“J-Lo’s Radiant Smile Shines Bright in West Hollywood Amid Rumors of Rekindled Love with Ben Affleck”

On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez appeared to be in high spirits as she arrived for a business meeting at her West Hollywood office. The talented actress, dancer, and singer who is set to turn 52 on Saturday, looked stunning in a simple yet elegant monotone outfit. She wore a white geometric tank top paired with high-waisted black trousers that boasted wide legs. Recent reports from People magazine suggest that JLo is head over heels in love with her on-again partner, Ben Affleck, and believes that they will maintain a strong relationship going forward.

Positively giddy: Jennifer Lopez looked happy as can be on Thursday, when she was spotted smiling ear to ear on her way into a business meeting at her offices in West Hollywood

With a bright and cheerful demeanor, Jennifer Lopez was seen making her way into a business meeting at her West Hollywood offices on Thursday. Her outfit was perfectly coordinated with unique black-and-white sunglasses and a single silver pendant. The star’s honey-colored hair was left loose and parted in the middle. Adding to her stylish ensemble, she carried a chic black-and-white striped designer handbag and bedazzled thermos from her last world tour. It was clear that Jennifer Lopez was positively giddy and radiating happiness as she walked towards her meeting.

Makin' faces: The actress, dancer and singer, who turns 52 this Saturday, was seen in a lovely monotone ensemble, consisting of geometric white tank top and high-waisted black trousers

Putting on expressions: The multi-talented artist, celebrated for her acting, dancing, and singing skills, will be hitting the milestone of 52 years this coming weekend. Recently, she was spotted donning an elegant outfit in a single shade, which included a white tank top with geometrical patterns and black trousers with a high waistline.

Style: She carried a chic black-and-white striped designer handbag, and bedazzled thermos from her last world tour

Tone: Casual She sported a trendy designer handbag with sleek black-and-white stripes and a bedazzled thermos, which she picked up on her recent globetrotting adventure.

JLo strolled casually in black platform heels that had transparent straps. According to reports, she and her crew were enjoying loud music as they walked, and the versatile performer was clearly in high spirits. Later on, she looked timeless as she and her entourage were picked up at the airport, perhaps to head back to Florida for her upcoming birthday festivities. Lopez has been spending a significant amount of time with Ben Affleck, her former boyfriend of 17 years ago, since April, mostly in Los Angeles while house-hunting. It is even rumored that the two have been searching for homes together in the upscale Holmby Hills neighborhood.

Leaving on a jet plane: Later in the day, JLo and her team headed to the airport, two days ahead of her birthday

Taking off on an airplane: JLo and her crew made their way to the airport later in the day, departing two days prior to her birthday.

Infectious: The superstar flashed  a seductive grin as she greeted friends at the airport

Contagious: The celebrity exhibited a charismatic smile while welcoming her companions at the air terminal.

Loved up: The actress, singer and dancer sped the love to her pals

Smitten: The performer, vocalist and choreographer shared her affection with her buddies in a hurry.

Pow wow: The group shared a few hugs and words before going inside to catch their flight

Before boarding their flight, the team embraced each other warmly and exchanged a few words at the pow wow.

On it: The Bronx, New York native made some last second checks before going inside

Just before entering, the individual from The Bronx in New York City conducted some final inspections.

Back east: Lopez appeared to be heading back to Florida where she currently lives

Lopez seemed to be making her way towards her current residence in Florida, located on the eastern side of the United States.

52 is the new 32: Lopez will be celebrating her 52nd birthday on Saturday, July 24

J.Lo is proving that age is just a number as she gears up to celebrate her 52nd birthday on July 24th. During a recent appearance on the Today show with Hoda Kotb, the Hustlers performer was grilled about her rumored romance with Ben Affleck. However, the Jenny From The Block singer refused to spill the beans and instead tried to play it cool while being interviewed via Zoom. When asked by Hoda if she was happier with Affleck, J.Lo simply flashed her charming smile and avoided giving a direct answer. It’s clear that this superstar is keeping her private life private for now.

She's not talking: When Jen appeared on the Today show on Tuesday morning, anchor Hoda Kotb tried to get some information out of the Hustlers performer regarding her romance

Jen remains tight-lipped: During her appearance on the Today show earlier this week, Hoda Kotb attempted to dig into Jen’s love life, but the Hustlers star refused to spill any details.

Together again: Ben and Jennifer arm in arm in the Hamptons on July 4

Ben and Jennifer spotted arm in arm in the Hamptons on July 4th, reuniting once again.

Lopez maintained her composure and grinned while being interviewed in a trailer. She opted not to fall for the interviewer’s trap by attempting to win them over with charm. When asked about her mood, Lopez politely responded, “I always feel happy when I see you Hoda.” The interviewer reminded her that they were speaking, to which Lopez replied, “Yes, I know. Don’t worry, you can call me anytime. You have my number!”

Beauty on Instagram: Lopez has been seen spending time with her 48-year-old ex-boyfriend Ben Affleck since April, and they have reportedly even been house-hunting together of late

The popular social media platform, Instagram, has been buzzing with news of Jennifer Lopez’s recent outings with her former boyfriend, Ben Affleck. The duo, who have recently been spotted house-hunting together, appears to be rekindling their romance.

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