“J-Lo’s Hamptons Shopping Spree: Flaunting Her Sizzling Style in a Plunging Dress with Twins and Casper Smart”

When Jennifer Lopez hits the red carpet, it’s no secret that she loves to showcase her décolletage. However, it seems that the 46-year-old singer and actress doesn’t limit her flaunting to just formal events. During a break from filming her TV series Shades of Blue, JLo got all dolled up for a shopping trip with her boyfriend Casper Smart and her eight-year-old twins Max and Emme, whom she shares with her former husband Marc Anthony. The group hit up Blue & Cream in East Hampton, where Jennifer continued to show off her assets in a chic and stylish ensemble.

That sure is a look! Jennifer Lopez wore a plunging black dress when on a shopping spree with her children and Casper Smart in East Hampton, New York, on Sunday

Wow, what a fashion statement! On Sunday, Jennifer Lopez was spotted in East Hampton, New York with her kids and Casper Smart, sporting a stunning black dress with a daring plunge neckline.

Glam: The 46-year-old singer also wore her hair in a top knot and had on red lipstick

The 46-year-old songstress, Glam, looked absolutely stunning in a floor-length black maxi dress that revealed her décolletage. To complete her look, she pulled her famous locks into a high top knot and added a bold shade of red lipstick, accentuating her features and making her stand out even more on the warm summer day. Her outfit was completed with a six-inch pair of high heels and a red and beige handbag, while large gold hoop earrings added a touch of glamour to her overall ensemble. It’s not surprising that everyone simply couldn’t take their eyes off of her!

The crew: Also with Jennifer, the kids and Casper was J-Lo's mother Guadalupe

J-Lo’s squad consisted of not only Jennifer herself but also her children, Casper and her mother, Guadalupe.

Easy like Sunday morning: Her boyfriend of several years, Smart, kept it much more casual in a white T-shirt and beige shirts with clean looking white sneakers

On a lazy Sunday morning, Smart, the woman’s long-term boyfriend, opted for a laid-back look with a plain white tee, beige shorts, and fresh white sneakers. The choreographer accompanying them had eye-catching tattoos on their left leg while Nick Jonas’ friend rocked sunglasses and a light beard. The woman’s daughter, Emme, looked adorable in a horse-print sweater and shorts with ponytail tied back and sneakers on her feet. Accompanied by a handler, Max wore a red shirt, beige shorts, and flip flops. To complete the squad, Maid In Manhattan actress’s mother, Guadalupe, donned a Hawaiian print shirt and blue slacks, looking all set to lounge by the pool.

Work it: The superstar is busy this summer shooting Shades Of Blue and performing in Las Vegas

Putting in the work: The famous celebrity is currently occupied with his/her schedule this season as they film Shades Of Blue and deliver live performances in Las Vegas.

Funday Sunday: Little Emme was darling in a sweater with a horse print and shorts with sneakers with her hair pulled back in a ponytail

On a bright Sunday, Emme looked absolutely adorable in her horse-print sweater paired with shorts and sneakers. Her hair was neatly tied back in a ponytail, adding to her cute and playful appearance.

A mini Marc Anthony: Max, who strolled with a handler, wore a red shirt with beige shirts and flip flops

A pint-sized version of the famous singer, Marc Anthony, was spotted with his handler. The little boy, named Max, looked adorable in a casual outfit consisting of a red shirt, beige shorts, and flip flops.

New shoes? It must have been some spree at Blue & Cream because Smart carried two big bags alone to theor black Yukon SUV

Did Smart go on a shopping spree at Blue & Cream? It seems likely, based on the two large bags they were carrying alone to their black Yukon SUV. Guadalupe also had a bag from Intermix. Meanwhile, Lopez has been playing Harlee Santos on Shades Of Blue and recently posted a photo from the set with the caption “Harlee is baaack.” In a recent interview with DARE magazine, the singer shared that she used to feel self-conscious about her curves, but has learned to embrace her body and encourages others to do the same.

She talks: In a candid interview with Britain's DARE magazine, the singer recalled: 'I remember thinking I wasn't thin enough because I had curves'

In an honest conversation with DARE magazine from the UK, the singer shared her thoughts about body image. She recalled a time when she felt like she wasn’t thin enough because of her curves. However, she believes that feeling beautiful is a mindset that everyone should adopt, regardless of how their bodies compare to others. Jennifer emphasized the importance of working out to feel comfortable in one’s skin and promote body confidence. As a former “Fly Girl” on In Living Color in 1991, Jennifer’s confidence comes from dancing. When she feels insecure, she turns to dance to see what her body is capable of and experience the endorphin rush that comes with it. She considers herself a dancer at heart and loves it!

Papa: Lopez wished her dad a Happy Father's Day on Sunday with this Instagram

Jennifer Lopez wished her father a Happy Father’s Day via Instagram on Sunday. The multi-talented actress and singer has made a name for herself in various high-profile projects, including Selena and The Wedding Planner, and is also celebrated for her curvaceous figure. In 2000, she turned heads in a green Versace gown at the Grammys that barely covered her ample assets, flaunting her toned hips and bootylicious behind. In a recent interview, Lopez expressed her gratitude for all the work she has at the moment and feels that her acting is her best work, as it was the first thing that people got to know her for. She sees herself as an actress who dances and sings, rather than the other way around, as she didn’t release her first record until almost 30 years old.

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