Britney Spears Shines in Dazzling Gold and Sets MTV VMA Stage Ablaze with a Highly Anticipated Comeback Performance (except for the lip-syncing mishap)

Britney Spears made a dazzling comeback at the MTV VMA stage after a long 10 years. The 34-year-old pop sensation wowed the audience with her energetic dance moves while performing her latest hit single, Make Me… Although there was some criticism about her lip-syncing, it was undeniable that she was in her best physical shape ever. She commanded the stage in a sparkling gold leotard with a deep neckline, paired with a matching choker and high-heeled boots. The performance was a visual delight, leaving the crowd in awe.

She's ba-ack! Britney Spears returned to the MTV VMA stage for the first time in a decade to perform her brand new single Make Me... on Sunday

Guess who made a grand comeback? Yup, you’ve got it! Britney Spears graced the MTV VMA stage after a long hiatus of ten years to mesmerize the audience with her latest single titled Make Me…

Bold and fearless, she commanded the spotlight as she graced the stage of Madison Square Garden. Adorned in a dazzling, gold leotard that accentuated her curves, she exuded confidence and power. A matching choker adorned her neck, amplifying her magnetic presence. With each step she took in her high-heeled boots, she owned the stage, leaving an unforgettable mark on the audience. The unmistakable allure of the 2011 Video Vanguard Award glistened on her, making her shine even brighter in the hearts of her adoring fans.

Fit: There's no doubt the 34-year-old pop diva was in the best shape of her life during the dance-heavy yet lip-synced rendition of her R&B-influenced ballad

Physical Fitness: It is undeniable that the 34-year-old queen of pop showcased her incredible physical fitness during her energetic dance routine, although it was apparent that she was lip-syncing to her R&B-inspired ballad. Surprisingly, Britney started the performance in a simple manner, standing in silhouette against a large white backdrop. Sporting her signature blonde hair extensions, the Private Show singer flawlessly mouthed the lyrics of her slow-paced song. On stage, she was accompanied by four talented female dancers and the rapper G-Eazy, who contributed some verses to the song Make Me… It is worth noting that G-Eazy’s towering height of 6ft5in greatly contrasted with the petite 5ft4in Grammy winner.

Werk: It was a surprisingly stripped show for bronzed Britney, who kicked off the song in silhouette beneath a large white backdrop

Performance: It came as quite the unexpected surprise as Britney, with her sun-kissed complexion, delivered a stripped-down spectacle, commencing the song from the shadows underneath a massive white screen.

In unison: The Private Show hitmaker sported her signature flaxen hair extensions as she mimed the lyrics of her slow-paced track

Together: The singer known for her hit song “Private Show” flaunted her distinctive blonde hair extensions while lip-syncing the lyrics of her mellow song.

Sparse production: Spears was joined onstage by four female dancers and G-Eazy, who raps on a couple verses of Make Me...

Limited production: Spears was accompanied on stage by a group of four talented female dancers and the talented G-Eazy, who added his rapping skills to a few verses of the song Make Me…

Giant! At 6ft5in, the 27-year-old Berkeley native literally towered over the petite 5ft4in Grammy winner

Giant! At 6ft5in, the 27-year-old Berkeley native literally towered over the petite 5ft4in Grammy winner

Enormous! Standing tall at 6ft5in, the 27-year-old individual from Berkeley quite literally overshadowed the petite 5ft4in Grammy winner. In a particular moment during the song, Britney placed her hand with a French manicure on the lower area of G-Eazy’s black slim-fitting jeans. The blonde artist, hailing from Mississippi, then gracefully maneuvered herself between the attractive hip-hop star’s lengthy limbs, being mindful not to stray into vulgar territory. Maintaining a level of modesty, Spears concluded the interaction by embracing G-Eazy and planting a polite kiss on his cheek.

Racy! At one point in the song, Britney put her French manicured hand on the crotch of G-Eazy's black skinny jeans

Steamy! During a particular moment in the song, Britney sensually placed her elegantly manicured hand onto the intimate area covered by G-Eazy’s form-fitting, jet-black jeans.

Still a slave 4 u! The Mississippi-born blonde then crawled between the handsome hip-hop star's - born Gerald Gillum - long legs

Still a slave 4 u! The Mississippi-born blonde then crawled between the handsome hip-hop star's - born Gerald Gillum - long legs

I’m still devoted to you! The enchanting blonde from Mississippi playfully maneuvered herself between the long legs of the charming hip-hop artist, Gerald Gillum.

