Britney Spears Excites Fans with Anticipation of Big News on Ellen Show, Hints at Highly Awaited 10th Album Release

There has been speculation going around for quite some time about Britney Spears’ upcoming tenth album. The anticipation is building, and it seems like the wait may finally be over. In a recent interview on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, the 36-year-old singer hinted at a big announcement regarding her new album. While she couldn’t reveal the details just yet, she did mention that everything will be unveiled on October 18. Fans will have to hold on a little longer for the exciting news.

What could it be? Britney Spears appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Thursday with a secret 'big announcement'

Guess what? Britney Spears made a surprise appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show last Thursday and had everyone buzzing with anticipation. Revealing a secret ‘big announcement,’ she piqued the curiosity of the audience. With an air of excitement, she exclaimed, “I’ve got an enormous announcement to share!” However, she cunningly teased the viewers by revealing that her announcement was, in fact, an announcement itself. Despite Ellen’s attempts to extract additional details, Britney remained guarded and left everyone guessing.

Could it be new music? Britney said all would be revealed on October 18, with many believing it was a new album release 

Is it possible that there is new music on the horizon? Britney spilled the beans, promising to unveil everything on October 18th, leaving numerous fans speculating that it could be the highly anticipated release of a brand-new album.

Secret's nearly out: And while Britney didn't explicitly reveal the surprise was a new album, she has spent the past year hinting at its release

The secret is almost ready to be revealed: Even though Britney did not directly disclose that the surprise is a brand-new album, she has been dropping hints about its upcoming release throughout the past year. She mentioned that she can only announce this exciting news on October 18. Additionally, Britney and Ellen decided that the “big announcement” will be shared on Ellen’s YouTube channel.

Time more new music! It's been over two years since Britney's last album release, Glory 

Let’s dive into some fresh tunes! It’s been a solid two years since Britney dropped her last album, Glory.

In an interview with People magazine earlier this year, she shared exciting news about being in the recording studio for her upcoming 10th album. She teasingly mentioned, “It’s a big secret.” Following the release of her ninth album, Glory, in August 2016, Britney has been busy with her Las Vegas residency for the past four years. However, with the residency now behind her, she has been using her free time to bond with her sons, Sean aged 13, Jayden aged 12, and her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, aged 24. Through her social media posts, Britney has been giving her fans a glimpse into this cherished quality time she’s been enjoying with her loved ones.

Family time: The pop princess has now finished up with the tour and regularly takes to social media to showcase her new-found time spent with her sons Sean, 13, and Jayden, 12, as well as beau Sam Asghari, 24 

Quality time with loved ones: The beloved pop star has recently wrapped up her tour and often uses social media to proudly share moments of precious family time with her two sons, Sean (13) and Jayden (12), as well as her partner, Sam Asghari (24).

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