A Star-Studded Substitution: Angelina Jolie Takes the Spotlight as St. Paul’s Cathedral Pays Tribute, Following the Queen’s Unplanned Absence due to Illness

Angelina Jolie was an absolute vision as she graced the Service of Commemoration and Dedication in honor of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George’s 200th anniversary. The event, held at the magnificent St Paul’s Cathedral in London, was enriched by her presence on Thursday. The 43-year-old Maleficent star effortlessly exuded elegance in her stunning ivory cowl-neck gown, capturing all the attention and becoming the highlight of the evening. It was revealed that the Queen, originally scheduled to attend, unfortunately had to decline due to a summer cold. Angelina Jolie proudly showcased the sash badge of the order, a magnificent brooch made of silver-gilt and enamel, adding an extra touch of splendor to her already glamorous attire. To complete her sophisticated look, she donned silk gloves, leaving no detail untouched for this remarkable celebration. (video is also available below)

Angelina Jolie oozed elegance at the Service of Commemoration and Dedication to mark the 200th anniversary of the Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George at London's St Paul's Cathedral  on Thursday (pictured with Arminka Heli¿)

On Thursday, Angelina Jolie exuded grace and sophistication as she attended the Service of Commemoration and Dedication commemorating the 200th anniversary of the prestigious Most Distinguished Order of St Michael and St George. The event, held at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, showcased Jolie’s effortless elegance as she graced the occasion, accompanied by Arminka Helić.

Royal wave: The brunette beauty added a touch of sparkle with a golden bejewelled brooch and slipped on matching gloves

Attendance: The Hollywood star, aged 43, looked effortlessly stylish in a stunning ivory gown with a draped neckline and a waist adorned with ruffles. She became the center of attention at the ceremony after reports claimed that the Queen had been unable to attend due to a summer cold. To add a touch of playfulness to her outfit, she accessorized with an elegant ivory hat adorned with a ribbon, and styled her brunette hair in an elegant chignon. The renowned actress highlighted her beautiful features with smoky eyeshadow and long, fluttering eyelashes. Her famous lips were glistening with a glossy rose-colored lip balm. As soon as the Queen withdrew from the event, Angelina quickly became the star attraction, attracting a crowd of guests who gathered around her. She also took the time to connect with her young fans, who eagerly shook her hand and engaged in conversation with the actress. During the ceremony, Angelina was seen walking alongside Arminka Helić, Baroness Helic, a British politician who previously served as Special Adviser to the former Foreign Secretary William Hague. Over the years, Angelina and Arminka, originally from Bosnia, have developed a close bond. Angelina had the honor of witnessing Lady Helic’s induction into the House of Lords in 2014. They have also traveled together on previous occasions, including visits to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands and to Burma during the 2015 elections.

Flawless: The star added height to her look with silver heels 

Impeccable: To elevate her outfit with a playful touch, she wore an exquisite ivory hat adorned with a graceful ribbon, while elegantly styling her brown hair in an updo.

Good to meet you: The smiling mother-of-six was also seen sharing a special moment with her young fans, when a group of children gathered around her to shake her hand and chat with the star 

Nice to meet you: The mother of six, with a warm smile on her face, also had a heartfelt encounter with her young admirers. A bunch of kids gathered around her, excitedly shaking her hand and engaging in conversation with the renowned celebrity.

Absence: The Queen was forced to cancel her appearance at the service because she is said to be suffering from a summer cold (pictured on June 21, 2018)

Non-attendance: The Queen had to cancel her planned attendance at the service due to her reportedly being afflicted with a summer cold (pictured on June 21, 2018).

Special moment: The star was seen sharing a joke with the children at the service as their proud parents snapped the moment

Unique Version: The celebrity delightedly exchanged a humorous moment with the children during the event, while their beaming parents captured the precious scene.

