Britney Spears Reveals the Untold Story of Her Intense Flirtation with Colin Farrell, Comparing it to a Wild Tango, and Recalling how they Couldn’t Keep their Hands off Each Other after Her Break-up with Justin Timberlake… Despite his Threats of Legal Action for Sharing Their Secret Affair

Britney Spears has finally opened up about her brief romance with Colin Farrell in her highly-anticipated memoir, The Woman In Me, set to be released next week. The Grammy-winning singer, 41, first crossed paths with the 47-year-old Oscar nominee through a mutual friend in the club scene. Their connection intensified when Britney visited Colin on the set of his film S.W.A.T. in 2003, leading to a passionate and intense fling. In her memoir, Britney describes their affair as akin to a heated street fight, with both of them unable to keep their hands off each other. She shares in an excerpt obtained by TIME, “It felt like we were in a brawl – our desire for each other was so intense that we were literally all over each other.” At the time, Colin maintained that they were just friends when asked about their relationship by reporters at the premiere of his film The Recruit. He referred to Britney as a kind-hearted girl and denied any romantic involvement, stating, “We’re not dating. She’s a sweet, sweet girl. There’s nothing going on — just mates.”

Hitting shelves next Tuesday! Britney Spears finally spills the beans about her two-week fling with Colin Farrell (L, pictured in 2003) in her highly-anticipated memoir The Woman In Me

Coming soon! Britney Spears is finally revealing all the juicy details about her short-lived romance with Colin Farrell in her highly-anticipated memoir, “The Woman In Me,” hitting shelves next Tuesday. In the book, the singer, originally from Mississippi, opens up about her struggle to move on from her three-year relationship with Justin Timberlake, whom she met on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992. Britney candidly writes about her attempts to convince herself that her fling with Colin was no big deal and just a casual, fun time. She admits feeling vulnerable due to still being emotionally attached to Justin. Despite momentarily thinking there could be something more with Colin, Britney reflects on the disappointments in her love life, which contributed to her feeling isolated and awkward. In her tell-all, spanning 288 pages, Spears also reveals that after her split from Justin in 2002, the Grammy winner slept with “six or seven girls” in a matter of weeks. She confesses to being in love with Justin and describes him as a dream come true for many women. Furthermore, the pop star discloses that when she was 19 and pregnant, Justin pressured her to have an abortion. This revelation, among others, reportedly led to legal threats from both Justin and Colin’s lawyers, resulting in a four-month delay of her book. According to sources, lawyers insisted on reviewing and removing certain details before allowing the publication to proceed. However, these issues have now been resolved, and Britney’s autobiography is set for release. It’s worth noting that “The Woman In Me” will not touch upon Britney’s recent divorce from her third husband, Sam Asghari, whom she was married to for 14 months. Despite this omission, the memoir has already garnered immense popularity, topping Amazon’s Best Sellers list. With its promised insider information and captivating stories, Britney Spears’ memoir is sure to become a must-read for fans and celebrity gossip enthusiasts alike.

'Brawl is the only word for it': The 41-year-old Grammy winner originally met the 47-year-old Oscar nominee through a 'club promoter friend' before visiting him on the set of his 2003 movie S.W.A.T. and things got steamy pretty quick

“It’s safe to say it was quite a brawl,” described the Grammy-winning individual, aged 41, when recalling their initial encounter with the 47-year-old Academy Award nominee. Their acquaintance came about through a mutual friend who happened to be a club promoter. The Grammy winner soon found themselves paying a visit to the set of the Oscar nominee’s movie S.W.A.T. in 2003, resulting in a rather heated and passionate connection.

Britney wrote in an excerpt obtained by TIME: 'We were all over each other, grappling so passionately it was like we were in a street fight'

According to a passage Britney penned, as shared by TIME, we were so entangled in each other’s embrace that our fervor resembled a heated brawl on the bustling streets.

