Angelina Jolie’s Tender Moments with Twins Vivienne and Knox: A Heartwarming Break from Directing in Sydney

Bonding trip: Angelina Jolie took a break from directing her new film to spend some quality time with her twins Vivienne and Knox in Sydney, Australia on Saturday

Getaway for connection: Angelina Jolie decided to take a little time off from her role as director on her latest project, swapping it for a special moment with her twins, Vivienne and Knox, in the lovely city of Sydney, Australia over the weekend.

Pure joy: Angelina was seen cuddling both the children as the trio sat at a restaurant for lunch

Sheer happiness: Angelina could be spotted showering affection on both of her children as the three of them enjoyed a leisurely lunch at a cozy restaurant.

She's got her hands full! Angelina kept a hold of her energetic children during the meal

She’s got her hands quite occupied! Angelina managed to keep a tight grip on her lively kids throughout the entire meal.

No mistaking that smile: The star grinned widely as she tended to Knox while Vivienne sat beside her

There was no doubt about it, that smile was unmistakable. The celebrity had a wide grin on her face as she took care of Knox, with Vivienne sitting right next to her.

Love all around: Angelina then gave Knox a big kiss on his head as she kept her arm firmly around him

Spreading affection: Angelina expressed her love for Knox by planting a gentle kiss on his forehead while keeping a comforting arm around him.

Sip on this: Angelina was seen giving Knox a can of Australian soft drink Solo, a lemon-flavoured soda

Take a sip of this: Angelina was spotted handing Knox a can of Solo, an Australian fizzy drink with a tangy lemon taste.

Pure elegance: The Oscar winner displayed her slender frame in a simple black top and skirt that reached her shins

Exuding sheer grace: The actress who won the prestigious Oscar awards showcased her slim physique in a minimalist ebony blouse and a calf-length skirt.

Simple yet stylish: Angelina donned black ballet flat and large sunglasses as she clasped her children's hands while leaving the eatery

Effortlessly chic: Angelina gracefully slipped into a pair of sleek black ballet flats and shielded her eyes behind oversized sunglasses, all while gently holding onto her children’s hands as they exited the eatery.

Walking advertisement: The mother-of-six was once the face of Louis Vuitton, and carried one of the designer's signature handbags over her shoulder

Mobile endorsement: The mom who has given birth to six children was previously the representative of the Louis Vuitton brand, proudly showcasing one of their iconic handbags while strolling.

Come Mommy: Angelina was led into the establishment by her daughter, who looked cute as a button in black leggings, a lace top and flats

Join me, Mom: Angelina followed her daughter into the establishment, marveling at how adorable she looked in black leggings, a delicate lace top, and comfortable flats.

Attracting attention: As always, Angelina was snapped by curious onlookers excited to catch a peek of the star

Catching people’s curiosity and excitement, Angelina always found herself becoming the center of attention as interested onlookers hurried to catch a glimpse of the renowned star.

Treat time: The family were seen stopping by a toy store prior to their lunch, with Vivienne emerging carrying a a doll

Time for Fun: Before heading to lunch, the family decided to make a quick pit stop at a toy store. To everyone’s delight, Vivienne was spotted walking out of the store, holding a charming doll in her hands.

It's all in the genes: Vivienne looked like a miniature version of her mother, even adding a movie star touch with a pair of quirky sunglasses

It’s all about genetics: Vivienne resembled her mother so much that she could easily pass for her mini-me. To further enhance her look, she rocked a pair of funky sunglasses, giving off a glamorous movie star vibe.

In we go: Angelina was seen gently steering her children into their waiting vehicle with an expression of serenity despite the chaos

Let’s enter the scene: Angelina skillfully guided her children towards their awaiting car, emanating an aura of tranquility that remained unwavering amidst the surrounding commotion.

Taking the lead: Angelina was seen directing her new film Unbroken on Friday in Sydney

Stepping into the spotlight: Angelina was spotted in Sydney on Friday, taking charge as she directed her latest movie, Unbroken.

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