A Whirlwind Romance Blossoms! Jennifer Lopez, 45, and Casper Smart, 27, Spotted Together at LA Airport After a Series of Romantic Dates

On Thursday, they were spotted together at a lively gathering hosted by Nick Jonas in Los Angeles. Then, just a few days later, they were once again seen in close proximity at Kanye West’s performance at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood. Therefore, it came as no shock to witness Casper Smart following Jennifer Lopez as they arrived together at LAX airport on Tuesday morning. While the 27-year-old dancer opted for an all-black ensemble, the 45-year-old global icon appeared radiant in a stylish combination of grey and white.

Their romance has wings: Jennifer Lopez was seen entering LAX airport on Tuesday morning; minutes later her on-again beau Casper Smart trailed behind

Their romance has wings: Jennifer Lopez was seen entering LAX airport on Tuesday morning; minutes later her on-again beau Casper Smart trailed behind

Love is in the air as Jennifer Lopez gracefully made her entrance into LAX airport on a pleasant Tuesday morning. Not long after, her ever-devoted partner, Casper Smart, was spotted meandering in her wake.

This smile speaks volumes: The American Idol judge had a devilish grin as she walked with her entourage - this is the third time in a week that she has been seen with her Dance Again tour mate

With a mischievous smile lighting up her face, the American Idol judge strolled confidently alongside her entourage. This marked the third occasion within a week that she was spotted in the company of her beloved Dance Again tour mate. As they embarked on their morning outing, both individuals appeared to be in high spirits, radiating positive energy. The destination of their journey remains a mystery, leaving curious onlookers to wonder where they could be headed. While opting for a comfortable attire suitable for travel, J-Lo couldn’t resist the opportunity to showcase her taste for high fashion. Adorning her feet were a pair of stylish white Versace high-top sneakers, adding a touch of sophistication to her ensemble. She completed her look by carrying a matching purse, reflecting her impeccable sense of style and attention to detail.

Always stylish: Though J-Lo was dressed comfortably for the flight, she did not miss an opportunity to wear designer items. On her feet were a pair of white Versace high tops and she carried with her a matching purse

Forever fashionable: Despite choosing a cozy ensemble for her journey, J-Lo effortlessly sprinkled her look with luxurious designer pieces. Adorning her feet were pristine white high-top sneakers from the renowned house of Versace, while a matching handbag gracefully accompanied her.

'Cause I'm Happy!: Her sweat pants made her mood even more obvious with the phrase Happy Is The New Black on the left leg. A grey sweater and cap finished off her look

'Cause I'm Happy!: Her sweat pants made her mood even more obvious with the phrase Happy Is The New Black on the left leg. A grey sweater and cap finished off her look

Because I am feeling joyful: The words “Happy Is The New Black” emblazoned on the left leg of her sweatpants made her cheerful demeanor even more evident. Along with a gray sweater and cap, these items put the finishing touches on the ensemble of the author of True Love.

Her trip is most likely for work: The Bronx native has been working on her Fox show; behind her looks to be her personal assistant

It is highly probable that her journey is related to her professional commitments, as the Bronx-born individual has been actively engaged in her Fox television program. A glimpse in the background reveals the presence of her personal assistant, further reinforcing this possibility. Adding to her relaxed demeanor, she wore sweat pants with the phrase “Happy Is The New Black” imprinted on the left leg. To complete her attire, she opted for a grey sweater and donned a cap. The star of “The Boy Next Door” also made sure to accessorize with her signature bling. Hoop earrings adorned her ears, while a gold bracelet, watch, and numerous rings added a touch of sparkle. Jennifer and Casper’s relationship came to an end in June, amidst rumors of infidelity on his part.

Smart move: The choreographer has branched out into acting in the past year; here he wore five rings with his studded high tops

Smart move: The choreographer has branched out into acting in the past year; here he wore five rings with his studded high tops

Clever choice: In the previous year, the choreographer decided to explore the world of acting, and during a recent appearance, he confidently displayed five rings while sporting his stylish studded high tops.

Dancing the night away: The 45-year-old hit maker was spotted on Saturday night with Smart at the House of Blues in West Hollywood

Having a blast on the dance floor: Last Saturday evening, the immensely talented 45-year-old artist was seen alongside Smart, gracefully grooving at the vibrant House of Blues located in West Hollywood.

They were once red hot on the red carpet: The couple pictured in May before their split a month later

In their heyday, they were the talk of the town, walking the red carpet with flair. The couple, captured in a photo back in May, unfortunately called it quits just a month later. Recently, they found themselves at the House Of Blues, positioned side by side on the balcony, when Kanye West graced the stage. The spotlight was on him, but he couldn’t help but acknowledge the presence of J-Lo. Amongst the crowd, she stood wearing a white shirt and adorning a vibrant fisherman’s hat, seemingly attempting to blend into the background. Despite her efforts, she couldn’t escape the attention of onlookers. Interestingly, she also appeared in an Instagram photo, albeit not alongside Smart and wearing a different top.

That same night: The Booty performer was seen with Justin Bieber, Kanye West and Chris Brown at the event, but did not include Smart

Later that evening: The talented artist was spotted alongside Justin Bieber, Kanye West, and Chris Brown at the gathering, but unfortunately, Smart was not in attendance.

Her double date partner: J-Lo was also with Demi Lovato and Wilmer Walderrama, it was added 

Her companion for the double date was not J-Lo, as originally reported, but rather Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Kanye West, and Kendall Jenner. TMZ also mentioned that she had gone on a double date with Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama. During their outing on Thursday night, he was seen with his arm around her. This is the first time they have been photographed together since their breakup last summer, which was rumored to be caused by his alleged flirtation with transsexual models on social media.

Together again: Lopez and  Smart - both wearing worn-in jeans - on Thursday night at the Nick Jonas event

Reunited Once More: Lopez and Smart, sporting well-loved denim, were spotted together at the Nick Jonas affair on Thursday evening. In 2012, Casper took on the role of choreographer for Jennifer’s Dance Again Tour as a result of their six-month romantic involvement. Unfortunately, in June of the following year, two years into the tour, their relationship came to an end.

Adding grist to the rumour mill: The couple were reported to have reconciled over New Year, but Lopez went on to insist she was single

Fueling the gossip fire, rumors began circulating that the couple had patched things up over the New Year period. However, Jennifer Lopez was quick to dispel these rumors and assert her singledom. In a recent interview with Us Weekly, she shared that she has been relishing in the benefits of being on her own. “There was a point where I just didn’t want to deal with anyone and sought solace in my independence,” she confessed. Nonetheless, she hinted at the possibility of reentering the dating scene, stating, “Now I’m ready to dip my toes back in the water. But for now, I have no announcements to make.” The couple’s recent outing in Hollywood added to the intrigue surrounding their relationship status. Lopez was seen leaving The Hotel Cafe bar and nightclub, sporting a chic ensemble consisting of skinny jeans and a white tuxedo. By her side was Casper, the aspiring actor, who donned a stylish grey blazer over a light blue button-down shirt. He completed his look with jeans, black boots, and distinctive thick-framed glasses. Notably, he showcased a unique and attention-grabbing hairstyle, featuring a pompadour front, cropped sides, and a braided tail at the top of his head.

Lopez, who has been married three times, recently opened up about her vulnerability and fear of being alone. In an interview with Self, she confessed to being a love addict and finding comfort in someone else. However, she also acknowledged the importance of facing herself and her fears. It took her years to reach a point where she could focus on loving herself and embracing her independence.

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