JLo stuns in white bodysuit as she shakes her famous booty during Fourth of July performance in New York City.

Despite already starring in a police drama, judging a dance competition, and performing in Las Vegas, Jennifer Lopez refuses to take it easy as she put on an electrifying live concert show in Queens last Friday. The 47-year-old beauty flaunted her well-known figure in a tight-fitting bodysuit during her performance for the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular.

Wow factor: Jennifer put on a  scintillating performance for Macy's Fourth Of July Fireworks Spectacular earlier that evening

Jennifer Lopez was absolutely stunning during her performance at the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular.

Booty-ful: The 47-year-old proudly flaunted her backside 

Looking fabulous at 47, the celebrity confidently displayed her curvaceous backside while dancing in a sparkly outfit. The sequin-covered garment was accompanied by a button-down top, knee-high boots, stockings, and a glittery New York Yankees cap. Prior to her performance, she rehearsed in a stylish hot pink sweatshirt and knee-high boots.

Killing it: She rocked a white clinging bodysuit 

Nailing the Look: She totally owned the stage in her white form-fitting bodysuit.

Shimmering: She put on quite the show as she even did a stunt with a big stick in her hand

Sparkling: She gave an impressive performance, complete with a daring feat involving a hefty stick.

Moving and grooving: The former American Idol judge teamed the look with a button down, knee-high boots, stockings, and a glittered New York Yankees cap

Getting into the rhythm: The ex-judge of American Idol paired her outfit with a buttoned-down shirt, knee-high boots, stockings, and a sparkly cap displaying the logo of New York Yankees.

Hitting the high-notes: Surely seemed like an energetic show

Hitting the high-notes: Surely seemed like an energetic show

The performance was full of energy and definitely hit all the high notes.

One love: She definitely had the crowd on their feet

The energy in the room was electric as she had the audience dancing and cheering to her performance, truly showcasing the power of love through music.

Shake it: She twerked it up in the clinging suit 

Shake it up: She moved her body in a tight-fitting outfit with some twerking involved.

The Maid In Manhattan star took the spotlight by flaunting her toned figure in black leggings. She completed the look with stunning tan suede boots that were embellished with glittering gemstones. Her pink top elegantly covered her curves while she grooved to the music with her hair styled in a messy bun.

Diva: She later switched up the look to a black gown

The diva changed her appearance by wearing a different outfit, opting for a black dress instead.

Hot: the dress featured two very high slits 

The dress had two slits that were positioned quite high, giving it a bold and daring look.

Yas queen: The look also had a golden detailing

Yas queen: The look also had a golden detailing

Oh my goodness, the outfit was absolutely fantastic, and it included some lovely details in gold. Yas queen!

Dynamic duo: She was joined by a fellow performer 

The perfect pair: A talented artist collaborated with a fellow entertainer.

Stunner: Her blonde locks were worn down for the performance

The performer looked stunning with her flowing blonde hair left loose for her show.

Work it: She donned a bejewelled cap for the performance

Get ready to slay: She rocked a bedazzled hat during her show.

Sparkly: Even her nude fishnet tights were bejewelled

Shiny: Her transparent fishnet stockings had embellishments all over them, adding even more sparkle to her outfit.

Sexy: The starlet looked sizzling on the stage

Sensational: The actress was scorching during her performance.

Strong: The independent lady had immense stage presence

The self-sufficient woman commanded attention with her remarkable presence on stage.

Audience participation: Jennifer pointed her mic to the audience to get them to join in with her

Jennifer encouraged audience involvement by passing the microphone to them to encourage them to participate.

I whip my hair back and forth: Jennifer flipped her lustrous long locks 

Jennifer tossed her shiny, lengthy mane.

Diva: Jennifer stormed the stage

Jennifer made a grand entrance onto the stage, exuding the presence and confidence of a true diva.

