Hola! Miley Cyrus Flaunts Her Gorgeous Abs in Flattering Flamenco-inspired Crop Top and Mini Skater Skirt

Miley Cyrus’s personal style is often praised for being vibrant and bold, and this was evident once again as she stood out in a crowd while enjoying a meal in Studio City, Los Angeles. The 22-year-old singer confidently displayed her toned stomach in a flamenco-inspired outfit, complete with a multitude of vibrant colors. Watch the video below to see her eye-catching ensemble in action.

Arriba! Miley Cyrus showed off her taut stomach flamenco styled ensemble on Sunday in Studio City

Hurray! Miley Cyrus proudly displayed her well-toned belly in a flamenco-inspired outfit on a sunny Sunday in Studio City.

Embracing the sunshine: Cyrus wore a pink and yellow plunging crop top with a white skater skirt

Enjoying the sunny weather, Cyrus opted for a fashionable look, consisting of a vibrant pink and yellow crop top that accentuated her figure. Complementing the top, she paired it with a white trendy skater skirt, creating a stylish and playful ensemble. To shield her eyes from the sun’s rays, she opted for trendy yellow oval-shaped sunglasses. Despite recently recovering from a bout of the summer flu, Miley appeared to be in high spirits, radiating positivity and energy. With her stunning outfit, she completed the look by adding slip-on trainers for both comfort and style. To enhance her overall appearance, the singer accessorized with eye-catching large disc earrings. Her beautiful hair was pulled back into a sleek ponytail, adorned with charming floral clips, adding a touch of whimsy to her already vibrant look.

Eccentric style: Miley carried a pink rucksack as a pair of white slip on trainers finished her look

Quirky fashion: Miley completed her ensemble with a bubblegum-colored backpack and a trendy pair of white slip-on sneakers.

In good company: The 22-year-old was joined by a female friend as they grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast

Enjoying each other’s company, the 22-year-old individual was accompanied by a close female friend as they indulged in a delightful breakfast together. True to her nature, Miley couldn’t resist sharing her experiences on various social media platforms. She turned to Instagram, where her vast following of 28.5 million eagerly awaited her updates. Delighting her fans, the talented singer shared a snapshot of her glamorous ‘ice cream’ manicure and pedicure, playfully joking that her toes appeared to be united in an inseparable bond. Accompanying the picture, Miley captioned it with humor, stating: “My nails are reminiscent of delicious ice cream treats, while my toes seem to have become conjoined twins. Mind-blowing, huh?”

'My nails look like icecream': Miley shared a picture of her glittery mani-pedi to Instagram on Sunday

Miley delighted her fans on Sunday by showcasing her glitzy manicure and pedicure on Instagram, comparing the icy appearance of her nails to delicious scoops of ice cream.

Something new... According to reports, Miley is considering getting silicon horns implanted into her head

Here’s a paraphrased version: There’s fresh buzz about Miley Cyrus’s latest fascination. Reports suggest that the singer is contemplating the idea of having silicon horns surgically implanted in her head. As per InTouch magazine, it was recently disclosed that Miley has expressed a desire to get these unique implants. Apparently, this isn’t the only procedure she’s considering, as there are rumors of her looking into corset piercing as well. A source close to the singer revealed to the publication that Miley envisions the implants to be bold and eye-catching, resembling devil horns.

Also in tow... Miley's mother Tish was also pictured out and about in Beverly Hills on Sunday

In addition… Accompanying Miley, her mother Tish was also captured strolling around in Beverly Hills over the weekend.

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