Angelina Jolie Goes the Extra Mile for Her Admirers: Leaping Over Bushes to Grant Autographs in LA

Only a few days ago, Angelina Jolie showed her compassionate side by consoling a fan in distress, and she didn’t stop there. Continuing her goodwill gesture, the 39-year-old actress went the extra mile to connect with her followers yet again. During a screening of her movie Unbroken in Beverly Hills, California on Monday evening, she took the time to personally greet and sign autographs for fans who patiently waited outside. It seems like Angelina’s tour of spreading kindness is still in full swing. Watch the video below for more details.

Superwoman: Angelina took time and even jumped over a bush to sign autographs for fans as she left a screening for her film Unbroken in Beverly Hills on Monday night

Wonder Woman: Angelina went above and beyond to satisfy her fans as she departed a showing of her film Unbroken in the glamorous Beverly Hills on Monday evening. With a genuine smile on her face, Angelina took the time to personally greet and sign autographs for her devoted admirers, going as far as gracefully jumping over a bush to reach them. Not only did she graciously sign numerous magazine covers, movie posters, and DVD cases, but she also happily posed for selfies with a select few lucky fans. Angelina’s consideration and genuine interaction with her supporters left a lasting impact on all who were fortunate enough to meet her after the screening and celebration.

Friendly to her fans: The 39-year-old star was given several magazine covers, posters and DVDs to sign

Cherishing her devoted fans: The 39-year-old celebrity had a delightful opportunity to autograph numerous magazine covers, posters, and DVDs.

What an angel!: The Maleficent star even took time to chat with many of her admirers in attendance

What an angel!: The Maleficent star even took time to chat with many of her admirers in attendance

What a heavenly presence!: The Maleficent sensation graciously made sure to engage in conversations with numerous fans present at the event.

Beaming: Though she has made a habit out of the impromptu meet-and-greets, she seemed more than grateful to spend a little bit of time with those who patiently waited for her

Glowing with joy, Angelina Jolie never fails to show her gratitude towards her dedicated fans who patiently wait for her. She looked effortlessly stylish in her all-black outfit consisting of a jacket, sheer blouse, trousers, and leather pumps. With her natural and flattering makeup enhancing her features, she let her long brunette hair flow down over her shoulders. Even as she left the impromptu meet-and-greet and headed towards her vehicle, she made sure to bid farewell to her fans with a warm wave, making them feel valued. Known for her friendly interactions with supporters, the mother-of-six continues to engage with them while promoting her upcoming movie. Just recently, she was greeted by a similar crowd during her appearance on The Daily Show in New York City.

Going above and beyond: The wife of Brad Pitt scaled the small bush before hopping over it

Going the extra mile: Brad Pitt’s spouse skillfully climbed over the petite shrub, showcasing her agility and grace.

Back in black: Angelina donned a black jacket over a sheer top, trousers and leather pumps

Back in black: Angelina donned a black jacket over a sheer top, trousers and leather pumps

In an ode to elegance, Angelina effortlessly radiated sophistication by adorning herself in a sleek black jacket, paired with a delicate sheer top, stylish trousers, and striking leather pumps.

Selfie time: The mother-of-six did not just give out her signatures but she also took selfies with a few of her lucky fans

Time for a selfie: The mother of six not only gave out her autographs, but she also took pictures with some lucky fans. During that event, she once again showed her caring nature by comforting a distressed female fan who had been separated from the crowd. Angelina kneeled down on the floor to be at eye level with Techna, the fan who was experiencing a panic attack. She didn’t mind getting her black satin-sided trousers dirty as she consoled Techna, who is known as @TechnaDeschanel on social media, before taking a few photos together.

What a turnout!: The actress appeared to be a bit surprised by how many fans were awaiting her outside of the Wallis Annenberg Hall

What an unexpected surprise! The actress seemed taken aback by the sheer number of fans eagerly waiting for her outside the renowned Wallis Annenberg Hall.

Au revoir: Angelina gave a friendly goodbye wave to her fans before getting into her vehicle 

Farewell: With a friendly wave to her fans, Angelina bid adieu before getting into her vehicle.
On her Instagram account, Techna provided an explanation: “Then the guards decided to put up an additional barricade. The situation quickly turned chaotic to the point where I was being squeezed so tightly that I started experiencing a panic attack.”
She continued, stating: “Angelina saw my struggle and recognized that the security needed to pull me out and have me sit down. She didn’t leave until she made sure I was alright.”
Angelina played a crucial role in the film Unbroken, which tells the captivating story based on the life of Louis Zamperini, an Olympic runner who was captured by Japanese forces during World War II. The movie is scheduled for release on Christmas Day in the United States.

Compassionate: On Thursday evening actress and humanitarian Angelina comforted a female fan who had a panic attack amongst a throng of people outside the set of The Daily Show With Jon Stewart

Kind-hearted: Thursday night was a touching moment as renowned actress and philanthropist Angelina Jolie offered solace to a distressed female admirer who experienced a sudden bout of anxiety in the midst of a crowd outside The Daily Show With Jon Stewart’s filming location.

On their level: Angelina didn't mind kneeling on the dirty ground to get eye-level with her fan and pose for photos

At their eye level: Angelina didn’t have any issue with crouching down on the grimy surface, bringing herself down to the same level as her fan and striking a pose for snapshots.

Memorable evening: Techna, who goes by the handle @technadeschanel on social media shared her selfie with Angelina to her Instagram

Unforgettable Night: Techna, also known as @technadeschanel in the virtual world, delightedly posted a captivating self-portrait featuring herself alongside the enchanting Angelina on her popular Instagram profile.

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