots reaching the thighs adorned with dazzling rhinestones, flawlessly complementing the Shades Of Blue celebrity’s ensemble.

Looking great! J.Lo flaunted her tan, toned legs in the sexy stage costume, which balanced long sleeves and a turtleneck with just little black knickers beneath

Move it or lose it! The star gave it her all on stage, showing off her strong, toned dancer's legs while performing her choreography

Wow, J.Lo is absolutely stunning! She showed off her gorgeous, sun-kissed legs in an alluring stage outfit that combined a high-necked top with long sleeves and a pair of black panties.

By her side... Jennifer brought boyfriend Alex Rodriguez as her date to the event, who watched her adoringly during her performance

Jennifer was accompanied by her partner, Alex Rodriguez, at the event, who gazed at her with admiration throughout her performance. Accompanying the El Anillo songstress were a group of gentlemen dressed in silver suits, dancing as backup performers and pouring their hearts into the routine. As a former Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, Jennifer appeared completely at ease on stage and put on a captivating show. She swayed to the beat of the music, throwing her caramel blonde hair back and dipping her hips low, before raising her hands and energetically kicking to the rhythm.

Captivating! Jennifer, who had one of her first jobs in show business as a Fly Girl dancer on In Living Color, was clearly used to putting on a show

Fascinating! Jennifer, who started her career in the entertainment industry as a Fly Girl performer on In Living Color, was certainly adept at entertaining audiences.

Get down! She moved to the music, tossing her caramel blonde locks back while dipping her hips low, only to raise her hands and kick energetically

“Get low!” She grooved to the beat, swishing her caramel blonde tresses and bending her hips, before lifting her arms and kicking with enthusiasm.

Back it up! Behind the El Anillo songstress several silver suited gentlemen offered up their hearts while doing backup dancer duty

“Supporting Act! During her El Anillo performance, a group of gentlemen dressed in silver suits danced in the background and added to the allure of the songstress’s performance.”

For a good cause: The event was to raise money for The Robin Hood Foundation, which aims to help New York's poor

Doing good: The occasion was organized to collect funds for The Robin Hood Foundation, a nonprofit that provides assistance to underprivileged people in New York.

The objective of the occasion was to collect funds for The Robin Hood Foundation, an organization that strives to assist impoverished individuals in New York. Jennifer has had a jam-packed schedule in the Big Apple this week. Just yesterday, she promoted the upcoming season of World Of Dance at the NBC Upfronts showcase, and on Mother’s Day, she spent time with her twins Max and Emme.

Thigh's the limit! Lopez turned heads in a dark gown with a daring leg slit during her arrival

J.Lo made a statement with her fashion choice as she arrived in a stunning black dress featuring a bold slit that showed off her toned thigh. The eye-catching ensemble definitely turned heads and got people talking.

So sweet: J Lo and A Rod were caught in a tender moment together during the event

How adorable: Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez were spotted sharing a sweet moment together at the occasion.

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