“Educational Empowerment: Shakira’s Role in the Rehabilitation of a Catholic School for Girls in Haiti”

Shakira seems to be using her iconic hip shaking for a noble purpose! The Barefoot Foundation, founded by the Colombian singer herself, is dedicated to aiding young victims of violence and natural disasters. Recently, the foundation donated $400,000 to help rebuild a Catholic girls’ school that was damaged during the earthquake in Haiti.

Shakira Helps Rebuild Catholic Girls’ School in Haiti

On October 28, 2020, Lyndra Vassar posted an update.


Shakira, the popular Colombian singer, is using her famous hip-shaking moves to benefit a good cause. Recently, her Barefoot Foundation contributed $400,000 to restore a Catholic girl’s school in Haiti that was damaged during the earthquake. Shakira believes that education is vital for Haiti’s proper development and growth. The project aims to construct a nine-classroom school accommodating 250 students and will take almost 14 months to complete. Shakira met the students who were ecstatic about the new school. They are delighted that a celebrity is taking an interest in their school, and they hope to learn more and improve their educational experience. It is heartening to see celebrities making a meaningful impact in disaster-stricken areas, and we congratulate Shakira on her noble initiative.

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