Angelina Jolie exudes effortless elegance in a sleek black ensemble during a visit to Atelier Jolie boutique accompanied by her beloved children, Zahara and Knox

Angelina Jolie exuded an effortless and stylish aura during her recent visit to the retail space for her new fashion line, Atelier Jolie. Accompanied by her children Zahara, 18, and Knox Jolie-Pitt, 15, the renowned actress showcased her impeccable fashion sense as she departed the New York City shop on Tuesday. Sporting a classic black blazer layered over a coordinating top and trousers, she effortlessly paired her ensemble with stylish, heeled leather shoes. Completing her look, Angelina donned a sleek pair of sunglasses, shielding her eyes from the glare, while her beautiful honey brunette locks flowed gracefully down her head. Despite her celebrity status, she appeared down-to-earth and natural, with her radiant complexion flaunting hardly a hint of makeup. Drawing attention wherever she went, Angelina left the store with a genuine smile on her face, effortlessly captivating onlookers with her timeless charm.

Angelina Jolie looked effortlessly chic as she visited the storefront for her new fashion house, Atelier Jolie

Angelina Jolie exuded a sense of effortless elegance during her visit to the flagship store of her recently launched fashion brand, Atelier Jolie.

Angelina, who has children Zahara and Knox with her ex-husband Brad Pitt, was seen following her daughter down the stairs with a cheerful expression. Earlier this year, the famous actress launched her brand Atelier Jolie, and in July, she announced the opening of her store at 57 Great Jones St. in New York City. This particular building has a rich history, as it was once owned by Andy Warhol and later occupied by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Angelina expressed her gratitude for being in this space and promised to honor its artistic legacy through community and creativity. She also mentioned how the exhibit “King Pleasure” sheds light on Basquiat’s significant contribution to art. In a video shared on Instagram, the actress can be seen standing nearby as her store’s name is spray-painted onto the building. In September, Angelina spoke to Vogue about her fashion brand, expressing her desire to create a platform for others to thrive as fashion designers. She hopes that Atelier Jolie will empower women to embrace their softness and find a safe space. This is a personal journey for Angelina, as she herself has struggled with it.

Angelina - who shares Zahara and Knox with ex-husband Brad Pitt - followed her daughter down the stairs before flashing a wide smile

Angelina, the mother of Zahara and Knox whom she shares with her former spouse Brad Pitt, gracefully descended the staircase, beaming a radiant smile.

The graffitied building was once the live-work space of art greats Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat

The building adorned with graffiti used to be the creative abode of the legendary artists, Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

Angelina was also seen departing the store with her daughter Zahara and son Pax on Wednesday

On Wednesday, Angelina was spotted leaving the store alongside her daughter Zahara and son Pax.

Jolie was bundled up in a long black coat with a quilted purse on her arm

Zahara kept warm in a quilted North Face jacket

Jolie looked cozy and stylish in her elegant, knee-length black coat, complemented by a trendy quilted bag draped over her arm.

The actress once again looked in high spirits as she exited the studio

With a radiant demeanor, the actress once more left the studio, exuding an air of contentment.

She announced Atelier Jolie would be occupying the building once home to Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat back in July

In July, she made an exciting announcement that Atelier Jolie would be taking up residence in the former abode of legendary artists Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat.

The video showed the name of her store being spray painted onto the building as Angelina stood close by

As Angelina stood nearby, a captivating video captured the moment when the name of her store was skillfully spray painted onto the building.

Sometimes the way you choose to dress sends a message to others, saying, “I am tough and don’t mess with me.” However, what I truly desire is for women to feel safe enough to embrace their softer side. This idea came to me after I went through a difficult experience that left me feeling hurt. During a therapy session, my therapist suggested that I try wearing flowing garments as an experiment.

Initially, it may sound silly to associate clothing with strength or vulnerability, but I had always believed that wearing pants and boots projected a tougher image and made me appear stronger. However, when faced with vulnerability, I questioned whether I could still be strong while embracing my softness. At that time, I didn’t feel strong enough to do so.

Now, at the age of 48, I find myself pondering on my personal style and still trying to comprehend who I truly am. This journey of self-discovery has made me question what my style truly represents. As I continue to understand myself, I am open to exploring different aspects of my identity and expressing myself through clothing in a way that reflects my evolving personality and internal strength.

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