“Going Commando: Miley Cyrus Dishes on Missing Quick Changes and Running Out in Underwear on Bangerz Tour”

Who needs clothes? Miley Cyrus reveals she had to 'run out in her undies' as she misses her 'quick change' on Bangerz tour

Who really needs clothes anyways? Miley Cyrus admits to having to make a quick dash in her underwear after missing a costume change during her Bangerz tour.

Not THAT many clothes to begin with: Miley's fans could have easily been forgiven for thinking a bra and pants was just another stage costume

At the start, Miley didn’t have a ton of clothes in her wardrobe. So, when she hit the stage in just a bra and pants, her fans could have mistaken it for just another one of her signature costumes.

Outrageous: Miley certainly isn't shy when it comes to performing on stage for her latest world tour

Outrageous: Miley is definitely not holding back when it comes to her stage presence for her most recent global tour.

Wrecking smalls: Miley Cyrus reveals she avoided being late by running on stage in her underwear after missing quick change

Smashing smalls: Miley Cyrus shares how she dodged being tardy by sprinting onto the stage in her underwear when she missed a costume change.

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