Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez spotted apart in New York City… amidst allegations of him engaging in suggestive communication with a Playboy model.

On a leisurely day in New York City, Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez ventured out separately. Alex, at the age of 43, enjoyed the company of his daughters, while Jennifer, 49, explored the city solo. These outings took place amidst the backdrop of recent allegations, as a Playboy model claimed that Alex engaged in sexting prior to popping the question to Jennifer during their romantic getaway in the Bahamas.

No Alex? Jennifer Lopez was spotted on a solo outing on Wednesday morning while her fiancee Alex Rodriguez spent some quality time with his daughters, amid his alleged sexting scandal

Without Alex by her side, Jennifer Lopez was seen enjoying some time alone on Wednesday morning. Meanwhile, her fiancé Alex Rodriguez was occupied, spending valuable moments with his daughters amidst the controversy surrounding his alleged sexting scandal. Jennifer exuded a confident and strong aura, donning a complete leather ensemble that was undoubtedly eye-catching. Her attire consisted of a black leather coat, secured at the waist by a belt, accompanied by sleek thigh-high black boots. To complete her fashion statement, she accessorized with a sailor’s cap, oversized sunglasses, and her iconic gold hoop earrings that she is known for.

Coming in hot! Jennifer got jaws dropping when she rocked up in a complete black leather ensemble

Making a bold entrance, Jennifer turned heads with her stunning appearance in an all-black leather outfit.

Gorgeous: The mom-of-two drew attention to her trim waist with a belt and completed her look with thigh-high block boots

NYC chill: Jennifer appeared to be slightly chilly when she exited the SUV

Beautiful: The mother of two accentuated her slender waist by cinching it with a belt, and she added the finishing touch to her ensemble with stylish thigh-high block boots.

Jennifer stepped out of her sleek black SUV, greeting the waiting photographers with a warm smile. Meanwhile, her fiancé Alex decided to spend some quality time with his two daughters, Natasha, 14, and Ella, 10. The former baseball pro was spotted strolling through the lively streets of New York City, capturing precious moments by taking selfies with his beloved family. Despite the chilly morning air, Alex stayed cozy in a fashionable grey and white plaid overcoat, layered over black trousers. To complete his stylish ensemble, he sported trendy burgundy boots and added a touch of flair with statement reflective sunglasses.

Quality time with the family: Meanwhile, Alex was seen in the bustling city of New York capturing precious moments with his beloved daughters Natasha, aged 14, and Ella, aged 10, by enthusiastically clicking selfies together.

Glamour queen: Jennifer accessorised her look with a sailors cap, large shades and her signature gold hooped earrings

Dazzling Diva: Jennifer completed her ensemble by adding a nautical-inspired cap, oversized sunglasses, and her trademark golden hoop earrings.

She means business: Jennifer was all business in her black ensemble on Wednesday morning

Jennifer was completely focused and serious on Wednesday morning, as evident by her choice of attire – an all-black ensemble that clearly conveyed her professional intentions.

Natasha opted for a relaxed look, wearing a coat in a warm burnt orange shade along with jeans. She was spotted capturing precious moments of her father and younger sister on camera. Ella, on the other hand, stayed cozy in a pink jumper and a white puffer jacket. Completing her outfit, she carried an army print backpack for the family outing. It is evident that the family is thoroughly enjoying their much-deserved trip together. Alex took to his social media to share a video, timestamped at 10:46 am, showcasing himself and his daughters on a private jet, captioning it as a “road trip with my angels, #tashi & #ellabella.” Recently, Jennifer and Alex were caught sharing a kiss while on the set of her upcoming movie, Hustlers, which also features Cardi B. Unfortunately, Alex faced allegations of infidelity shortly after proposing to Jennifer, known lovingly as J-lo. The proposal took place on March 9, accompanied by a stunning $4.5 million ring. It comes as no surprise that the talented singer and actress wasted no time in accepting his proposal.

Rugged up: Alex bundled up in the chilly morning East Coast weather with a grey and white style plaid overcoat on top of some black trousers

Bundled in warm attire: Alex embraced the cool morning climate of the East Coast, wearing a fashionable overcoat in a delightful grey and white plaid pattern that perfectly matched their black trousers.

