“44-Year-Old Shakira Flaunts Stunning Physique in Vibrant Blue Workout Attire”

Shakira is dazzling in an electrifying blue gym ensemble that showcases her exceptional fashion taste. Despite her confident and bold persona, the 44-year-old artist revealed to Cosmopolitan’s November edition that she still has stage fright when performing for small audiences.

Shakira knows what’s watt as she turns up the voltage in this electric blue gym outfit

Shakira is aware of her style as she rocks an electrifying blue workout ensemble in the provided picture. According to her, it feels uncomfortable and awkward to be without all the glitz and glamour that comes with performing on stage. She reveals that the audience, the spotlight, and the applause are what make her feel whole on stage. However, when it’s just her and her voice, she admits to feeling vulnerable and exposed.

The star, 44, posed for Cosmopolitan’s November issue

At the age of 44, the celebrity gracefully struck a pose for Cosmopolitan’s upcoming November edition. The stunning image was captured by renowned photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

The stunning singer showed off her curves in this incredible snap

The gorgeous vocalist flaunted her figure in a breathtaking photo captured by Ellen von Unwerth for Cosmopolitan magazine.

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