“JLo’s Sizzling Style at Coach Show in NYFW Amidst Leather Protests on the Runway”

During New York Fashion Week, Jennifer Lopez turned heads as she attended the Coach show. As a global ambassador for the luxury brand since 2019, the multi-talented 54-year-old also recently starred in their Spring Summer 2023 campaign and a special Mother’s Day campaign. For the event, Lopez looked stunning as she carried a silver shoulder bag from the Coach Shine Collection worth $395. She paired it with knee-high snakeskin boots and an oversized fringe suede jacket. Despite the disruption caused by PETA members protesting Coach’s leather use, the Hustlers star seemed excited to view the upcoming Spring Summer 2024 collection from her VIP seat.

Wow! Jennifer Lopez, 54, made jaws drop on Thursday

Star-studded: She joined stars at the Coach show during New York Fashion Week

Oh my goodness! Jennifer Lopez, who is 54 years old, left everyone stunned on Thursday as she attended the Coach show at New York Fashion Week with other celebrities.

She was seated front row with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and editor-in-chief of British Vogue Edward Enninful

Perched in the front row was the lovely lady accompanied by none other than Vogue’s top honchos – the editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, and British Vogue’s very own editor-in-chief, Edward Enninful.

Protesters: Lopez looked excited to see the new Spring Summer 2024 collection in-person from her VIP seat ¿ before the show was disrupted by PETA members protesting Coach's leather use

At the recent New York Fashion Week show, Lopez was eagerly waiting to witness the new Spring Summer 2024 collection from her VIP seat. However, the fashion event was interrupted by PETA members who were protesting Coach’s use of leather. Lopez looked stunning with her honey-toned hair tied up in a messy bun and $450 Fendi sunglasses. She was seated beside Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and British Vogue editor-in-chief Edward Enninful. Other popular celebrities like Camila Mendes, Chase Stokes, Lil Nas X, and Dove Cameron were also spotted mingling with fashion enthusiasts before taking their seats for the show. The new Coach collection showcases a ‘capsule of lovable kiss-print bags’ and ‘some very limited (Re)Loved bags inspired by the show.’ Lopez replaced Selena Gomez as the brand ambassador in 2019.

Phenomenal: For the occasion, the Hustlers star looked phenomenal carrying a $395 silver shoulder bag from the Coach Shine Collection in her manicured clutches

Amazing: On that particular event, the actress from Hustlers looked stunning while holding a silver shoulder bag worth $395 from the Coach Shine Collection with her perfectly manicured hands.

Strut: Lopez strutted her stuff in sexy knee-high snakeskin boots

Lopez confidently flaunted her fashionable sense by walking with a confident strut wearing knee-high boots made of snakeskin that adds an element of sensuality.

Sexy in suede: She layered up with an oversized fringe suede jacket

She was seen exiting the show and entering a parked SUV

Looking stylish and fashionable in suede, she added a touch of flair to her outfit with a large fringe jacket made from this luxurious material.

Effortless: Lopez's honey-toned hair was swept up in a messy bun

Effortlessly beautiful: Lopez’s hair, with its warm honey hue, was elegantly tied up in a slightly tousled bun.

Flushed: Her cheeks had a vibrant peach flush

Blushing: A vivid hue of peach adorned her cheeks, indicating embarrassment or excitement.

Signature: She rocked her signature glossy nude lip

She flaunted her signature luscious nude lip color with great confidence.

Chatty: Lopez enjoyed a chat with a jovial looking Anna Wintour

Casual: Lopez engaged in a friendly conversation with a cheerful Anna Wintour.

Shady: She sported a pair of chic $450 Fendi sunglasses

Shady was rocking a stylish set of Fendi shades that cost a cool $450.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Lopez gave her fans a closer look at her designer getup

Taking to her Instagram Story, Lopez gave her fans a closer look at her designer getup

On her Instagram Story, Lopez provided her followers with a more detailed view of the high-end outfit she was sporting.