Thanks! Careful not to cross a line into raunchy, Spears gave G-Eazy a hug and a chaste kiss on the cheek afterwards

Be cautious and avoid stepping into inappropriate territory, Britney Spears affectionately embraced G-Eazy, giving him a friendly hug and a peck on the cheek afterwards.

Triumphant return: The Clumsy crooner was attempting to redeem her previous, infamous performance at the 2007 awards ceremony

Triumph at the comeback: The Clumsy singer was making an effort to regain her reputation after her infamous performance at the awards ceremony in 2007. Kim Kardashian West had the honor of introducing Britney, whom she openly admitted she was a huge fan of on Twitter. “I can’t wait to see how stunning you’ll look tonight! See you right after!” Spears, who has an impressive 99.9 million followers, shared the tweet with excitement. “I’m so excited for this evening!”

'It's Britney, b****!' Kim Kardashian West had the privilege of introducing Britney, whom she confessed she was 'obsessed with' on Twitter

“It’s all about Britney, baby!” Kim Kardashian West proudly announced as she had the incredible honor of introducing none other than the sensational Britney. In a delightful confession on Twitter, Kim revealed her absolute fascination and admiration for the iconic pop star.

Spears - who boasts 99.9M followers - retweeted: 'Can't wait to see how hot you're gonna look tonight! See you 10 seconds after!'

Spears, with a staggering count of 99.9 million followers, couldn’t contain her excitement as she retweeted a message that read: “I’m eagerly anticipating witnessing your amazing appearance tonight! Be prepared to dazzle me in just 10 seconds!”

Cheers! It was excellent timing for the divorced mother-of-two, who dropped her ninth studio album Glory just two days earlier

Hooray! The divorced mother-of-two hit the jackpot with her perfectly-timed release of her ninth studio album, Glory, just 48 hours ago.

The recently divorced mother-of-two had impeccable timing with the release of her ninth studio album, “Glory,” just two days ago. It’s astonishing to see how much Britney has transformed since her infamous hair extension mishap and unsteady performance of “Gimme More” in 2007. One cannot forget her iconic moment when she surprised everyone by kissing Madonna during a captivating performance alongside her former rival, Christina Aguilera, at the 2003 show.

Remember? It's hard to believe it was the same Britney that sported horrendous hair extensions and a worryingly wobbly gait from her ill-fated performance of Gimme More in 2007

Do you recall? It’s quite unbelievable that the Britney we saw back in 2007, with her dreadful hair extensions and a rather unsteady walk during her unfortunate Gimme More performance, is the same person we’re talking about.

Passing the baton: The Pretty Girls singer also famously locked lips with Madonna in a surprise performance featuring once-rival Christina Aguilera to kick off the 2003 show

Handing over the torch: The artist known for his hit song “Pretty Girls” created a buzz when he unexpectedly shared a passionate kiss with Madonna during a remarkable performance at the beginning of the 2003 event, alongside former competitor Christina Aguilera.

Iconic: Perhaps Spears' most memorable moment was in 2001 when she performed I'm A Slave 4 You with a large snake draped over her shoulders

Unforgettable: One of Spears’ most iconic instances took place in 2001, as she captivated the audience when she sang and danced to the song I’m A Slave 4 You while elegantly adorned with a majestic serpent gracefully coiled around her body.

Debut: She also performed along with boyband *NSync in 1999 as they did a medley which included her hit Baby One More Time and their song Tearing Up My Heart

In 1999, Britney Spears had a memorable debut performance alongside the boyband *NSync. They did a medley that included her popular song “Baby One More Time” and their hit “Tearing Up My Heart.” Another unforgettable moment for Spears was in 2001 when she performed “I’m A Slave 4 You” with a massive snake draped over her shoulders. Additionally, she also shared the stage with her ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake and *NSync for a medley performance in 1999, featuring their songs and her iconic hit. Now, Britney is getting ready to continue her impressive Las Vegas residency, which has brought her immense success. The 15th leg of her 199-concert residency will kick off this Wednesday at Planet Hollywood’s AXIS.

Back on top: Britney resumes the 15th leg of her lucrative, 199-concert Las Vegas residency this Wednesday at Planet Hollywood's AXIS

Reclaiming the spotlight: Britney Spears is set to kickstart the 15th leg of her highly profitable Las Vegas residency, delighting fans at Planet Hollywood’s AXIS venue starting this Wednesday.

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