Breaking News: Jennifer Lopez Sparks Controversy as She Disregards New York’s Quarantine Rules, Enjoying a Beach Day and Bike Ride in the Hamptons Following her Arrival from Los Angeles

New York has recently implemented rigorous quarantine measures for individuals entering the state from 19 specific U.S. states, including California. However, Jennifer Lopez seemed to disregard these rules on Wednesday, as she was captured practicing meditation on a beautiful Hamptons beach. Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Executive Order clearly states that individuals arriving from the designated states are required to avoid public spaces for a full 14 days upon their arrival. Contrary to this directive, Lopez was seen boarding a private jet in Los Angeles merely a week ago, thus not adhering to the mandated two-week quarantine period.

What quarantine? Jennifer Lopez appeared to flout New York's quarantine rules on Wednesday, when the 50-year-old mega star was pictured meditating on a Hamptons beach

Who needs to follow quarantine rules? Jennifer Lopez seemed to disregard New York’s quarantine regulations on Wednesday when the 50-year-old superstar was caught meditating on a serene beach in the Hamptons.

Day out: The Hustlers star was snapped traversing the white sands of a beach in the upscale community

Lopez shows off her famous derriere in her shimmering leggings

Beach Day: Jennifer Lopez, known for her role in the movie Hustlers, was seen enjoying the beautiful white sands of an upscale beach community. She sat comfortably on the beach, cross-legged, while wearing a face mask for protection. Interestingly, a woman sitting nearby did not have a mask on. Later in the day, Jennifer was captured riding her bike in public, this time without any kind of facial covering. We have contacted Jennifer Lopez for a comment regarding this matter.

Looking up the rules? Lopez showed off her sensational figure in leggings and a tank top for the questionable outing

Wondering about the regulations? Lopez confidently flaunted her stunning physique, sporting leggings and a tank top during an unconventional excursion.

No mask: Before her beach outing, Jennifer was snapped riding her bike in public without any sort of facial covering whatsoever

No face covering: Jennifer was photographed riding her bike in public without wearing any kind of mask before going to the beach. And over the weekend, it wasn’t just Jennifer, the popular singer and actress, riding around the beach area, but also her fiance Alex Rodriguez and other family members. They had all taken the same private flight from Los Angeles just days before. Jennifer’s 12-year-old twins, Max and Emme, from her previous relationship with Marc Anthony, joined them on the flight, along with Alex’s white labrador and her son’s new Goldendoodle puppy. The couple didn’t keep their flight plans a secret either, as A-Rod shared about it on social media.

Out again: Jennifer was joined by an entourage that included her fiance A-Rod on a ride around the Hamptons on July 5

Going out once again: Jennifer had her fiancé A-Rod by her side as they embarked on a leisurely journey around the beautiful Hamptons on July 5. A-Rod shared a delightful Instagram video, revealing one of their companions, a cute dog, who was a bit apprehensive about flying. Carrying the furry friend in his arms, he gently ascended the stairs of the jet.

While the couple had been sheltering in Miami amid the ongoing pandemic, they took the opportunity to explore Los Angeles in June in search of a new home. They also marked Father’s Day with a memorable celebration in Malibu on June 21.

Governor Cuomo previously issued an Executive Order stating that individuals who have traveled for 24 hours or longer within states with high COVID-19 transmission rates should observe a 14-day quarantine period. However, it is worth noting that those classified as ‘essential workers’ are exempt from this requirement.

Leaving California: The star was photographed boarding a private jet in Los Angeles on July 2, which means she still hasn't served out the mandated two week quarantine period

Saying Goodbye to California: Captured on camera at Los Angeles, a famous celebrity was spotted hopping onto a luxurious private plane on July 2nd, indicating that she has yet to complete the necessary 14-day mandatory quarantine period.

Travelers are required to undergo a period of isolation at their place of residence and are not allowed to venture out during this time.
It is mandatory for each individual or family to be accommodated in separate quarters with their own private bathroom.
In order to maintain safety measures, food deliveries will be made directly to the person’s residing area.
New York has seen a significant number of COVID-19 deaths, contributing to the overall death toll in the United States that exceeds 134,000.

Working it out: While at home, Jennifer and her retired athlete beau kept themselves busy by filming an al fresco workout for Instagram on Monday

Getting active: In their own cozy abode, Jennifer and her partner, a retired athlete, found a fun way to occupy their time by recording an outdoor workout session to share on Instagram on Monday.

Jennifer and her retired athlete partner found a way to stay occupied while at home by recording a workout video in their backyard, which they shared on Instagram. Interestingly, it seems that the workout session was also a subtle advertisement for Presidente beer. In the caption of the post, A-Rod made a reference to the brand and mentioned other activities they had been engaging in over the weekend. However, it is worth noting that Jennifer has previously stated that she doesn’t consume alcohol, so she probably did not take part in promoting the product.

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