Stunning: She had a pearly pink manicure and opted for a shimmery smokey eyeshadow look

Absolutely gorgeous: Her nails were painted in a subtle yet eye-catching pink hue, while her eyes were enhanced with a dazzling smokey shimmer eyeshadow.

Lopez has been a global ambassador for the luxury brand since 2019 and recently fronted their Spring Summer 2023 campaign

Lopez has been representing the high-end brand as a worldwide ambassador since 2019 and has now taken center stage in their latest advertising campaign for Spring Summer 2023.

Hell for leather: Camila Mendes, 29, went hell for leather by going topless under a black cropped jacket

She paired it with a low-rise skirt

Camila Mendes, aged 29, opted for an edgy look by flaunting a black cropped jacket and low-rise skirt while going topless. She went all out in this daring outfit!

Like JLo, Camila nabbed a front row seat with comedian Benito Skinner and Outer Banks hunk Chase Stokes

Similar to JLo, Camila secured a prime spot in the front row alongside comedian Benito Skinner and heartthrob Chase Stokes from Outer Banks.

Camila Mendes and India Amarteifio posed up for a photo

Camila Mendes and India Amarteifio were seen striking a pose for a picture.

Hunk: Chase Stokes ¿ who is dating country songstress Kelsea Ballerini ¿ looked muscular in a white tank top styled with unique flared pants and worn-in sneakers

Chase Stokes, the beau of Kelsea Ballerini, rocked a white tank top with flared pants and casual sneakers, showing off his toned physique.

Camila and Chase got to catch up before the show started

Before the show commenced, Camila and Chase had an opportunity to reconnect and chat.

Animated: The pair had an animated conversation

Lively: The duo engaged in a lively discussion.

Queen: Anna Wintour looked radiant in a floral dress and her signature sunglasses

The queen of fashion, Anna Wintour, was a sight to behold in her latest ensemble. The floral dress she wore perfectly complemented her signature sunglasses, giving her a radiant and effortless look.

Music superstars Dove Cameron and Lil Nas X were also among the attendees

Famous musicians such as Dove Cameron and Lil Nas X were present at the event.

Edgy: Dove Cameron leaned in her her edgy style by rocking a black motorcycle jacket

Daring: Dove Cameron flaunted her daring sense of fashion by sporting a black biker jacket.

Tina Leung, Benny Drama, Camila Mendes and Chase Stokes seated front row

At the front row were Tina Leung, Benny Drama, Camila Mendes and Chase Stokes while models strutted down the runway donning the newest pieces from the high-end fashion brand with an air of self-assurance.

Disruption: During the show, PETA took a stand against leather use by crashing the runway

Interruption: At the fashion event, PETA made a bold statement by interrupting the show to protest against the use of leather.

Making a statement: One woman was covered in body paint meant to replicate what it would look like it if she, like cows, was farmed for her skin. A different woman trailed behind her with a sign in hand that read: 'Coach: Leather Kills' sign

Expressing an idea: A group of women made a strong statement by using body paint to mimic the appearance of being farmed for their skin like cows. One of them was covered in the paint, while another walked behind her holding a sign that read, “Coach: Leather Kills”.

A different woman trailed behind her with a sign in hand that read: 'Coach: Leather Kills'

Another lady followed her, carrying a sign that stated: ‘Leather is Deadly for Coach’.

According to Stuart Vevers, the creative director of Coach since 2013, Jennifer Lopez is the perfect embodiment of the brand’s attitude due to her strength and authenticity. Vevers also noted that Lopez’s connection to New York makes the partnership even more fitting, recalling how she carried one of the Coach Signature bags in her 2002 music video “All I Have.” On a personal note, Lopez has recently moved into a stunning $60 million Beverly Hills mansion with her new husband Ben Affleck. The couple rekindled their romance in May 2021 after being apart for 17 years and going through two failed marriages. They got engaged in April 2022 and tied the knot in July of the same year before hosting an extravagant wedding in Georgia. Along with her 14-year-old twins Max and Emme, Lopez also plays the role of stepmother to Affleck’s three children – Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel – whom he shares with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner. Lopez shares Max and Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

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