Jennifer Lopez shows off incredible figure in trendy crop top and fashionable track pants for a visit to Los Angeles music studio, accompanied by partner Ben Affleck

On a sunny Saturday in Los Angeles, Jennifer Lopez confidently showcased her enviable figure as she made her way to a music studio. The 52-year-old megastar effortlessly revealed her toned midriff by donning a chic cropped sweater from Iceberg, perfectly complemented by a pair of coordinating drawstring pants. Meanwhile, in a heartwarming scene, Jennifer’s rekindled flame, Ben Affleck, joined her at the studio accompanied by her 13-year-old son Max.

Wow! Jennifer Lopez flaunted her famous curves in a sporty two-piece from Iceberg while swinging by a music studio in Los Angeles on Saturday

Impressive! Jennifer Lopez confidently showcased her iconic physique in a stylish two-piece ensemble from Iceberg during her visit to a music studio in Los Angeles over the weekend. Complementing her outfit, she adorned herself with eye-catching gold hoop earrings, along with a selection of her cherished diamond bracelets and rings. Her light brown locks, bordering on a blonde shade, gracefully cascaded down past her shoulders, reaching the midpoint of her chest. As she emerged from a sleek black vehicle, a determined expression adorned Lopez’s face, exuding seriousness and purpose as she strode into the studio. Supporting his beloved partner and her latest endeavor, Affleck opted for a dark blue hoodie paired with a gray t-shirt.

Just a peek: The singer, 52, gave a peek at her toned tummy in a preppy cropped sweater that she styled with a pair of matching drawstring pants

Just a glimpse: The renowned vocalist, who is 52 years old, provided a sneak peek of her fit abdomen by donning a preppy sweater with a cropped design. She effortlessly paired this garment with a set of drawstring pants in a matching shade.

Accessorize: She accessorized her look with a pair of large gold hoop earrings and several of her favorite diamond bracelets and rings

Adding the finishing touches to her outfit, she adorned herself with oversized gold hoop earrings and adorned her wrists and fingers with a collection of beloved diamond bracelets and rings. Captured in a photograph, he kindly assisted Max as they exited the vehicle and made their way into the studio. In a surprising turn of events, Jennifer and Ben astounded the globe in May 2021 with the revelation that they had reignited their love, despite being separated for a staggering 17 years. Dating back to 2002, their initial relationship endured until their split in 2004. Engaging in 2003, their plans to wed were halted in January the following year.

Glam: Her light brown, nearly blonde hair fell past her shoulders and ended in the middle of her chest

Glam possessed a cascade of light brown tresses that flowed down to her shoulders, gracefully concluding just above her chest.

Supportive: Moments later, Jennifer's rekindled flame Ben Affleck was photographed arriving to the studio with the On The Floor's singer's 13-year-old son Max

Shortly after, Jennifer’s former flame Ben Affleck was spotted arriving at the studio with Max, her 13-year-old son from a previous relationship. Following her split from Affleck, Lopez went on to marry singer Marc Anthony, with whom she shares 13-year-old twins Max and Emme. Affleck, on the other hand, tied the knot with actress Jennifer Garner, but they separated in 2015 after being together for ten years. Despite their split, they are still amicably co-parenting their three children: Violet, 15, Seraphina, 12, and Samuel, nine. It’s worth noting that this sighting of the On The Floor singer happened just a few days before the highly anticipated release of her new single, titled Marry Me.

Rekindled flame: Jennifer and Ben shocked the world in May 2021 when it was revealed that they'd rekindled their romance after 17-years apart; the couple pictured in December

Jennifer and Ben surprised everyone when news broke in May 2021 that they had reignited their relationship after being apart for 17 years. Recently, Jennifer took to social media to share a behind-the-scenes video of a shoot she did with Colombian singer Maluma to promote their new single. In the video, Jennifer looked stunning in a beautiful white dress, her brown hair neatly tied up with a hairnet adorned with beads, and a white boa draped around her neck. She also announced that their single “#MarryMe” with Maluma will be released on Wednesday 2/2, while the soundtrack for the movie of the same name will be out on Friday 2/4. Fans can already pre-save the song by clicking on the link in Jennifer’s bio.

Photo shoot: The On The Floor singer's appearance came just a few days before her new single titled Marry Me is set for release

Photo session: The renowned singer, On The Floor, made an appearance shortly before the highly anticipated launch of her latest single, Marry Me.

All-white outfit: The shoot saw the star wear a gorgeous white dress, a hairnet studded with beads that covered her tightly tied brown hair and a white boa wrapped around her neck

In this stunning photo shoot, the celebrity flaunted an exquisite dress in a pristine shade of white. Her lustrous brown hair was elegantly pulled back and adorned with a hairnet embellished with delicate beads. Completing the stunning ensemble, she wrapped a white boa around her neck with style and grace. Adding to her impressive repertoire, the talented singer, known for her hit song “Ain’t Your Mama,” not only acted in the upcoming movie Marry Me but also contributed to its soundtrack. This exciting film, set to be released in the coming month, revolves around a woman who, just moments before her wedding, discovers that her partner has been unfaithful. Fueled by resentment, she impulsively decides to marry a total stranger from the wedding crowd. Marry Me boasts an exceptional cast, including the likes of Owen Wilson, Maluma, Sarah Silverman, and Jimmy Fallon, alongside numerous other prominent Hollywood stars.

Starring in the movie too: The Ain't Your Mama singer worked on the soundtrack for the movie Marry Me because she also stars in the film (pictured 2019)

The famous singer, known for her hit “Ain’t Your Mama,” not only took on a prominent role in the movie Marry Me but also contributed to its soundtrack. This dual involvement showcases her versatile talent in both acting and music. (Image depicted is from 2019.)

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