Keeping mom: Jennifer is yet to address the rumors of Alex's alleged sexting affair

Maintaining mom-mode: Jennifer has not yet commented on the speculations surrounding Alex’s purported involvement in a sexting scandal.

Photographer in the making: Natasha also kept things casual in a burnt orange coat and jeans and at one point was seen taking pics of her dad and younger sister

Aspiring photographer: Natasha opted for a relaxed look, donning a stylish burnt orange coat and jeans. Interestingly, she was spotted capturing precious moments of her father and younger sister with her camera.

Getting away from the drama? And it appears as though the family are enjoying a well deserved trip together, with Alex taking to his social media on Wednesday morning to share a video of himself and daughters on-board a private jet

And they're off! 'Road trip with my angels #tashi & #ellabella,' he captioned the clip time stamped at 10:46am

Looking for a break from all the chaos? It seems like the family is having a fantastic vacation together, as Alex recently posted a video on social media. The clip shows him and his daughters having a great time on a private jet.

Family first: But despite all the noise, Jennifer hinted she had put the speculation to rest, taking to Instagram Stories on Tuesday captioning a shot 'FAMILIA'

Prioritizing family: However, despite the numerous rumors swirling around, Jennifer subtly hinted that she had put an end to the speculation. She took to Instagram Stories on Tuesday, sharing a photo accompanied by the caption ‘FAMILIA’.

Subsequently, two women have stepped forward to allege that he was unfaithful to his future spouse prior to their engagement. Despite the commotion surrounding these claims, Jennifer implies that she has put an end to the speculation. This was conveyed through an Instagram Stories post on Tuesday, where she shared an image of Alex and their children supporting her on the set of her latest film, Hustlers. Accompanied by the caption ‘#FAMILIA’ and a heart emoji, Jennifer seemed to dismiss the rumors. Soon after the public announcement of Jennifer and Alex’s engagement, accusations arose that he had cheated on her with Jessica Canseco, the former wife of his former Yankees teammate, Jose Canseco. Jessica, who had divorced Jose in 1999, was identified as the alleged mistress by Canseco in a tweet he made on Sunday. His tweet read, ‘While J.Lo is texting Alex Rodriguez, little does she know that he is being unfaithful with my ex-wife Jessica’.

Is this true? British Playboy model Zoe Gregory, (pictured) 44, claimed A-Rod pursued her from December, 26, 2018 to January 22, 2019

Can we trust this information? Zoe Gregory, a British Playboy model aged 44, alleges that A-Rod, the famous baseball player, showed interest in her between December 26, 2018, and January 22, 2019.

What would Jennifer say? In alleged texts between Alex and Zoe, he complimented her figure, asked her to send videos of herself, requested a threesome, and sent a picture of his penis

What might Jennifer’s reaction be? According to alleged text messages between Alex and Zoe, he praised Zoe’s appearance, requested explicit videos from her, proposed a threesome, and even sent a picture of his genitals.

“Poor girl, she has no clue who he truly is,” Jennifer may sympathetically say, taking into account the shocking revelations.

Jose Canseco, however, claimed to have witnessed Alex calling his ex-girlfriend Jessica while being with Jen. He strongly criticized Alex, urging him to stop his infidelity towards Jennifer Lopez.

In response to these allegations, Jessica denied any involvement, stating that the accusations made by Jose are false. She clarified that she has known Alex for many years, but hasn’t seen him in over five years. She emphasized her friendly relationship with both Alex and Jennifer.

British Playboy model Zoe Gregory further added to the controversy, claiming that Alex pursued her from December 26, 2018, to January 22, 2019. Alleged text messages between them progressively became more explicit, with Alex even requesting a personal meeting and suggesting a threesome with Zoe and her friends.

Both Jennifer and Alex have chosen to remain silent regarding the cheating allegations made by these two women.

Stronger than ever? Neither Jennifer or Alex have commented on the allegations of cheating made by two women

Are they stronger now than ever before? Neither Jennifer nor Alex has provided any responses regarding the allegations of infidelity raised by two women.

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