Loved up: Jennifer posted a cute picture of the two enjoying a relaxing moment backstage after her Macy's concert on Friday

Lovely: Jennifer Lopez shared an adorable behind-the-scenes photo with her beau, Alex Rodriguez. In the picture, the superstar actress seemed to be in a hurry to start her rehearsal, wearing only a pair of retro sunglasses. Currently, JLo is taking a break from her successful TV show, Shades of Blue. Meanwhile, her summer dance contest, World of Dance, has been renewed for a second season. Fans can still catch her live performances at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Hot pink paradise: Jennifer was seen practicing earlier in the day

Earlier today, Jennifer could be spotted rehearsing in a vibrant hot pink paradise.

The actress from Maid In Manhattan showed off her fit dancer’s body by wearing tight black leggings. She was brave in her choice of outfit to make an impression.

Hands up: The multi-hyphen rocked a hot pink sweatshirt and knee high boots as she prepared for Macy's Fourth Of July Fireworks Spectacular

Raising her hands high, the multi-talented celebrity donned a vibrant hot pink sweatshirt and knee-high boots as she geared up for Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular. Despite her busy schedule, it’s remarkable how she manages to make time for this holiday concert and nurture her enduring romance with baseball legend, Alex Rodriguez. The couple has been dating since February and their relationship appears to be going strong as they’re frequently seen together. During his appearance on The Tonight Show, Alex candidly revealed that their love has brought him a sense of grounding, as many people misinterpret his role as her “security guard” instead of recognizing him as her devoted partner.

Twinkle toes: The tan colored suede boots that cut just above the knee were bedazzled with tiny sparkly gemstones

Sparkly little gems adorned the tan suede boots, which rose just above the knee.

Fierce:There was no time to accessorize as she clearly was there to practice with only a pair of retro shades as an accompaniment

She was all business, with no time for fashion accessories. Her focus was solely on practicing, and the only item adorning her outfit were a pair of cool vintage sunglasses.

Push it: The striking pink top covered up her ample assets as she rocked to the rhythm with her hair in a messy bun

The woman in the eye-catching pink top had her generous curves covered as she swayed to the beat, her hair styled in a tousled bun. The speaker expressed his gratitude for a humbling experience, admitting that winning a championship with the Yankees made him feel pretty cool, but being around Jennifer changed his perspective. He joked about being mistaken for a security guard due to her overwhelming popularity. At the Met Gala, photographers even shooed him away to capture a shot of Jennifer, yelling at him in a language he didn’t understand.

All eyes on me: The Love Time Now singer is currently on hiatus from her CBS cop drama Shades Of Blue, which has been a critical and commercial success

Attention is on me: The singer of Love Time Now is currently taking a break from her CBS police series Shades Of Blue, which has received positive reviews and has been a financial hit.

This is what you came for: JLo's booty made an impressive entrance on the stage

The highlight of the show was JLo’s entrance, showcasing her impressive booty. Alex expressed his admiration for Jennifer, praising her intelligence and calling her one of the smartest people he’s ever met. He also mentioned how they have many things in common, such as being from New York, being Latin, and both being in their forties. According to Jennifer, they’re both happy and enjoying life without feeling too much pressure from others.

Dueling divas: Jennifer sang with an unidentified star

Two singing sensations squared off in a duet, as Jennifer shared the stage with a mystery guest.

Mike check: Jennifer stepped to the side as another singer appeared on stage

Jennifer moved aside to give room for the next performer as Mike checked the sound system.

Vocal wonder: JLo put the peddle to the metal with her dulcet tones

JLo showcased her impressive vocal abilities by hitting all the right notes. She truly put in the effort and delivered an outstanding performance.

Rude! 'At The Met, paparazzi were screaming at me,

Wow, how rude! Alex Rodriguez recently shared an unpleasant experience he had at The Met, where paparazzi were shouting at him to move out of the way while they were trying to take a picture of his partner Jennifer Lopez.

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