“I’m a Misfit in Hollywood!” Jennifer Lopez Reveals Feeling Out of Place in the Industry Following Hustlers Snub at Oscars

On Thursday, Jennifer Lopez appeared in a new video posted on her JLO Beauty Instagram page. The 52-year-old singer, known for her hit “Jenny From The Block,” sported a tight-fitting yellow dress with a keyhole at the front while discussing the need for Latin women to assume leadership roles. However, what caught the viewer’s attention was when Ben Affleck’s girlfriend revealed that she never felt like she “fit in” in Hollywood, despite appearing in nearly 30 films. Even now, she still feels like an “outsider.”

New from Jenny: Jennifer Lopez was seen in a new video shared to her JLO Beauty Instagram page on Thursday

Jenny has some exciting news to share! Jennifer Lopez recently made an appearance on her JLO Beauty Instagram page in a new video. The talented actress and singer has had an impressive career since her debut in 1995’s My Family, where she starred alongside Jimmy Smits and Constance Marie. She has since appeared in many successful films such as Money Train, The Cell, The Wedding Singer, and Maid In Manhattan. Not only that, but she has also produced several of her own films including El Cantante, Second Act, and Hustlers. The stunning actress has two new movies coming out soon, Marry Me, featuring Owen Wilson, and Shotgun Wedding, starring Josh Duhamel. In the video, Lopez shared that she believes everyone wants to feel like they belong. Exciting times are ahead for this talented star!

Inspiring: The Jenny From The Block singer, 52, wore a skintight yellow dress with a keyhole in the front as she talked about the importance of Latin women becoming leaders

The 52-year-old pop icon, Jennifer Lopez, looked stunning in a form-fitting yellow dress with a daring keyhole detail. She spoke passionately about the significance of Latin women taking on leadership roles, motivating and encouraging them to do so.

Say it ain't so: But what stood out most in the clip was toward the end where the girlfriend of Ben Affleck shared has never felt like she 'belonged in Hollywood' even though she has made almost 30 movies. And she added she still feels like 'an outsider'

Can you believe it? The most striking part of the video was when Ben Affleck’s girlfriend admitted that she doesn’t feel like she fits in with the Hollywood crowd, despite having acted in almost 30 films. She went on to say that she still feels like a bit of an outsider.

Let's belong: Lopez started by saying everyone wants to feel like they 'belong'

Begin by stating that according to Lopez, the desire for a sense of belonging is universal among human beings. People crave a feeling of acceptance and connection.

Outsider: Then she made the shocking statement that she never felt she 'belonged' in the movie business

The actress shocked everyone when she admitted that she never really felt like she belonged in the movie industry. Despite her success, she revealed that there were times when she felt like an outsider, and this feeling still lingers even now. However, she believes that having a supportive tribe is essential in overcoming this obstacle. Lopez also emphasized the importance of self-acceptance in feeling truly beautiful. Perhaps her lack of nomination for her role in Hustlers has contributed to her current emotional state.

Ouch: 'I think for me, I know it is important for all of us to feel like we belong, um, and like most people there's so many times in your life when you feel like an outsider, I feel like that in Hollywood sometimes,' she said as sad music played in the background

Jennifer Lopez expressed that she believes it is crucial for everyone to feel a sense of belonging, as she sometimes feels like an outsider in the Hollywood industry. Unfortunately, despite receiving numerous positive reviews and predictions of an Oscar nomination, Jennifer was not among the final nominees. This left her feeling disappointed and like she had let others down. Nonetheless, Jennifer’s latest video aims to highlight the significance of Latin women standing up and making their voices heard.

Harsh: 'I still feel that way,' added the star, making it clear she does not feel fully accepted as an actress

The celebrity disclosed that she still experiences the same sentiments, indicating that she hasn’t completely been recognized as a bona fide performer.

She has her people: 'But the truth is you just need your little tribe. I believe we all have this limitless power inside of us that makes us unstoppable,' she added

She spoke about her close-knit group: “Honestly, all you really need is your own little tribe. I truly believe that we all possess an immense power within us that makes us unstoppable,” she remarked. She went on to talk about being a Latina woman, explaining that many people assume that they cannot be successful, run a business or be in charge. However, she believes that Latinas are courageous and have the strength to achieve anything they set their minds to. In a relaxed living room setting, she introduced herself as Jennifer Lopez, founder of JLo Beauty. Speaking in Spanish, she mentioned that she grew up in the Bronx, New York and began working in a beauty salon as a young girl. When creating JLO Beauty, her intention was to create something that reflected her upbringing and the people she grew up with.

A big hit: She worked with Matthew McConaughey on the rom com The Wedding Planner

One of her major successes was collaborating with Matthew McConaughey in the romantic comedy film, The Wedding Planner.

A big deal: Lopez was the star of the blockbuster Maid In Manhattan in 2003

It was a major accomplishment for Lopez when she became the leading lady in the hit movie Maid In Manhattan back in 2003.

According to her, the development of JLo Beauty took a couple of years, but it had been brewing in her mind for two decades. Moreover, she expressed her excitement about collaborating with Sephora. Lopez shifted her attention to building the JLo Beauty brand and shared how her mother’s use of olive oil was the secret behind her radiant complexion. Nevertheless, she cautioned that not all olive oils are suitable for skin care and made some modifications to the ingredient.

She did not get Oscar love for this: In May 2020 Jennifer told Oprah Winfrey, 'I felt like I let everyone down a little bit' when she was not Academy Award nominated for Hustlers; seen with Constance Wu

Jennifer expressed disappointment in not receiving an Academy Award nomination for her role in Hustlers during her conversation with Oprah Winfrey in May 2020. Despite this setback, she continued to pursue her passions and collaborated with renowned formulators to create a product based on a family secret. Recently, the Grammy winner shared a mini-movie on her personal Instagram showcasing her trip to Venice, Italy, with a focus on the day she supported her beau, Ben Affleck, during the premiere of his new movie, The Last Duel. Jennifer, a native of Bronx, remains committed to her craft and endeavors to achieve success in all of her ventures.

For 2022: Next year Jennifer co-stars with Owen Wilson in the romantic comedy Marry Me

Jennifer looks forward to her upcoming project in 2022, where she will star alongside Owen Wilson in the romantic comedy Marry Me. She expresses her excitement for fans to see the movie, which also features talented actors such as Ben, Matt Damon, Adam Driver, and Jodie Comer. This film marks the first collaboration between Matt and Ben since Good Will Hunting, and Jennifer raves about the incredible acting performances by the cast. She particularly highlights Jodie Comer’s outstanding portrayal of the lead character. Jennifer fondly reminisces about her time on set, sharing pictures and signing off with “Baci Baci Baci,” which translates to “kisses” in Italian.

With her man: This comes just after the Bronx native shared a mini movie to her own Instagram page that gave a look back at her trip to Venice, Italy. The Grammy winner specifically focused on the day she helped her love Ben Affleck promote his new film The Last Duel. Seen on September 10

In the company of her significant other: Recently, the artist from the Bronx posted a short film on her personal Instagram account that reminisced about her visit to Venice, Italy. The focus was mainly on the time when she accompanied her partner, Ben Affleck, during his promotion of the film The Last Duel. This was observed on September 10th.

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