Jennifer Lopez flaunts her taut abs in a chic white crop top and denim, while her latest Netflix film “The Mother” skyrockets to the top spot

Jennifer Lopez showed off her well-toned midsection when she made her way to her offices in West Hollywood on Monday. The 53-year-old singer and actress opted for a relaxed look, pairing a white crop top with low-rise jeans. To maintain a low profile, Jennifer covered up with a long knitted cardigan buttoned over her casual outfit. She completed the look with white sneakers that perfectly matched her ensemble and left her long hair flowing freely. Emphasizing her natural beauty, JLo wore large round sunglasses with tinted lenses. In exciting news, Jennifer’s latest film, The Mother, is currently dominating the Netflix charts in 83 countries.

Out and about: Jennifer Lopez flashed her toned midriff in a white crop top and low-rise jeans as she arrived at her offices in West Hollywood on Monday

Spotted in action: Jennifer Lopez confidently showcased her well-defined midriff in a chic white crop top paired with fashionable low-rise jeans while making her way to her work premises in the lively city of West Hollywood earlier this week.

Looking good: The singer and actress, 53, kept a low profile as she buttoned a long knitted cardigan over the top of the casual ensemble

Appearing stylish: The 53-year-old singer and actress opted for a low-key look as she wore a long knitted cardigan over her casual outfit.
Jennifer, known for her work in different genres, surprised audiences with her recent action thriller, which premiered on the streaming service on May 12. Reviews for the film have been mixed among critics.
Continuing in the streaming world, Jennifer’s other recent release, Shotgun Wedding, has been well-received by viewers on Amazon Prime since its release on January 27.
In January, Amazon Prime Video experienced a significant increase in monthly viewership, thanks to the success of Amazon’s Shotgun Wedding and its original series, Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. Viewership rose by 9.3 percent during this period.
Meanwhile, there have been mixed reviews for Ben Affleck’s latest films, with one of them failing to perform well at the box office.
Ben’s most recent film, Hypnotic (2023), has disappointed fans in terms of its box office earnings. Upon its release on May 12, the science fiction action thriller, directed by Robert Rodriguez, made $940,000 on its first day from over 2,100 theaters worldwide. However, its total worldwide earnings have only reached $2.4 million so far.
With a budget of $65 million and underwhelming reviews, Hypnotic, which is distributed by Ketchup Entertainment and Relativity Media, is unlikely to generate a profit.

Comfy: The star rocked a pair of coordinated white trainers and styled her long tresses loose

Comfortable: The celebrity sported matching white sneakers and left her long hair flowing freely.

Casual: The On The Floor songstress showcased her natural beauty for the outing and accessorised with a pair of large hoop earrings

Informal: The singer of “On The Floor” proudly displayed her natural attractiveness during the event, adding a stylish touch with a set of oversized hoop earrings.

Tops for Netflix: JLo's latest movie The Mother, which premiered on Netflix May 12, is currently the number one film on Netflix charts in 83 countries

Netflix viewers around the globe have embraced JLo’s most recent cinematic masterpiece, The Mother, with open arms. Since its debut on May 12, this sensational film has climbed to the top spot on Netflix charts in an astonishing 83 countries. It seems that audiences worldwide cannot resist the mesmerizing allure of JLo’s latest venture.

Streamer success: Jennifer's other new 2023 film Shotgun Wedding has also done well with viewers for Amazon Prime since dropping on January 27 (pictured with co-star Josh Duhamel)

Jennifer’s latest film, Shotgun Wedding, has been a hit among viewers on Amazon Prime since its release on January 27. In addition, there is exciting news for Ben and his new film, Air, which he not only directed but also starred in alongside Matt Damon.

Initially, Air had a limited release in theaters in the U.S. on April 5 and managed to earn approximately $86.3 million before its premiere on Amazon streaming service on May 12. The biographical sports drama film had a budget of around $90 million, so the earnings from the theatrical release have come close to covering its production costs.

Furthermore, Air has gained immense popularity, topping Amazon Prime’s worldwide Top 10 chart on May 14. This success can be attributed, at least in part, to the favorable reviews it has received from critics.

Overall, both Jennifer’s Shotgun Wedding and Ben’s Air have proven to be successful ventures, captivating audiences and gaining recognition in the streaming world.

Flop: Ben Affleck's sci-fi action thriller Hypnotic (2023) has bombed at the box officer, grossing $2.4 million against a $65 million budget since premiering May 12

Box office failure: The highly anticipated sci-fi action film Hypnotic (2023), starring Ben Affleck, has proven to be a huge disappointment, struggling to make a dent in its $65 million budget. Despite its premiere on May 12, the movie has only managed to earn a meager $2.4 million in ticket sales.

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