Proud: The brunette proudly sported the sash badge for the order, a dazzling brooch coming in a silver-gilt and enamel. The Badge of the Order depicts St George fighting the dragon on one side, and the archangel St Michael trampling Satan on the other

With great pride, the brunette showcased the sash badge of the order, a stunning brooch crafted from silver-gilt and enamel. This exquisite badge symbolizes the valorous St. George bravely combating the fearsome dragon on one side, while the mighty archangel St. Michael triumphantly treads upon Satan on the other. The Order is a distinguished institution that acknowledges exceptional contributions made in foreign lands or in matters related to foreign affairs, including the remarkable work carried out by foreign service officers and diplomats. Its esteemed membership includes the Sovereign, the Grand Master (currently the Duke of Kent), 125 Knights and Dames Grand Cross, 375 Knights and Dames Commander, and 1,750 Companions. Angelina had the esteemed privilege of being invited as a recipient of an esteemed honor from the Order. In 2014, she was bestowed an honorary damehood in recognition of her contributions to UK foreign policy and her tireless efforts in combating sexual violence within conflict zones. It is worth noting that this prestigious honor is granted by the Queen upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister. The cathedral serves as the cherished home of the Chapel of the Order of St. Michael and St. George, which was formally dedicated in 1906. Unfortunately, the Queen had to regretfully cancel her attendance at the service due to a summer cold that has befallen her.

Radiating an ethereal charm, the esteemed recipient of the prestigious Oscar award gracefully entered the gathering, adorned in a breathtaking, ivory ensemble.

Well she is Hollywood royalty: Attendees clamoured around the star to shake her hand before the service

She is truly a Hollywood icon: People flocked to get a glimpse of the star and eagerly sought the chance to greet her at the event.

Smile: She was joined by a glamorous pal as she left the cathedral 

Grin: Accompanied by a stunning companion, she departed from the grand cathedral.

Centre of attention: All eyes were on Angie as she made her way to her seat 

The spotlight was on Angie as she gracefully took her seat, capturing everyone’s attention. A spokesperson from Buckingham Palace shared that the Queen was not feeling well and had chosen not to attend the morning service at St Paul’s Cathedral, which commemorated the 200th anniversary of the Order of St Michael and St George. Instead, the Duke of Kent, assuming the role of Grand Master of the Order, would represent Her Majesty. No medical professional had been summoned, and despite her illness, the 92-year-old Queen was expected to travel from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle later in the day, as scheduled.

Chat: Angelina was the centre of attention as she spoke with some fans

Conversation: Angelina captivated the crowd’s undivided attention with her engaging interaction amidst her fans.

 Radiant: Angelina put on an impossibly chic display as she took her seat 

Radiant: Angelina effortlessly exuded an aura of elegance and style as she gracefully settled into her seat.

 Delight: The acclaimed actress looked up and smiled as she took her seat 

Joyfully, the celebrated actress lifted her gaze and beamed, proudly showcasing her impeccable ensemble.

Happy days: Angelina was previously in a relationship with actor Brad Pitt, 52; they were married in August 2014 but began a relationship in 2005. The duo, who split in September 2016, have six children, Maddox, 16, Pax, 14, Zahara, 13, Shiloh, 12, and twins Vivienne and Knox, nine.

Angelia, who was previously in a romantic relationship with actor Brad Pitt, has a busy schedule ahead. The couple, who were married in 2014 after dating since 2005, unfortunately, split in 2016. However, they share a strong bond through their six children: 16-year-old Maddox, 14-year-old Pax, 13-year-old Zahara, 12-year-old Shiloh, and 9-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox. Despite her personal life, Angelina has been occupied with her professional commitments. Currently, she is in London shooting for Maleficent 2 alongside Elle Fanning and Michelle Pfeiffer. There have been reports that Angelina aims to involve her family in the project by casting Shiloh and Knox in the Disney sequel, where she reprises her role as the villain. Interestingly, her other daughter, Vivienne, appeared in the first film released in 2014. In addition to her film commitments, Angelina is scheduled to participate in a series of events in Scotland next week. It seems that her happy days are filled with both personal and professional adventures.

 Wow factor: The star looked radiant as she chatted with members of the congregation

Impressive sight: The celebrity exuded a brilliant glow while engaging in friendly conversations with fellow worshippers.

 Looking good: Angelina showed off her sartorial prowess as she took her seat 

Looking fabulous: Angelina flaunted her fashion expertise as she settled down in her chair.

200th anniversary: Angelina looked breathtaking as she attended the ceremony marking 200 years since the inception of the Order

Celebrating its 200th anniversary, Angelina made a stunning appearance at the ceremony commemorating the two centuries since the establishment of the prestigious Order.