Spears then attended the premiere of Farrell's movie The Recruit where he told reporters: 'We're not dating. She's a sweet, sweet girl. There's nothing going on ¿ just mates'

Spears subsequently made an appearance at the debut of Farrell’s film The Recruit and candidly addressed the media, stating, “We’re not in a romantic relationship. She’s an incredibly kind-hearted individual. There is no romantic involvement between us; we’re simply friends.”

'I wasn't over Justin yet': The Mississippi-born singer admitted she was still not over her three-year relationship with Justin Timberlake (R, pictured in 2001), whom she had met on the Florida set of The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992

“I hadn’t completely moved on from Justin,” confessed the artist hailing from Mississippi. She openly acknowledged that her three-year romance with Justin Timberlake (pictured in 2001) was still occupying a significant space in her heart. The duo had initially crossed paths on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club in 1992 while filming in Florida.

'He was a girl's dream. I was in love with him': Spears also detailed in her 288-page tell-all that the 42-year-old Grammy winner slept with 'six or seven girls' in the weeks after their 2002 split

“He was like every girl’s fantasy. I was head over heels for him,” Spears revealed in her extensive 288-page memoir, where she candidly disclosed that the 42-year-old Grammy recipient engaged in intimate encounters with “approximately six or seven women” in the aftermath of their breakup back in 2002.

Shock revelation! The semi-retired pop star - who received $15M for the book - also claimed Justin pressured her to have an abortion when they got pregnant at age 19

Surprising news! The pop star who is partially retired and received a hefty sum of $15 million for her book reveals that Justin pressured her to have an abortion when they unexpectedly became pregnant at the young age of 19. In a recent review published by New York Times critic Leah Greenblatt, she expresses her belief that after reading the book, it is incredibly difficult not to feel empathy and genuine outrage on behalf of Spears. Greenblatt notes that while the book is confessional and filled with fury, it may not fulfill the expectations of those hoping for a strong feminist statement from Spears. Additionally, it is not a comprehensive, detailed account of her life and career as some have previously offered. However, Greenblatt argues that Spears has always revealed her true self through her Instagram videos and her extensive collection of songs that touch on themes of isolation, liberation, longing, and resistance. In the grand scheme of things, Britney’s impact on pop music cannot be ignored. She has played a significant role in elevating and embellishing the genre, becoming a radiant blonde star that pushed the boundaries of what was considered mainstream culture. Now, it is time to allow her to live her life. To add to her already impressive Instagram presence, the talented artist shared another solo video of herself in her luxurious $11.8 million Calabasas mansion. This time, she showcased her dress-making skills while joking about the dress snapping in the back during the shoot. Britney proudly proclaimed that she made the dress herself, highlighting her imperfections. In a playful “P.S.” to her fans, she asked if it was too early to have a fully decorated Christmas tree in her extravagant living room. The latest video of the former Mouseketeer featured Cardi B, Bad Bunny, and J Balvin’s catchy 2018 hit, “I Like It.”

Sewing needles - not knives! On Thursday night, the Hold Me Closer hitmaker shared yet another solo video of herself modeling in her $11.8M Calabasas mansion but, this time, she showed off her dress-making skills

Using sewing needles instead of knives! On Thursday evening, the popular singer Hold Me Closer delighted her fans by posting a new solo video. This time, she showcased her talent for dressmaking while modeling in her magnificent $11.8 million Calabasas mansion.

Britney captioned her video: 'Classic! It snapped in the back while I was shooting! I made this dress myself! No lie! But I'm not perfect!'

She boasts 42.2M followers on Instagram alone

Britney, with an impressive number of 42.2 million followers on Instagram, playfully described in the caption of her video: “Just a classic moment! The dress unexpectedly snapped at the back while I was shooting! Can you believe it? I actually created this dress with my own hands! I must admit, perfection is not my forte!”

Two months early! Spears then added a 'P.S.' asking her fans if it was 'too early' to have a fully-decorated Christmas tree inside her palatial living room

Two months ahead of schedule! Spears playfully tacked on a ‘P.S.’ to her message, amusingly questioning her followers whether it may appear ‘premature’ to have an elaborately adorned Christmas tree taking up space in her luxurious living area.

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