Radiant: The star flashed a warm smile as the ceremony got underway

Beaming with light, the star graciously bestowed a friendly smile as the event commenced.

Smile: The beauty flashed a radiant smile as she chatted with fellow attendees

The stunning lady wore a bright smile on her face as she engaged in conversation with fellow guests at the event. According to UsWeekly, there have been claims that her ex-husband has been unwilling to allow their two children to be a part of a movie project, which has led to a heated custody dispute since their divorce back in 2016. An anonymous insider shared that he has been refusing to give his approval for Shiloh and Knox to be involved in Maleficent 2, using their kids as leverage in the ongoing battle. Additionally, it was initially agreed that the children would spend two weeks in London with their mother and then return to Los Angeles with their father. However, plans were altered by the lady, although the reason behind this change was not disclosed by the magazine. Despite the alteration, sightings of the father in London near the filming location suggested his efforts to be present in his children’s lives.

Vision of beauty: Angelina looked breathtaking as she made her way through the crowd

Mesmerizing in her elegance, Angelina gracefully navigated through the bustling throng, exuding an aura of unmatched beauty.

Attendance: Adding a jaunty edge to her ensemble, she donned a beautiful ivory hat topped with a ribbon and wore her brunette locks swept up into a chignon

Attending: Bringing an air of casual elegance to her outfit, she sported a stunning ivory hat adorned with a ribbon and styled her dark brown hair in an elegant updo.

A-list: Angelina oozed glamour as she joined the distinguished crowd at the event 

A-list actress Angelina exuded elegance as she mingled with a prestigious group of people at the event. Furthermore, the publication released specific details regarding the custody agreement. According to the magazine, Angelina has been granted the opportunity to spend time with one or two of the children for four-hour intervals, accompanied by a therapist, from June 8 to June 17. The agreement also allows Brad, the star of Ocean’s 11, to be in the company of the children for a duration of ten hours a day, also under the supervision of a therapist, from June 27 until July 1. Additionally, it was alleged that from July 8 to July 14, Brad will have the children for four consecutive days, again with the presence of a therapist. The report stated that Brad will regain custody of the kids from July 12 to July 29 when he returns to California. Interestingly, the source disclosed that Brad and Angelina have absolutely no communication between them and their relationship is far from amicable. “They are not on good terms and are less than civil,” added the source. It is worth noting that this custody agreement is temporary, and the couple will be returning to court on August 13 to establish more concrete plans.

Crowd: Angelina took her seat in the cathedral with the congregation

As the crowd filed into the grand cathedral, Angelina found her place among the gathered congregation.

Elegance: Angelina was invited as a recipient of an honour from the Order. She was awarded an honorary damehood in 2014 for services to UK foreign policy and her extensive work on the campaign to end sexual violence in warzones

Refinement: Angelina received an invitation for a prestigious accolade from The Order. In recognition of her remarkable contribution to UK foreign policy and tireless efforts in advocating against sexual violence in conflict regions, she was granted an honorary damehood in 2014.

Bling: Angelina was seen checking out the medallion of a fellow attendee

Sparkle: Angelina was spotted eyeing the pendant of another guest with great interest.

Dignified: The actress took her place in the seats during the service 

Elegant: The female performer gracefully settled into her designated spot among the audience during the ceremony.

Joyful: Angelina was incredibly happy as she engaged in conversation just before the event began.

Fresh-faced: The By The Sea actress is in the UK filming Maleficient 2 

Looking radiant and full of vitality, the talented actress from By The Sea has crossed the pond to the United Kingdom, where she is currently immersed in the shooting of the highly anticipated sequel to Maleficent.

What's this? Angelina and her friend were seen inspecting the medallion of a fellow attendee 

What could this be? Angelina and her companion were spotted examining the pendant of another participant.

Commemoration: Angelina looked regal as she stood for the service 

Celebration: Angelina appeared majestic while participating in the ceremonial event.

Wave: Angelina looked breathtaking as she waved to the crowds before the service got underway 

Greeting: Angelina exuded an awe-inspiring aura as she gracefully greeted the masses prior to the commencement of the ceremony.

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